Tsubasa Shunraiki OAD 2 – RAW (Updated)

The last half of Tsubasa Shunraiki was released yesterday, and you can download it by torrent here (MP4 file, 252 MB).

Some mirrors with direct download were posted here as well!

By the way, I made a Twitter account for my Live Journal that automatically ships my posts with a 30-minutes delay tops. If you’re on Twitter (which, in my opinion, is one of the best creations of the past year) feel free to follow it! =)

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Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OAD updates

Short news.

The official website of Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC OADs added a report from the after-recording sessions of the second half of Tsubasa Shunraiki with comments from the staff and cast.

According to the production diary, which was also updated, there are 2 weeks left of production for the second half of Tsubasa Shunraiki.

The OAD is scheduled for May 15.

Happy CLAMP Day!


As promised, CLAMP-NET.COM updated again with messages from the CLAMP members. They are mostly welcome messages congratulating the website’s renewal. Mokona mentioned that now it looks more like a mangaka website, which is just what I thought too xD

There are brand new SDs too!

So adorable XD

• Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OADs

The official website for the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC OADs has a new illustration on its homepage, check it out!

• Mangettes: Gate 7

Amazon.co.jp no longer lists Mangettes: Gate 7 on their website. This is getting a little weird xD


Happy CLAMP Day to you! Happy birthday to all Sakuras out there, all Watanukis and clone Syaoran! Am I forgetting someone? xD

I used to think (based on rumors I heard several years ago) that CLAMP’s own birthday was on April 1st, but I was never completely sure of that given that there was no official info to base on. Now, with the new addition on CLAMP-NET.COM that traces their time-line, it’s possible to see that the first chapter of RG Veda was published in March, not April. They don’t give specific dates, though.

The thing is, I don’t think CLAMP themselves know the date xD However, it’s very clear that they love this date, April 1st, therefore, I consider it as a very CLAMPy day.

So belated or not,

Happy 20th Anniversary CLAMP! ^__^

• Thank you

Lastly, lastly! I forgot to mention it yesterday because I was so excited with CLAMP-NET.COM’s new layout, but I’ll say it now.

I would like to deeply thank everyone who voted or somehow gave me support on my cover at the CLAMP Fanbook contest! I won! So I want to share this victory to everybody to helped for it! Thank you all so much, specially to all of you who voted without knowing the cover was mine!

XXXHOLiC Shunmuki & Tsubasa Shunraiki PVs

The official website of the XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa OADs has been updated with promotional videos for both episodes!

Check them out!

Can you believe in this computer I am right now I can’t play .flv files? XD Could someone upload it to YouTube or something? Thanks? ^^”

I downloaded the FLVs and uploaded them to YouTube myself, how come I didn’t think of that sooner? LOL! For anyone interested, XXXHOLiC Shunmuki PV and Tsubasa Shunraiki PV on YouTube.

XXXHOLiC’s one looks much better than Tsubasa’s, in my opinion, whose animation quality looks lower than Tokyo Revelations.

Follow-up to CLAMP’s sickness follow-up

A week ago I made a post supposedly revealing which member of CLAMP was sick. By then we thought it was Tsubaki Nekoi but a reader has approached me to inform that there was a mistake in the translation.

I asked the original translator to take a look at the translation and indeed there was a mistake.

Around the same time, Nanase Ohkawa made a post in her Private Board clearly revealing that she was the one who got sick.

Just to clarify the “CLAMP’s sickness” subject once and for all, we apologize for any inconvenience =)

You can read the post where she talks about her illness after the cut.


XXXHOLiC Shunmuki Early Screening – Info

The public screening of XXXHOLiC Shunmuki Part 1 was held yesterday in Tokyo, and here are a few highlights about both the OAD and the event itself:

Slight spoilers, maybe? Don’t read if you want total surprise.

– The animation quality is better than the TV anime and closer to the movie;
– There is a connection with Tsubasa;
– There is the appearance of unexpected character(s);

– A package sample was shown. This time it’ll be different than Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations. It’ll be similar to Tsubasa Deluxe editions (comic + DVD case inside a hard case). Tsubasa Shunraiki will be the same.
– A 40-seconds preview of Tsubasa Shunraiki was shown. It’ll be up at the official website soon.

XXXHOLiC Shunmuki will be released on February 17.

Tsubasa Shunraiki OP Download

Maaya Sakamoto’s new album Kazeyomi is already on sale in Japan starting today. Tsubasa Shunraiki’s Opening Theme SONIC BOOM is part of that album and the track can be downloaded in this link.

On another OAD-status update, the production blog of the OADs has a new entry today revealing that the after-recording (dubbing) sections of Tsubasa Shunraiki Part 1 will start in February. The production of Tsubasa Shunraiki Part 2 has already started.

Tsubasa Shunraiki Part 1 will be released on March 17 along with Tsubasa #26 manga.

Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC Part 2 OADs postponed

Unpleasant news.

The release dates of Tsubasa #27 and XXXHOLiC #15, thus Tsubasa Shunraiki Part 2 and XXXHOLiC Shunmuki Part 2, have been postoned by a month.

The new release dates are:

Tsubasa #27 – Tsubasa Shunraiki Part 2: May 15;
XXXHOLiC #15 – XXXHOLiC Shunmuki Part 2: June 23.

The release dates of Part 1 for both Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC remain unchanged, the same applies for the reservation deadlines for all 4 volumes.

The information comes from the official website of the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC OADs. According to them, the change was due to “various circunstances”.