CLAMP Drama XXXHOLiC Ep. #1 RAW (Updated)

The RAW of the first episode of the XXXHOLiC TV Drama is finally out, you can download it here.

Thanks to everyone who let me know about it πŸ˜‰

Update: English subs MKV | soft subs.

Follow-up: GATE 7 #4 sales report, XXXHOLiC news

GATE 7 #4 dropped to the 18th position on Oricon's Weekly Charts on its second week of sales, the position that was occupied by Drug & Drop last week:


1st – FAIRY TAIL #36
2nd – Kuroko no Basket #21
3rd – WORST #31
18th – GATE 7 #4

Unfortunately, Drug & Drop didn't show up in the top 30.

According to Oricon, GATE 7 #4 sold additional 33.923 copies on its second week of sales, which means an accumulated of 173.686 copies sold so far.

It is unlikely that GATE 7 #4 will show up on next week's ranking, but I'll make a post if that happens.

On other news, there was a press conference held at the XXXHOLiC theme cafe yesterday to release the TV Drama adaptation to the press. Director Keisuke Toyoshima and main cast Anne (Yuuko) and Sometani Shota (Watanuki) attended the event.


There are several reports from that press conference on the web, here are a few of them:
Cinema Today has a page with XXXHOLiC products on sale, there is a video with comments from the TV Drama director Keisuke Toyoshima.

Interview with actress Anne with new XXXHOLiC Drama footage

Here's an interview with the actress Anne, who will be playing Yuuko in the upcoming TV Drama adaptation of XXXHOLiC.

The video contains some new footage of the series as well:

The XXXHOLiC TV Drama adaptation starts on February 24.

WOWOW channel subscribers will enter a chance to win these 3 exclusive XXXHOLiC goods (mouse pad, clearfile and a postcard) featuring a new illustration drawn by CLAMP.


Drug & Drop #1, GATE 7 #4 sales report (Updated)

It's been 10 days since the joint release of Drug & Drop #1 and GATE 7 #4, the former landed on the 18th position of Weekly Oricon charts while the latter appeared on the 5th spot.


1st – Kuroko no Basket #21
2nd – Toriko #23
3rd – Gintama #48
5th – GATE 7 #4
18th – Drug & Drop #1

Moreover, GATE 7 #4 sold 139.763 copies in its first week of sales, which represents a growth of 6,4% in comparison to the previous volume. This is the highest-selling first week for a GATE 7 volume so far.

Drug & Drop #1 sold 42.474 copies on its first second week of sales, which is around the same amount of copies that Kobato. #6 (final volume) sold in its first week of sales.

GATE 7 seems to be growing steadily on sales, while Drug & Drop started shy, but not a bad start. It is worth mentioning that Oricon lists Drug & Drop #1 as previously appearing on the 15th postion, that's probably taking into account pre-sales and stores that sold it shortly before the original release date.

Update: One correction in Drug & Drop #1 sales, the actual number of accumulated sales is 70.500 copies so far. That is because this is the second week of sales, having sold 28.026 copies in its first week. That's definitely good news!

I'll keep an eye open for next week's ranking, hopefully GATE 7 will make another appearance.

• XXXHOLiC TV Drama:

The official website of the XXXHOLiC TV Drama has launched its Characters and Episodes sections. Check them out.

• XXXHOLiC Artbook:

For those interested in buying the XXXHOLiC Artbook, it is already available for pre-order at CD Japan for US$ 70.30. They ship worldwide.

• Valentine's Day Greetings from CLAMP:

Happy Valentine's, from CLAMP!