CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION: X vols. 4 & 5 covers

The covers of volumes 4 and 5 of X for the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION edition have been announced!

We have Hinoto and Kanoe this time, which were from volumes 2 and 3 in the original series.

The covers are somewhat mirrored and, contrary to what the first three covers seemed to indicate, Kamui is not in either of them! So there isn’t like a “rule” in which Kamui must appear in all covers. Surprising!

I think from now on CLAMP will play around with this mirrored/paired concept. It makes sense to have Kotori paired with Fuuma and Hinoto paired with Kanoe. We will probably be seeing more “pairs” such as Seishirou and Subaru, Karen and Aoki, Yuzuriha and Kusanagi, Arashi and Sorata, Satsuki and Yuuto, and so forth.

Again they are respecting the “color” of each volume (purple for Hinoto and green for Kanoe), not only in the font color, but also their clothes.

As far as I see, there are no elements from the tarot cards, so I really think CLAMP are not too attached to this concept for the CPC covers at all.

Of course, as expected, Kanoe’s design in the current art style has the biggest impact.

I quite like the golden pattern in the back and I am really excited to see what they will look like for the next covers. Plus, they look prettier printed than digital (it has a small glossy/shiny effect in the print version).

Here’s the full CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION schedule for X:

April 3: vols 4 & 5
May 2: vols 6 & 7
June 2: vols 8 & 9
July 4: vols 10 & 11
August 4: vols 12 & 13
September 4: vols 14 & 15
October 4: vols 16 & 17
November 4: vols 18 & 18.5


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