1 Year Anniversary ! ^__^

Today, DECEMBER 30th, marks 1 year since I moved to LiveJournal. Thank you very muchly to all of you who read and comment, or if you simply read (although you are always free to comment !), it is really because of you all that I’m still here. Because I know what is like to do those things that I do and have no one to read them, I’ve been through this before, it’s truly awful, but I realized I was in the wrong place. So a big thank you for all the support, I really appreciate it ^___^

Now, I was looking at my old layouts when I was talking to my friend at msn (mudearies-san ^^), and I felt really, nostalgic ! A good nostalgic feeling, of course ^^ I got back some years ago, and I suddenly wanted to show them all to you because is cool to see them since in the firsts one I had no experience at all !!! XDDD Besides, many of them are form the old Pitas.com era, and the majority of you haven’t seen them. Some of you like Graphic Design so maybe you’ll enjoy it.

Pitas.com Era:

This was my very very first layout ! XDDD You are free to laugh, because so do I ! But in my defense, I can explain why that layout looks so… awful? XD I think, from all the people at that time, the only one still around must be starsdust-san, she must remember this one as well as all the others afterwards ^^
Well, I wanted to use THAT image of Yuuto… no matter what, and you all know that, at that time, the only image out there had the texts on it and all the Asuka crap XD And at that time, one of the few things I could do with photoshop was cutting ! And I liked the effect ! I still do, but I confess it’s not good on THAT example xD
Add that to the fact that I was SO excited for making a blog that I didn’t mind putting my greatest effort on making a good layout… I did this completely “Ow let’s end this already and POST !”
But I like it very much because well, it was my very first one ^^”

Ow this one I like a lot. It’s the second one and you can see a big improvement… mainly because I had more time to do it. Chibi Blog was the name of my blog, as you can see (not much original, I confess xD but I’ve never been good to name things o.o) I love squares and shapes in general. I liked the colors because they are very unique and they match. This layout gave a lot of trouble, I suffered to do it ^^” There are layouts that are really “photoshopezed” and some aren’t. This one is very photoshopezed. Although I didn’t use Photoshop to make it, I used Macromedia Fireworks and Corel Draw.

Ow this one I like a lot too ! Having Fye on it it’s enough for me to like it. I remember it stayed for months, because I liked it a lot. It’s the first layout where I adventured myself to Photoshop…there isn’t much edit in this one, because I liked the image, it said enough and I didn’t want to change CLAMP’s art ^^ I removed poor Syaoran from the pic, sorry, Syaoran ^^”

This one is quite… simple. A good example of a not very photoshopezed layout. XXXHOLiC covers are good because they are “ready” to be used for a layout xD I did nothing but to create the areas where the texts would be inserted. Not my very favorite.

This one I like… because it was very hand-made. It was for Xmas, as you can see, and it’s supposed to be a Xmas card. I drew the envelope myself and found the texture for it too ! XD The posts were in a frame inside the card. The original one also had one of those scripts that makes falling snow ^^

Ow this one is pretty interesting ! At the time a friend of mine, Cibele, also had a blog, and we made twin layouts ! Mine was Subaru’s (sorry, I lost some of the images from it) and the Seishirou’s one was hers. The mainly design for both were made by me but we discussed the ideas together. On the original ones, if you clicked on the “How Death looks like?” and “How Angst looks like?” you would be linked to each other’s blog ^^
At the time, CLAMP was celebrating their 15th anniversary so I attached an animated gif to celebrate too xD

This one I REALLY love !! Because it was my 1st non-CLAMP layout. Surely working with real people on photoshop is completely different than manga (and much better/easier). It features, as you can see, my favorite singer of all time, Alanis Morissette. At the time, the release of her latest CD was approaching and I made a layout based on the title song for the CD, So-Called Chaos.
I think it’s amazing because there’s a Flash bit on it ! If you click on the little “play” button, you’ll listen to a small sample of the song. It gave me quite some work too, specially the flash part. That’s definitely one of my favorites.

This one too, it has GOT to be one of my favorites of all time. I just love it. I remember it too, stayed for over months, all because I loved it to death. PoA is an excellent movie… I still don’t know if GoF is better than PoA but surely PoA is special. My favorite scene is the Time Turner sequence, for all the Harry and Hermione on screen interaction (Daniel and Emma are such a couple !). I love Hermione and PoA is the one where we can see her the most.
About the layout, it gave me some trouble to compose it, and there’s a way to “understand” it. As you all know, the Time Turner sequence is about 2 different point of views happening at the same time. So I divided in three blocks: The Future (or should it be present too?), the Present and the Past (or should it be present too?). In each side there are tiny pics of different scenes… and if you follow the lines for each little square, you’ll find the correspondent scene that was happening at the same time. Much too confuse? I hope not ^^ Use the tiny colored squares if you’re lost xDD

This one is quite simple too… as I said on the previous layout description, that HP layout stayed for too long… and I just needed to change the layout no matter what. So I made a “temporary” version of it (and at that time Kobato was not yet released ! XD). The pic is CLAMP’s version of Amenosa.

This is the last layout for the Pitas Era… I like it a lot too, because the image is gorgeous and it’s X *-* The original one did not have the Xmas touch like the Santa hat (I love making Santa!Kamui, don’t I? XD)

Live Journal Era:

My first LJ layout, anyone remember? XD It also suffered from the same thing as the 1st pitas one, I did it rushly because my LJ was needing a layout immediately. So I did it 20 minutes or something. I liked the result anyway… it’s like that Hikaru Utada song, “Simple and Clean” ^_^

And then:

This is it guys, I hope you liked them ! ^__^

66 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary ! ^__^

  1. Hello^^
    I’ve came here for few months. I remember the yellow layout (number 10).
    And I thought waaaouhhh ¤_¤ So Nice^^ (how can I do that? XDDD)
    Je te remercie encore et encore pour tout ce que tu nous offres >>> I want to thank you again and again for all your great job. And happy happy happy birthday *-*



    Oh my, I KNOW there’s something totally wrong when I review your LJ before mine!!! XD But it’s true! I can’t believe you have a year already, that’s so cool! I think I found you on the last third of the year or something, such amazing layouts that I didn’t see *_____* Ahhh, the Seishirou one is just wayyy to gorgeously creepy!!!
    I’m glad you came to LJ, otherwise I could’ve never met you (no, never say never xD) and I thank you for everything you do for us!!!!! You’re a great guy Chibi Yuuto-kun ^^
    And, BTW, how I looooove your Harry/Hermione (well, Ron is there somewhere XD) layout *0* Well, I love almost all your layouts! XD
    And I see you’re having fun with your icons XD I didn’t know you didn’t know that you could change them xD Ok, heheh..

    Ooooooh, you have msn!


    • Re: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! ^O^

      Thank you so much for the compliments ^___^ Your words were really kind *bows*

      I’m so glad you liked the Harry/Hermione one, I just LOOOVE that one !

      Indeed I didn’t know how to have more than 1 icon… I do now ^^

      Msn? Of course I have, I LURK on msn ! XD I’ll add you for sure ^_~

      Thank you very much indeed !

      >(January? ^^U XD)

      OMG ! Sorry XDDD It so feels like January !


  3. Incrível!

    Você realmente melhorou com o tempo, mas o talento é visto desde o comecinho! Seu 1o layout é cheio de coisas, oq nao é natural pra 1o! É maravilhoso!

    Adoro ter vc como amigo, Yuuto-san!
    O do Fye eu cheguei a ver! Devo ter visitado seu blog sem querer, long time ago, e olha só, acabei reencontrando vc no livejournal, no layout do Sei-chan, se bem me lembro.

    Como o tempo passa, não? 😉

    Abração, sucesso e parabéns pelo 1o ano, meu amigo!


  4. Happy anniversary!!
    I remember those days in pitas, but hey! the kamui layout wasn`t the last one it was the one green from the ryu brothers from clamp (don`t remember the names), it was gorgeous!! and it`was for a few days before the livejournal era…
    Well i always end up the same: Thank you for all the info you put in here, keep up inform us ~.^ please


  5. Happy Anniversary!

    Do you still happen to have the picture for the ‘Santa’ Kamui layout from Pitas? That’s the first time I’ve seen the picture without any words, and I love the way it looks!


    • Thanks ^-^
      You well said that you found me by the HP layout time ^___^ I so remember… and yeah, it does seem yesterday ^___^

      PS.: Where are you? o.o long time since we don’t talk !


  6. eeep… i remember that soryuden one! i was trying to find some tsubasa stuff and that image was the only thing i remembered about the site. *sniffs* it took me forever to find your lj again… (by then, it was the blue wish one)

    you’re very talented, chibiyuuto-san! they’re all so pretty…


  7. Wow…so many. @.@; XD Love them all actually. You really progressed. Hehe. I especially love your Harry/Hermione one. *__* OMG.

    I totally love that couple and didn’t know you loved them too. lol I love them so much…Dan/Emma too of course…hehehe

    Ahh…how wonderful though. You saved all your layouts! It does give you that nostalgic feeling doesn’t it even though they aren’t MY layouts. 😛 Haha.

    Happy 1 Year Anniversary!! XDD;


    • Thanks a lot ^__^

      I’m not sure what I am, actually XD Sometimes I’m Harry/Hermione (in the movies, mainly)… but Hermione/Ron can be very cute too !
      I’m totally Emma/Daniel, though !

      It’s a good feeling… like “Ow, I remember this time ! Ow this one was cool !”
      I also read some of my old posts… It’s funny to look what you wrote after more than 2 years ^^


  8. parabens pra vc, eu soh vim pra comer, o presente q eh bom, esqueci de trazer!! XD
    aeww! pow, yuuto-san, vc realmente tem talento! se nao me engano, uma vez entrei no seu blog quando tinha o layout do Kazahaya^^ (mas nao sabia que era vc) depois descobri seu LJ e passei a frequentar quando tava no lay da sakura-chan e ateh hj o_o enton, parabens aew! flw o/


  9. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!! ^______________^ And don’t think you weren’t read at pitas ( I DID! ) it is only that here communication is easier so it is easier to make good friends ;D I love the layouts, I hadn’t realised you have had so many XDDDD (and it is actually very hard to choose only one u_u;)


  10. Congrats on your first lj aniversary! I think the first layout I saw was number 10. The others were beautiful too! You have to teach me how to make them! ^^
    Hope you can celebrate more aniversaries!


  11. Parabéns, Yuuto-san!!! *abraça de novo*

    Hahaha… Não acredito, peguei o seu blog desde o começo então XDDD
    A primeira vez que entrei foi qdo era do Yuuto mesmo e vc escrevia em português ainda… Desde então, não parei de ler… Sempre achei o seu blog o máximo, mas não tinha costume de não deixar mensagens… Na época nem tinha o meu blog ainda…
    O interessante é que vc apareceu por lá e deixou mensagem ^^ Nossa! Qto tempo! Perdi a conta ^^’
    Ah! Todos os seus lays são maravilhosos viu!

    Deixa eu desejar uma ótima passagem de ano p/ vc ^^



    • Wahh, naum acredito q vc me acompanha desde o começo !!! Isso é muito legal entao ^___^

      Fico feliz q tem mais um entao q me conhece desde o começo, ainda mais sendo vc, Blaize-chan ^___^
      Brigado pelos comentarios, muito ^___^

      Bjao pra vc tb e Feliz Ano Novo !!


  12. Congrats on the anniversary! I hope you stick around for much longer and keep giving as all the CLAMP goodies. ^^;;

    I think I discovered you with the Sakura-with-a-giant-paintbrush layout, so I must be pretty much a newbie still. ^_^;;


  13. Celebrían here ;D

    Oh my God, it’s been a while! XD
    Happy New Year!!
    Waa, all your layouts! I remember them, they were so pretty! *__*


  14. Happy Anniversary! ^_^

    You make pretty layouts. I used most of the LJ backgrounds as wallpapers. XD;;

    I’ve found you in the Santa!Kamui (I was looking for Kamui pics, I think) and I’ve been stalking ever since LOL. Thank you again for all you hard work!! *throws confetti*


    • Thank you !

      >I used most of the LJ backgrounds as wallpapers. XD;;

      Really? Whoa ! I’m flattered ^__^

      I’m really glad that some of you know me since pitas time and have been “following” me since then, thank you a lot !


  15. Omeideitougozaimasu…belated congratulations & happy anniversary!

    I love your LJ & I just wanted to thank you for all the Clamp-work you do…it makes me (and many others) very happy. Nice layouts too!


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