Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 71

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For this month’s color page, it looks like CLAMP were inspired by the all the jewelry stands that were recently released featuring Sakura costumes xD We have all the costumes that were used for the Alice in Clockland play. A bit unusual color page, I would say!

So we are still in this alternate/new reality where Sakura and Akiho are twin sisters. This was expected, as CLAMP probably want the readers to have a “taste” of what it would be like.

It is now winter and Sakura, Akiho and her friends will soon be in the 2nd year of high school. Indeed, CLAMP indicated in the past that the story would end when it’s winter. We get to see for the first time the high school winter uniform. Yay for them getting older!

We get to see what by now has become the classic scene of Sakura waking up late for school, often used to indicate a time skip or key moments of the story. This is the first chapter of the last volume and the first scene of it connects directly with the first scene of the first chapter of Clear Card. CLAMP also mentioned that for the last volume we would be getting a lot of “call backs” to volume one, and this is definitely one.

In this reality, Akiho had been living with their great-grandfather due to her having a delicate health, while Sakura stayed with Fujitaka and Touya. I did miss a mention of Nadeshiko here, and I think it was intentional. The breakfast scene usually has Nadeshiko, but not this time.

During all this chapter, I kept wondering “What about Nadeshiko? What about Lillie? Who is their mother?”

Also in this reality, it seems that the “Clear” cards (I am gonna call them like that here even though this is not their official name) don’t seem to exist here. Sakura doesn’t mention them. It seems like everything about them and Kaito has been erased from this reality.

I like the part where Sakura says that she does not believe that time matters when it comes to the feelings we have for someone. I connected this to Nadeshiko and Lillie and how their friendship become strong despite them seeing each other very rarely. This applies to similar relationships of other CLAMP characters as well, of course.

And then, the big twist at the end is that Lillie is the Mysterious Cloaked Figure?! All this time, too, it seems! She has a younger appearance (same height as Sakura) and she told Sakura that she crossed dreams and time in order to meet her. Will she be the key to fix this mess?

CLAMP really fooled everyone by having an Akiho lookalike being the Mysterious Cloaked Figure, height included xD

I couldn’t help but notice that Sakura is not wearing “that” dress, the dress that she saw in the dream that she would be wearing the next time she’d meet the Mysterious Cloaked Figure. Truthfully, we only saw the dress’ sleeve, but it doesn’t look like the school winter uniform (or does it? I haven’t re-read that chapter since then).

The updated list of cards secured so far:

  1. GALE
  2. SIEGE
  3. AQUA
  8. LUCID
  10. SNOOZE
  12. APPEAR (based on Rika)
  13. BLAZE
  14. MIRROR
  15. BLADE
  16. REPAIR (based on Tomoyo)
  17. REWIND (based on Syaoran)
  18. SHADE
  19. BREAK
  21. PROMISE (based on Yukito)
  22. MIRAGE
  23. DREAMING (based on the Mysterious Cloaked Figure)
  24. TIME
  25. TRUE OR FALSE (based on Naoko)
  26. CHOICE (based on Touya)
  27. KINDNESS (based on Fujitaka)
  28. SYNCHRONIZE (based on Yamazaki & Chiharu)

Anime-only cards:

  1. GRAVITATION (appeared in the manga)
  2. HAIL (appeared in the manga)
  3. REVERSAL (appeared in the manga)
  4. SWING

24 pages for the first chapter of volume 15 (the last one). Quite a short chapter this time around. I think we might get short times for this final volumes, after all, volume 15 will come out only in October. We might be getting another 5 or 6 chapters, unless CLAMP take a break before the very end.

Chapter 72 will come out on April 1st! I am still impressed that we are not getting a break! (not complaining!)


One thought on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 71

  1. A simple and slow chapter, just as we thought… at least they gave us a lovely moment between Sakura and Syaoran… Though at some point Sakura said “Even if Akiho weren’t my twin, I trust her…” as if she knew deep down that she isn’t. I hope that with Kaito gone, now Eriol and Kaho are able to travel to Japan and do something, anything, for the final chapters…

    – A bit unusual color page, I would say!
    Indeed it is

    – Yay for them getting older!
    Let’s just hope that they don’t have a tragic story like the Syaoran and Sakura of TRC did. Sakura still has to give her Clow-Sakura-Star staff to her alternate (or future) self, which I don’t think will happen in this manga, but, hey, It’s CLAMP anything can happen…

    – We get to see what by now has become the classic scene of Sakura waking up late for school, often used to indicate a time skip or key moments of the story
    It is now classic, but I think Sakura’s trait of sleeping in, was initially planned as an indication of her powers always growing. It has been established in-universe that growing or waning powers make people sleepy.

    – I did miss a mention of Nadeshiko here, and I think it was intentional
    Yes, very intentional, just like Touya not being there.

    – CLAMP really fooled everyone by having an Akiho lookalike being the Mysterious Cloaked Figure, height included xD
    I was fooled indeed hahaha. I had a crackpot theory that one of the cloaked figures was Lillie, and the other cloaked figure was her husband, the still unnamed father of Akiho (who I think is another “fragment” of Clow just like Eriol and Fujitaka), but I discarded it because… well, it does seem absurd, and because of all the CLAMP talk about the dead not ever coming back.

    But now, this is interesting… we still have in store the reveal of why Sakura, when unmasking the cloaked figure, saw Syaoran in the place of Lillie (or whoever the cloaked figure she unmasked was), I don’t know if there are enough chapters for this, but it would be interesting to see Syaoran exchange himself for Lillie to save Sakura from something, or even the opposite, Lillie exchanging herself with Syaoran to free him form something…

    Well…… these are crackpot theories, I can imagine whatever I want hahaha…

    But seriously, everyone with power seems to be able to use Sakura’s cards. Girl, put a magic lock on them 😛


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