A quickie one!

cutesherry-san has scanned (EDITED on 31/01/2009: scans no longer available) the goodies that come with the limited CLAMP in CARDLAND PARTICULAR BOX. It includes scans of the cover (new illustration) and the two clear files featuring Kamui & Subaru and Vampire Fye. She also scanned things from the 5th Series.

Make sure to check out these rare illustrations in high resolution! And make sure to thank her ^_~

EDIT: As of today, the scans are available again at =)


Picture from CARDLAND event in Osaka

Last week I posted a picture from the CLAMP Talk Show that was held in Tokyo, this week I’m posting a picture from the Osaka event (Dec. 21) that was recently added to CLAMP in CARDLAND’s official website.

This one was taken at the winning ceremonies which were presented by CLAMP:

We have another pic, weee! xD Ohkawa looks so pretty XD~

Picture from CARDLAND Talk Show

While surfing on CLAMP in CARDLAND’s official website I came upon this tiny picture of CLAMP’s Talk Show from the Tokyo event:

From left to right, we have: Mokona, Tsubaki Nekoi (sporting her new, shorter haircut), Satsuki Igarashi and Nanase Ohkawa (with a very p!nk dress xD). In this picture they are talking about a card of Fye and Primera.

I have the impression this picture was there for some days now, but I only found it now xDD At least we have a picture! ♥

There are other pictures from the Osaka convention here, but so far no pictures of CLAMP’s Talk Show from that day.

The winners had their favorite cards signed by the CLAMP members, like this one:

More CLAMP in CARDLAND 6th Series Info

This week’s update of CLAMP in CARDLAND’s official website announces the 6th series package illustration, in all its RPG glory:

Click to enlarge it.

Very cool! I really liked it. Watanuki looks so cool xD

And while bigger scans don’t show up, here are slightly bigger versions of the Point and Secret Cards from Series 5, which went on sale today in Japan:

(Sorry for the size. Maybe I should put it behind a cut? ^^;;; Sorry if it’s causing any chaos in your Friends page).

On the left, Point Card Time to Play with Snow, on the right, Secret Card Time to Admire Snow.

The website also has a very brief report of the 2nd Official Event that was held in Tokyo on the last 23. It doesn’t cover CLAMP’s Talk Show, unfortunately.

The 6th Series of CLAMP in CARDLAND goes on sale in February.

Ohkawa on Kobato. anime: “Can’t tell yet”

Fresh news from the CLAMP Talk Show that was held in Tokyo yesterday, at the CLAMP in CARDLAND 2nd Official Event.

When asked about Kobato. anime, Ohkawa said that she “can’t tell yet” any information about it.

Exciting ^_~

More information on CLAMP’s Talk Show and the possibility of a Kobato. anime as they come, stay tuned!

Kobato. “big announcement” soon to be made, PARTICULAR BOX info

• Kobato.:

According to this month’s installment of Kobato. News!! section in Newtype, there will be some “big announcement” about Kobato. in the next issue of the magazine.

It also says that this month’s installment of Kobato. News!! was the last one. It says information about Kobato. will still be published in Newtype, just no longer in Kobato. News!!.

Ohhhhh, so big news for Kobato., huh? I’m so excited about it! Then we have CLAMP-NET announcing that in the next Newtype issue there will be an “Anime Commemoration” Tosho Card application service. I wonder if these two are related…

If they are, I wouldn’t say Kobato. will be getting a TV anime just yet, I think it’s too soon. Unless Kobato. won’t last for too long, but I don’t think that’s the case. Or, unless it’s going to be just like the X TV anime announcement, that was announced in July 1999 but the anime only started in October 2001 ! Besides, CLAMP-NET says the Tosho Card is a “Anime Commemoration”, not “TV Anime”. But maybe I’m speculating too much xD

For now, I would bet on a music video! Wouldn’t it be great?

Newtype says the Tosho Card illustration will be drawn by CLAMP, I wonder if it’ll be one of those illustrations with anime coloration.

Also, I don’t understand why they are ending Kobato. News!! if information about Kobato. will still be published in Newtype anyway. Will CLAMP use that extra page to make longer chapters?

We’ll just have to wait and see ^^

Click for the scan

CLAMP in CARDLAND 5 Special Cards

I didn’t expect these to be revealed so soon!

Here’s a preview from the special cards of CLAMP in CARDLAND Series 5, from this week’s official website update:

The one from the left is the Point Card and the one from the right, Secret Card.

I thought Ashura would be grown up, for some reason ^^ And there you have it, Subaru and Seishirou in all their Tokyo Babylon glory *niko*

The 5th Series of CLAMP in CARDLAND will be released in November.

On a quick note, ICv2 interviewed Dark Horse CEO Mike Richardson and you can read the interview here. There isn’t anything new about CLAMP, but here’s the part where he talks about their future project:

What are you most excited about that’s coming from Dark Horse in 2009?

There’s a lot of things. Right now we’re really focused on bringing Clamp to America in a new way. We’re very excited about our relationship with them. When you talk about how to reach new readers, or keep readers in the marketplace–particularly female readers–you try to look for properties and talent that could help keep them interested. Clamp is huge; Clamp is responsible for some of the biggest manga and anime titles of all time. They’re very huge, and it’s a huge event for our company.

We’ve come up with a program that is very different from what’s out there, and I think is perfect for these economic times and more closely mirrors how material is released in Japan. Not to mention the fact that we’re releasing it worldwide, which has never been done. Usually the material comes out and then it’s licensed country by country. There are a lot of exciting parts to this, and we’re very excited to be working with them.

The Mangettes project will be launched in August, 2009.