Shimarisu no Hoobukuro paper message, CLAMP draws Fujii Chiho’s “Happy Ko” (Updated)

For those who were curious about it, here is the paper message that comes as a bonus for those who purchase Satsuki Igarashi’s Shimarisu no Hoobukuro book in one of the 10 selected Animate stores:

On other news, CLAMP made a slight participation in NHK’s show TV Senshi, sort of.

TV Senshi is a show aimed at children and young teenagers. In today’s episode, one of the young hostesses, Fujii Chiho, asked her favorite mangaka (CLAMP) to draw her character “Happy Ko” from one of the show’s corners, Girls Communication.

CLAMP members themselves didn’t appear on the show, only the illustration they did of “Happy Ko”:

Click to enlarge it.

Here’s a picture of Fujii Chiho:

I thought CLAMP’s drawing was adorably similar xD Also quite a lot like Tomoyo.

Update: I thought that was the full illustration, but no! Here is the same illustration in a wider view:

Click to enlarge it.

Update 2: The show’s official website has the illustration in its full extent!

Shimarisu no Hoobukuro first-look

cutesherry has scanned a few pages of Satsuki Igarashi’s book, Shimarisu no Hoobukuro (Chipmunk Cheeks). You can check the scans here.

Some of the drawings are really rare so make sure to check it. Additionally, there are new colored short comics drawn by CLAMP too, one of those featuring a lovely new image of Yuuto! xD

Shimarisu no Hoobukuro with special paper message

To celebrate the release of Satsuki Igarashi’s Shimarisu no Hoobukuro (Chipmunk Cheeks), a limited paper message will be given to those who purchase the book at one of the 10 selected Animate stores across Japan.

I will post here this paper message as soon as it is available.

The book collects all columns written by Satsuki Igarashi and published in Newtype in the period of 2002 to 2009.

Shimarisu no Hoobukuro will be released on June 10.

Satsuki Igarashi’s Shimarisu no Hoobukuro cover

Here’s the official cover of Shimarisu no Hoobukuro (Chipmunk Cheeks):

You can check the cover in high resolution in this press release.

As you can notice, the final cover is slightly different than the one announced in Newtype, however, the advertisement did say that it was just a tentative cover.

The all color book has 104 pages and goes on sale June 10.

Newtype June 2009 scans

You can check Kobato. Drop. 14 scans and Satsuki’s book advertisement in this album from this month’s Newtype magazine. Not my scans, taken from a Chinese forum.

Translations by starlady38 here.

For those interested, you can download the full Newtype magazine here.

New character in Kobato.! And he must be Fujimoto’s friend since he calls him by the first name.
And I knew the true forms or Ioryogi and Ginsei had human shapes, they look so cool! *-*

Animedia and Newtype cam shots

kitsune_no_ame has previews of this month’s anime magazines Newtype and Animedia over here.

In Animedia, CLAMP drew the illustrations for the final chapter of the novel Kamigami-tachi no Gosui.

So pretty! But this time we got less pages =/

In Newtype, there’s an advertisement for Satsuki Igarashi’s book, Shimarisu no Hoobukuro (しまりすのほおぶくろ, translated by Newtype USA as Chipmunk Cheeks), where it’s possible to check its cover:

Satsuki Igarashi’s Shimarisu no Hoobukuro goes on sale June 10.

Satsuki Igarashi’s Chipmunk Cheeks book!

As previously announced here, the columns written by CLAMP’s Satsuki Igarashi serialized in Newtype for the past 7 years will be compiled in a book.

Today CLAMP-NET.COM has an official announcement with a release date.

Chipmunk Cheeks
Writer: CLAMP Satsuki Igarashi
Release date: June 10, 2009
Price: 1600 yens
Kadokawa Shoten

The book’s title will be the same as of the columns’, Chipmunk Cheeks (しまりすのほおぶくろ), it’ll contain all columns published during its run in Newtype, including the color illustrations featured in each of the 84 entries.

In addition, the book will have new essays and illustrations by CLAMP made specially for the book.

The book will be published by Kadokawa and is scheduled for June 10 costing 1600 yens.

This month’s Newtype magazine has more information about it.

Great news! Looking forward to that ^^ Congratulations to our Satsuki Igarashi.