1 Year Anniversary ! ^__^

Today, DECEMBER 30th, marks 1 year since I moved to LiveJournal. Thank you very muchly to all of you who read and comment, or if you simply read (although you are always free to comment !), it is really because of you all that I’m still here. Because I know what is like to do those things that I do and have no one to read them, I’ve been through this before, it’s truly awful, but I realized I was in the wrong place. So a big thank you for all the support, I really appreciate it ^___^

Now, I was looking at my old layouts when I was talking to my friend at msn (mudearies-san ^^), and I felt really, nostalgic ! A good nostalgic feeling, of course ^^ I got back some years ago, and I suddenly wanted to show them all to you because is cool to see them since in the firsts one I had no experience at all !!! XDDD Besides, many of them are form the old Pitas.com era, and the majority of you haven’t seen them. Some of you like Graphic Design so maybe you’ll enjoy it.

It begins after the cut…