XXXHOLiC #18 release date

The XXXHOLiC news just keep coming! xD

The backside of the obi-strip that came with volume 17 is announcing that XXXHOLiC #18 will be released in October.

I know the image looks blurry but I can assure to you that’s what it says xD

As we know, XXXHOLiC will be back in June, if we consider that volume 18 will have chapters from June to October, that gives us an average of 36 pages per chapter. But Kodansha might give a one month difference between the release of the tankoubon, in that case volume 18 would have chapters from June to September (assuming no breaks are taken in both cases), which gives us an average of 45 pages per chapter.

Either way, looks like the monthly chapters of XXXHOLiC will be as large as monthly chapters normally are, which is good!



The first series of the XXXHOLiC TV Anime (the one that aired during April-October, 2006) will be re-released in two DVD Boxes, according to CDJournal.

The first box will be released on July 14, entitled “XXXHOLiC DVD BOX 上” (XXXHOLiC DVD Box Top). It will have episodes 1 to 12.

The box will feature a new illustration drawn by CLAMP and it also comes with a special booklet.

The release is expected to be followed by a second box, “XXXHOLiC DVD BOX 下” (XXXHOLiC DVD Box Bottom), containing episodes 13 to 24.

These boxes will be offered by a much cheaper price. The first one will cost 15,750 yens. In comparison, the 8 original DVDs of the first XXXHOLiC series cost 50,400 yens. And apparently is offering it for only 3,694 yens (77% off)! Although that page looks a little weird…

Yay for the Box drawn by CLAMP! =D

On other XXXHOLiC news, volume 17 was released today (along with the OAD of XXXHOLiC Rou) and the obi-strip that came with it revealed that the XXXHOLiC series broke the mark of 11 million copies sold! Congratulations to XXXHOLiC! It is right now the 4th CLAMP best seller, only behind Tsubasa (20 million), Card Captor Sakura and X (12 million each). But something tells me that XXXHOLiC is on its way to 2nd place =)

The link to download the OAD will be posted here as soon as it becomes available! Stay tuned!

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