Videos of XXXHOLiC TV Drama press conference

Here are 3 videos from the XXXHOLiC TV Drama press conference that was held a few days ago:

Also, XXXHOLiC Rei starts next week in Young Magazine!!


9 thoughts on “Videos of XXXHOLiC TV Drama press conference

  1. Really pretty new artwork of xxxholic 😀

    I wonder in which direction will the story go now, with most of the main cast long dead (Doumeki, Himawari, Yuuko(?), Kohane); and will we get an ending or just a new arc? Maybe *another* ending for TRC? That said, if 100 years passed, even if we consider things like time flow from one dimension to another and such, the TRC gang might be all dead or simply old?


    • This could either mean something (like the story is told from an earlier point of view) or nothing at all. CLAMP has stated in interviews that sometimes they color the eyes at random, based on the illustration they are doing and not really taking into account the character’s real color eyes.


      • I was thinking about when this would be taking place after seeing the image too, but the interesting thing is that my friend told me that the wording on the ad says, literally translated “If dreams can come true if you wish for it hard enough, [we] will surely meet again—-. The dream that was wished for, the future where it is granted.”, which has implications that it IS taking place after Rou.


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