CLAMP to move to a new studio this year

First of all, big thanks to everyone for the comments on my retrospective post, I was traveling so I was a little late to reply to the comments but I read them all and answered them all and I loved them all, hahaha!

Here is some probably trivial news but interesting still 😉

Nanase Ohkawa posted in her private board that CLAMP will move to a new studio this year. Read the full entry below, it was posted on January 2:


Today is CLAMP’s first day of work.
Though the weather has been clear, it gets cold at night.

This year we plan to move the studio.
This time, we want our studio to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. (laughs)




Special thanks to usomitai for the translation!

CLAMP moved their studio several times in the past, they have never stayed in the same place for too long. The last time they moved was in the beginning of 2005. During that moving, one of the members injured their hand, which caused some breaks in the serialization of their works. Let’s hope they move safely this time =)


16 thoughts on “CLAMP to move to a new studio this year

  1. I did not know that one member was injured hand. Who is? Perhaps Mokona? However I think if she was, now is good … right?


  2. I love the photos they post on their workplace the old one WAS so cool(i don’t know why it reminded me of Yuko’s house maybe it was the bar.)Now they should do this quickly and get to work!(i want Mangetes,and Xxxholic and Kobato to pick up pace and something new and a continuation wouldn’t hurt either!i sohould send them a whip for a welcome gift!)


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