XXXHOLiC Shunmuki Press Conference

Just like Tsubasa Shunraiki, there was a press conference for XXXHOLiC Shunmuki with the cast and producer Kawaguchi Tohru, of PRODUCTION IG.

The interview can be read at Presepe.

A few highlights I was able to translate:

– Since there won’t be broadcast restrictions, the adaptation will be more faithful to the manga (links with Tsubasa).

– The cast heard the OAD news not from the production crew, but from CLAMP members themselves.

– By the time the press release was made, only the script for the first episode was done, and the story was centered on XXXHOLiC #14. The second episode’s script is still being written by Nanase Ohkawa (from what I could understand) and the content is completely unknown by the producer. But he says that’s when the links with Tsubasa will happen.

– In their meetings with Nanase Ohkawa, her main concern was with the links between XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa.

– Lastly, but I am not totally sure of this, the producer said that a continuation beyond these two OADs is possible? (今回OADが2本なんですが、これが終わった後も続けていければなと思っております。) If someone could confirm me this, I’d appreciate it ^^

I was very surprised to learn that the scripts aren’t done yet xD


14 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Shunmuki Press Conference

      • I was going to tell you the same xD
        It’s a strange way to say “this is not the end” but it means which everyone was expecting: this is Nihon/World of Dreams arc, and xxxHOLiC will be running its parallel story to this arc (Kohane’s), I don’t think in the unknown final OAD script will be a xxxHOLiC series 30 minutes end O_o, so while it’s not finished, it’s possible to do more OADs ^^

        BTW, thanks for the info *_* and sorry my lame English today, I finished working 5 minutes ago and my brain is still off X_X


          • Yeah, it’s hard to know how much he might know. What i wonder is, does more OADs = more volumes of the manga, for both series? And if so, how many? THere can’t seriously be more than maybe two or three volumes of TRC possible beyond what’s been confirmed, am I right? And certainly not more than two more for HOLiC?

            Double-check my math here, you’re better at these calculations than I am.


  1. Thanks for the infos ^^

    Well, I had in mind they would make an original anime ending, somehow, but if they are thinking of a possible continuation *already!* it seems like they are really going to follow the mangas and that we will get an open end to those OADs.
    Still, if TRC/XXXHolic mangas both finish, how exactly will they release future OADs?


  2. thanks for sharing this info.

    as a totally off side note I wanna say today is the day i realize I AM learning something in Japanese class. ^^U Failing the class or not, something productive is happening in my brain.

    And back on topic, Ohkawa is gonna make them rush it a bit to finish the OAD isn’t she…if the script isn’t finished for the others >.> that’s cutting it a bit close I think.


  3. AT LAST! The link!!! I’ve been dying to see the xxxHolic animation link to Tsubasa! *squeal in absolute joy* I hate to see when Watanuki’s falling from window price only being paid by 2 person, hmph… as if that were enough payment…

    Well if Ohkawa-sensei is working on it, I won’t be worried that it’ll be unfinished on time. I have a great confidence on their professionalism though that means we won’t have any spoiler soon. :p

    And I will want it to continue. :p Every fans would. :DDD


  4. YAY!!! 😀 thanks for the info!! i’m glad that they are going to stay faithful with the manga… FINALLY!!! 😡

    btw, what’s Shunmuki mean? it sounds a bit similar to Tsubasa Shunraiki.


  5. 今回OADが2本なんですが、これが終わった後も続けていければなと思っております
    This can be translated as: Even though there’s only two OADs this time, I hope that we could continue after it has finished.

    I know others also translated and confirmed, I would like to say what I interpreted with this sentence.


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