– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

12/10 – Newtype #01 – Drop. 22-D (on sale).
01/10 – Newtype #02 – Drop. 23.
02/10 – Newtype #03 – Drop. 24.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

12/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #01 – Chapter 211 (on sale).
01/08 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #02 – Chapter 212.
02/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #03 – Chapter 213 – last chapter of volume 19 – XXXHOLiC will feature the front cover.

CLAMP-NET.COM doesn’t say anything about Chapter 213 being the final chapter of the series.

• OAD:

The ending theme song for the upcoming XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD will be “Gomen ne.” (“I’m sorry.”), performed by Tiara. The song will be included in the singer’s 2nd album, Tears, to be released on February 16. CLAMP-NET.COM describes the song as a “medium ballad”.

• DVD:

Here are some pictures of the XXXHOLiC Kei DVD Box. The set will come with 3 DVDs, Discs 1 and 2 will have 4 episodes each and Disc 3 with 5 episodes (13 episodes total). The set will also come a XXXHOLiC colored illustration with reproduction of CLAMP’s signatures. The illustration was first published as the cover of the May issue of Animedia magazine in 2006.

The XXXHOLiC Kei DVD Box will be released on January 26.


Peter Pan & Wendy by CLAMP sneak peek, XXXHOLiC Event (Updated)

You can read the first 20 pages of Peter Pan & Wendy (illustrated by CLAMP) in Kodansha’s website (click on the cover). There are 3 black and white illustrations by CLAMP in the preview.

Update: To those interested, the book can be purchased via

In other news, there is a XXXHOLiC event going on in Akihabara that will run until the 14th at Dear Stage to celebrate the DVD Boxes releases.

Episodes from the XXXHOLiC TV series are being screened and a Gallery showing the production process of the DVD Boxes is being held.

The shop is decorated with XXXHOLiC theme and its employees are wearing XXXHOLiC costumes. Also, food and drinks similar to those featured in the XXXHOLiC anime will be on sale.

CLAMP NEWS !! (not really)

Not much news. There has been no new additions to manga schedule, so I’m just gonna put it here again.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

07/09 – Newtype #08 – Drop. 24 (on sale).
08/10 – Newtype #09 – Drop. 25.
09/10 – Newtype #10 – Drop. 26.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

07/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #08 – Chapter 206 (on sale).
08/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #09 – Chapter 207.
09/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #10 – Chapter 208 – 4 color pages.

• DVD:

Just wanted to point out that now neither CLAMP-NET.COM or XXXHOLiC-net mention that CLAMP will draw the illustration for the XXXHOLiC DVD Box 1. I’m pretty sure that when it was first announced, they announced with CLAMP in charge of the Box art. It’s even possible to check the preview of the Box set in XXXHOLiC-net and there is no art by CLAMP in it. Too bad, the box art was what I was looking forward the most xD

Lastly, according to Nanase Ohkawa and Tsubaki Nekoi’s latest messages, CLAMP has finished moving to their new studio =) In her Private Board, Ohkawa mentions how she’s not yet used to its location and eletricity system. “Where is the switch?”, she says. Cute XD

Catching up…

Apologies for being somehow away for the past 3 weeks, I went to Tokyo for my vacations (it was AWESOME) and didn’t have much time to stay updated with the CLAMP world, but I did my best xD

While in Japan, I accessed CLAMP@MOBiLE to see its goodies and indeed there is no possible way to transfer the wallpapers to the computer, the files are encrypted and they blocked the option to send it by e-mail. So I took some pictures instead xD They aren’t that good, but at least we can have an idea.

These are the XXXHOLiC cellphone wallpapers (from the XXXHOLiC campaign) and CLAMP’s original designs for the Blythe dolls:

On other news, the XXXHOLiC DVD Box 1 release date has been delayed to August 25. The box will be drawn by CLAMP but the image has not been revealed yet. XXXHOLiC-net has pictures of the box (but not CLAMP’s illustration).

Also, CLAMP-NET.COM reports that the French edition of RG Veda has won the award for Best Edition at this year’s Japan Expo Awards.


The first series of the XXXHOLiC TV Anime (the one that aired during April-October, 2006) will be re-released in two DVD Boxes, according to CDJournal.

The first box will be released on July 14, entitled “XXXHOLiC DVD BOX 上” (XXXHOLiC DVD Box Top). It will have episodes 1 to 12.

The box will feature a new illustration drawn by CLAMP and it also comes with a special booklet.

The release is expected to be followed by a second box, “XXXHOLiC DVD BOX 下” (XXXHOLiC DVD Box Bottom), containing episodes 13 to 24.

These boxes will be offered by a much cheaper price. The first one will cost 15,750 yens. In comparison, the 8 original DVDs of the first XXXHOLiC series cost 50,400 yens. And apparently is offering it for only 3,694 yens (77% off)! Although that page looks a little weird…

Yay for the Box drawn by CLAMP! =D

On other XXXHOLiC news, volume 17 was released today (along with the OAD of XXXHOLiC Rou) and the obi-strip that came with it revealed that the XXXHOLiC series broke the mark of 11 million copies sold! Congratulations to XXXHOLiC! It is right now the 4th CLAMP best seller, only behind Tsubasa (20 million), Card Captor Sakura and X (12 million each). But something tells me that XXXHOLiC is on its way to 2nd place =)

The link to download the OAD will be posted here as soon as it becomes available! Stay tuned!

mild spoiler


Here’s the beautiful box that came with the 3rd XXXHOLiC◆Kei DVD to hold all 7 DVDs of the series, with illustration drawn by CLAMP:

Image source: AmiAmi.

You can check the other sides of the box in this Yahoo auctions link.

The DVD will be formally released tomorrow.

EDIT: A bigger scan of the box can be found via clamp_now. The package also includes complete booklet scans and this volume’s Drama CD, which is centered on Doumeki.