– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

11/10 – Newtype #12 – Extra chapter. (on sale).
12/10 – Newtype #01 – Drop. 11 – Beginning of tankoubon 4. Anime Commemoration Illustrated Tosho* Card service.
01/10 – Newtype #02 – Drop. 12.

* Tosho cards are payment cards with which one can buy at many bookstores throughout Japan.

Eh? Kobato. will have a tosho card featuring an anime illustration? Kobato. is so getting an anime in the near future. I’m so excited about it!

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

11/12 – Shonen Magazine #50 – No Tsubasa scheduled (on sale).
11/19 – Shonen Magazine #51 – Chapter 205.
11/26 – Shonen Magazine #52 – No Tsubasa scheduled.
12/03 – Shonen Magazine #01 – Chapter 206.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

11/17 – Young Magazine #51 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled (on sale).
11/22 – Young Magazine #52 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
12/01 – Young Magazine #01 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
12/08 – Young Magazine #02 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.

XXXHOLiC’s schedule is a little buggy on CLAMP-NET.COM. The links aren’t working well. So the information above may be subject to change.


The release date of Series 5 has been decided, it’ll be released on November 28.

Animate will release a special CLAMP in CARDLAND box entitled PARTICULAR BOX.

The box will come with:

– The first Starter Deck (released on Nov/2007);
– 11 Starter Cards (one of which featuring a new illustration by CLAMP);
– A promotional card (featuring the box illustration);
– A binder (featuring the box illustration);
– 2 mini-clear files set featuring illustrations from Subaru, Hokuto and Fye. From what I could understand, the clear files will be brand new illustrations (but this information needs to be confirmed);
– And more.

The box will be released in December.


• Code Geass:

There’s a much bigger version of the CLAMP x Code Geass artbook in this link.

The artbook comes out December 5.

Thanks syaoranmew for letting me know about it!

14 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. A whole month without Holic? I hope the information does change :/ Tsubasa is having too many breaks dammit! I don’t like this current bi-weekly schedule.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the clear file illustrations X3

    Thank you for the update!


  2. Thank you chibi Yuuto 😀

    What is the difference between “Clamp in Wonderland” and “Clamp in Cardland”? I am guessing that Wonderland is a mix of all their characters from different mangas and that Cardland is promotional characters from Wonderland?

    Thanks anyway ^^


  3. Kobato? On an anime card?


    And I’m really hoping that the HOLiC schedule is due to squiffy coding, because that would be a pretty dire month for HOLiC, otherwise.



  4. Thanks for the info as usual. XDD

    Kobato WILL get an anime in the future. :p

    I do hope holic schedule change… It’s completely bleak for the whole one month… -.-”

    *still waiting enthusiastically for Geass artbook* XDDDD


  5. ohhh… i really hope they change the xxxholic schedule… i miss it… 😦

    *gasp* Kobato SHOULD get an anime soon… *crosses finger* >.<

    hey, the box cover looks really cute to me… (maybe it's the color background, not sure)

    Thanks for the info~! 😀


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