Several News

• Rio Comicon:

The convention Rio Comicon starts today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the exhibition CLAMP – As Rainhas do Mangá (CLAMP – The Queens of Manga) will take place until Sunday. This is the same exhibition that was originally held in Paris in 2009.

Tickets cost R$ 20,00 for each day at the event’s entrance (students pay half price). Check their official website for more info.

I will be there on Saturday, hope to meet some of you there! 😉

• Kobato. licensed in Brazil:

The Kobato. manga has been licensed in Brazil by JBC. The manga will be published every 3 months starting in October. The price will be R$ 10,90 for a full tankoubon format (unlike Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC), but no color pages.

This is the 10th CLAMP title to be published in Brazil, and they remain being the only manga authors with that many titles licensed in the country.

Here’s the cover for the Brazilian edition:

Also, the Card Captor Sakura manga, which was the first CLAMP title published in Brazil, will be re-released by JBC in a special edition still this year. The new release will be in full tankoubon format (unlike the original edition) and will have color pages. Release date and price are still undecided.

• Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito:

It was announced in this year’s New York Anime Fest that the new Code Geass project, Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito, will be released next year. CLAMP is in charge of the original character concept for this project as well.

The Code Geass and R2 seasons will be re-released in a new DVD Box early next year and an exclusive promotional video of Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito will come with it.


The official website of BLOOD-C has the 2nd DVD and Blu-Ray cover, which was drawn by CLAMP.

It will be released on October 26.


Several News

• The Witch’s Mansion and the Magic Summit:

This has been out for a while but I forgot to post about it. CLAMP will draw the cover and inside illustrations for the 6th volume of The Witch’s Mansion series. The new volume written by Yoko Tsukumo is entitled The Witch’s Mansion and the Magic Summit and will be released on October 9.

• BLOOD-C: has a bigger look at the cover of the BLOOD-C novel, which was drawn by CLAMP. You can download the HQ cover over here (special thanks to the clamp_now for extracting the picture out of website).

The novel has 416 pages and will be released on October 4.

Also, Kadokawa is listing a BLOOD‐C OFFICIAL COMPLETE BOOK Taido on October 26. The book will have interviews with staff and cast, rare materials and CLAMP’s original character concepts.


In case you haven’t seen it, the cover of CLAMP’s original manga for the festival is up at the official website. The manga’s title will be “Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen Bangaihen: Tenkousei ni Dokidoki”.

• Art Exhibition:

Several Brazilian websites are reporting that a selection of CLAMP’s original art will be exhibited at the RioComicon 2011, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event will take place from October 20 to 23.

As a Brazilian, I’m very happy and proud with that news! It’s a huge opportunity to let other people learn about their work. I don’t live in Rio but I will my best to go there! =)

GATE 7 #1 in Japan and around the world!

CLAMP-NET.COM announced that the first volume of GATE 7 will be released in Japan on June 3 costing 460 yens.

Also, looks like the international release plans for GATE 7 are finally taking shape. CLAMP-NET.COM posted a list of countries where GATE 7 will be published on a semi-simultaneous way.

I’ll be reposting here the info from clamp_now, which translates what CLAMP’s official website says:

Countries where it is serialized in a magazine:

South Korea
* “Booking” Magazine (Tsuruyama Culture Company)
* December 2010 (Prologue)
* Series start in April 2011

* 新少年快報別冊 Magazine (東立出版)
* January 2011 (Prologue)
* Series start in April 2011

Hong Kong
* 新少年 Magazine (香港東立出版社)
* Series start in April 2011

* Animeland Magazine (Anime Manga Presse)
* December 2010 (Prologue)
* March-June 2011 limited time series

Tankoubon publication (released summer 2011)

South Korea (鶴山文化社)
Taiwan (東立出版社)
Hong Kong (香港東立出版社)
France (Viz Media Europe)
United States (Dark Horse Comics)
Brazil (New Pop)
Germany (EMA)
Spain (NORMA Editorial)

(Information as of April 2011)

Very happy to see this coming to life! It won’t be as simultaneous in the US as first announced by Dark Horse, it seems like they will be publishing the tankoubons only, shortly after the original Japanese release date, at least. But countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be publishing the manga in series format (followed by a tankoubon release). I don’t understand France’s case… will the serialization happen for a limited time only? Until Chapter 3? After that, only tankoubon releases? It’s not clear for me.

As a Brazilian, I’m very happy and proud (and a bit surprised) to see that Brazil is on the list! I’m also surprised, however, that for the first time a CLAMP title will not be published by JBC, but New Pop instead. I don’t know New Pop’s work, what do my fellow Brazilian readers have to say about them?

The tankoubon releases are all planned for summer 2011, which is pretty shortly after the Japanese release date (June 3). Let’s hope they stick to this calendar =)

For Brazilians: JBC to release Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

Being a Brazilian myself, I just had to post this news for my Brazilian readership =)

JBC announced that they will be publishing CLAMP’s Miyuki-chan in Wonderland!

The Brazilian version will be released in a 13,5 x 20,5 cm format and will come with the original 24 colored pages, for the price of R$ 14,90. The release date is scheduled for May 28.

The manga will be the first CLAMP title to be published under the JBC Graphic Novel label.

This is the 9th CLAMP title to be published in Brazil, no other manga artist has had as many works published in Brazil as CLAMP.

Very very happy with this news =) I wasn’t expecting new CLAMP releases while Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC were still being published. That’s really great news (3 CLAMP titles released in the same month, wow!). This new label for Graphic Novels opens the possibility of publishing CLOVER the way it deserves to be published, I hope?

And many thanks for my pal Douglas for letting me know about this! 😉

For Brazilians: JBC’s version of Tsubasa to become monthly

I rarely post anything about the things that happen in Brazil that are related to CLAMP, simply because they rarely happen, unfortunately, I should say xD But today I heard this very exciting news from my friend Freakazoid-san, something I was expecting and hoping for quite some time (actually ever since JBC announced that they would be publishing Tsubasa).

Rumor has it that the Brazilian version of Tsubasa, since April/06 being published bimonthly, is about to become monthly, starting on the upcoming edition #11, which will hit newstands on December 12th.

Although this news is still under the “rumors” category, it’s pretty much confirmed since, according to Freakazoid-san, users of orkut have been getting e-mail replies from JBC stating the change on the manga’s periodicity.

A formal announcement by JBC is expected to be made on the release date.

XXXHOLiC’s periodicity remains the same, bimonthly, which is appropriate in order to have the links between the the two mangas working properly.

Also, prepare your wallets because according to the cover, the price for one edition has increased from R$ 5.90 to R$ 6.90. Ough. For half a tankoubon and no color pages, yes, I think it’s expensive.

The new price applies for XXXHOLiC as well.

I’ve been following the Brazilian versions of Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC since they started to be published here, and I have to say, JBC is doing a really incredible translation job, specially with XXXHOLiC, which is grammatically harder to understand.

The fun of reading Tsubasa in portuguese shall be bigger and the waiting for the next edition shall be smaller ^^