Newtype March 2009 scans, XXXHOLiC #14 cover

undini-sama scanned everything “CLAMP” available in this month’s Newtype magazine, and that includes the 20th Anniversary article, Kobato. Drop. 12-B and Satsuki’s column.

They are all here, make sure to check them out! Unexpected appearance in Kobato.!

In addition, the cover of XXXHOLiC #14 has finally made an appearance on (thanks clamp_now for the info!).

This is the first time both Yuuko and Watanuki appears on the front cover since volume 1.

XXXHOLiC #14 goes on sale on the 17th.

17 thoughts on “Newtype March 2009 scans, XXXHOLiC #14 cover

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the news again 😀
    AND WOW… I thought TRC|Sakura PWN over CCS|Sakura was a bit surprising already… talk about TOTAL unexpected from the male character O___O
    heehee, do you think who Watanuki VA is would contribute to this as well?? ^.~


    • Though I am guessing the revealing of R|Syaoran’s backstory and the truth behind all those mystery around Watanuki in the recent months certainly contribute A LOT to how fandom feel currently of those 2 characters in TRC/xxxholic ^^;;


  2. My sister made the comment that Yuuko’s headpiece looks like that one summoner’s on the Mi’hen highroad if FFX. I can’t disagree, and I think the cover is awesome! I hope they’ll have it in stock when I go up to New York for my interview on the 19th–but probably not.


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