18 thoughts on “CLAMP Drama XXXHOLiC Ep. #1 RAW (Updated)

  1. Just watched… I must say that they did a quite good job with it – taking into consideration that making a manga such as xxxHolic in a 8-episode dorama has its difficulties…..

    25 minutes only??? I though it was 50 minutes long, w/o the breaks!??!
    The second costumer is a MAN?!!?

    Loved it so far, though!

    Let’s wait and see…………. brigadão pelo Raw!!!


  2. They changed a lot of stuff that I don’t like. For example. They made Himawari and Doumeki into “childhood friends”. Other than that, I’m fine with the episode. I just didn’t like the changes.


  3. I just watched it online (torrent doesn’t work for me), and liked it very much, though not much comedy like anime and manga.

    I’m not sure if those files would be available from now on though, because ep.2 and on would be able to watch there through paying (is afraid).


  4. The Hard Sub torrent link was an MKV with the sub stream muxed in, which is still soft subs. I also found it unplayable, so I’ll be converting it to a true hard subbed MP4 with handbrake. Fortunately it looks like the sub styling is basic.


      • Someone sent me a reply in regard to playing the file. I don’t need a codec pack. It’s not a question of that. I use VLC to play just about everything. It’s a question of bit rate, and the MKV on that link had a really high bit rate. The smaller MP4 on the other link played just fine, and the separate sub file was perfect for that. The MKV I grabbed converted nicely to a 720×400 MP4 hardsubbed with nice audio as well.


  5. Raws and scripts for Episode 2 have surfaced.

    I’m discovering audio / video sync problems with Ep 1 after converting that MKV to MP4, but fortunately I have 2 raws for it, so I converted the smaller MP4 to AVI, and pulled the 48K Audio out of the 2nd raw, muxed together with VirtualDub and I have the audio in sync. Perhaps the frame rate of the MKV with subs was too low by a smidge as it gradually goes out of sync as the episode progresses. Currently using AVI Recomp to apply one sub file to see if it still works.

    The smaller raw doesn’t have the 5 minute extra clip at the end so perhaps I’ll still be able to keep that if I want it.

    Hopefully a smaller raw for Ep 2 will also appear.


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