Picture of CLAMP’s new studio

As reported yesterday, Mihara Ichirou visited CLAMP’s studio to record his twitcast with CLAMP as guests. While there, he took pictures of CLAMP’s new studio and posted them on his blog:

The booths above are from, in clockwise order: Nanase Ohkawa, Tsubaki Nekoi, Mokona and Satsuki Igarashi.

It looks very similar to their previous studio (at least the booths ^^).

About yesterday twitcast with CLAMP, two more parts were added later, you can listen to them all here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3.


CLAMP starts moving to new studio

In the beginning of this year, Nanase Ohkawa announced in her Private Board at CLAMP-NET.COM that CLAMP would be moving to a new studio this year. Today she made another post saying that moving has already started.


We have just finished our last manuscript in this studio.
The last manuscript was for “XXXHOLiC Rou”.

We’ve been in this studio for 6 years, I think?

Thank you, Studio-san.
From here on we’ll be moving out from Studio-san.
Let’s drink!





I think it’s cute how she calls it “Studio-san” xD

Looking forward to their new studio! I hope they post some pictures =)

CLAMP to move to a new studio this year

First of all, big thanks to everyone for the comments on my retrospective post, I was traveling so I was a little late to reply to the comments but I read them all and answered them all and I loved them all, hahaha!

Here is some probably trivial news but interesting still 😉

Nanase Ohkawa posted in her private board that CLAMP will move to a new studio this year. Read the full entry below, it was posted on January 2:


Today is CLAMP’s first day of work.
Though the weather has been clear, it gets cold at night.

This year we plan to move the studio.
This time, we want our studio to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. (laughs)




Special thanks to usomitai for the translation!

CLAMP moved their studio several times in the past, they have never stayed in the same place for too long. The last time they moved was in the beginning of 2005. During that moving, one of the members injured their hand, which caused some breaks in the serialization of their works. Let’s hope they move safely this time =)

CLAMP on Wanna Gonna !!!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I am!

We have Wanna Gonna’s episode with CLAMP!!!

kira_chan1991 casually left me a comment in one of my posts, casually asking whether I had seen this video or not. And I not-casually answered to her that “OMG NO!!!” xD

For those of you asking what the hell I’m talking about, I’ll refresh your minds. This show was first aired on Japan early this year on February 25th. It features the show’s MCs going to visit CLAMP at their studio, where they produce a collaboration manga.

Back then, I had asked my friend who lives in Japan to rip it for me, but later I found out the show airs only on the region of Tokyo, so he couldn’t rip it for me (a month later he actually MOVED to Tokyo. Talk about lack of luck. But let’s put that aside XD).

Now, thanks to kira_chan1991, I was able to GRAB that video and make my life happier ^_______^

By the way, this is not the preview that I posted here some time ago, this is the W-H-O-L-E thing xD

A bit of story

CLAMP on Wanna Gonna – Preview

The official site of the show Wanna Gonna has been updated with information about the scheduled appearance of CLAMP on the next February 25th.

Also, the most interesting piece is that on the right side of the website there’s a link to a flash video with the collaboration manga CLAMP did with one of the show’s MCs, Nakagawa Shoko, as “Okimono Kimono Magical Girl” xD

It’s a very funny video as everything is drawn by CLAMP except Shoko herself xD It’s a mix of reality and manga. All the speech ballons were dubbed, too xD

Make sure to check out here too for some preview pictures.

Video Download: CLAMP On Top Runner !

Thanks to this soul kind soul called miyazawa_lulu-san I was able to get the RAW video of the Show (YEY!!!!) And after uploading for almost 10 hours (I’m not kidding!) in You Send It:

Here it is !

The show is absolutely great, it’s like a dream come true ! The link is likely to expire since it has a limited number of clicks, so… BE QUICK !

In case you can’t download it, I’ll try to find another way to give it to you, don’t worry. And I’d like the help of the people who COULD get the file and send for those who couldn’t.

Also, use YsI’s Download Manager, in case you still don’t have it, because the file is big (333MB) and the connection may fall.


We still need to get a fansub to take care of it… the show seems very interesting but those who can’t understand japanese won’t get a thing.

EDIT: The link expired, -already-, so I’d ask for the people who managed to got the file, please be a seeder for those who couldn’t. I created a torrent tracker at mininova:


Thank you!

CLAMP On Top Runner !

The video is -still- not available, but certainly will soon.

The file is available in many japanese p2ps, including winny (if someone knows how to use it, we’ll be happy about it).

My friend Sakura-chan already got the file so you can sleep save, the problem is, she traveled yesterday and she’ll be back only in the middle of August -__- But I don’t think the problem will be solved entirely by then, since the file is VERY big (around 500MB) there’s no server to host it and You Send It has a limited number of downloads so, we have a problem.

I’d strongly, heavily advice to each of you to e-mail to some fansub, most likely the ones doing Tsubasa, and ask for them to search for the file and make it as a project.

As I said, the file is on the p2ps and that’s the place where the fansubs take their RAW anime episodes from, which means it won’t be difficult for them to download it, they only need a major number of fans asking for it. Besides, with them doing it we can have subtitles and understand what they are saying… thing we wouldn’t have while watching Sakura-chan’s version.

I already did my part, I e-mailed Live-Evil yesterday asking for them to sub the show and I still didn’t get any answer. I sent the e-mail to the guy who posted the news of Tsubasa on their main page, Tofusensei.

As for now, we only have some screencaps