CLOVER movie adaptation in negotiation (Updated)

Dark Horse has announced today at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that the company is currently in negotiations with Universal studios to produce a live action movie adaptation of CLOVER.

However, no deal has been signed yet as the two companies are still discussing it.

The news come from ANN.

On March 2008 I mentioned here the deal between Dark Horse and Universal, and since then I’ve been wondering if the deal would be responsible for making the first Hollywood adaptation of a CLAMP manga. By that time, however, Carl Horn was asked about Mangettes being adapted into a movie.

I have always, I mean ALWAYS thought that if one CLAMP manga were to be made into a movie, that manga would be CLOVER. I personally think there is no better work for that. I mean, sure, others could come later but it would be perfect to start with CLOVER since I think it’s CLAMP’s most cinematographic manga to date. If you know me and if you have talked to me about this subject, you probably remember me telling you this once xD

This news left me very happy and very excited! I hope the project does see the light and I hope CLAMP will have their involvement. I can totally see Oscars nominations too (okay, one thing at a time, one thing at a time xD).

I will keep you updated about this exciting possibility, definitely!

On other news, specially for American people, Dark Horse has hinted that it will be publishing CLAMP Mokona Okimono Kimono in the United States in the near future by displaying the book’s cover in its booth at Comic-Con.

No official announcement has been given yet, though. It would be very cool to have an english version of the book!

EDIT: Regarding the CLAMP IN AMERICA guidebook, in Del Rey’s panel they revealed that the release date has been postponed to March, 2010. The reason behind the postponement is the increase in page number and also because CLAMP provided great art and opted to make pics larger (according to Deb Aoki). The book was originally announced to have 144 pages, then 336 pages and now 384 pages is the latest counting. Source: AnimeVice


Mokona Interview in Asahi Shimbun

The first of the series of interviews with Mokona has been published on today’s issue of the japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun. And online version of the interview can be seen here.

The article + interview is a bit short and not much revealing, being more focused on CLAMP itself rather than her book, but I’m not sure if the contents of the online and printed versions are different. However, the article features a lovely new picture of Mokona ^__^

CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono to be featured on Japanese TV

The NEWS BOARD section of CLAMP-NET is stating that the morning show Mezamashi TV, of Fuji TV network, is going to air a segment about the book and the special exhibition of CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono in one of it’s corners.

The show will be aired this Friday, February 16th. The corner containg CLAMP’s segment will start at 7:40 AM.

They don’t mention if Mokona or any other CLAMP member will make an appearance, but let’s hope so!

I’ll see if my friend (and by this, I mean I’M GONNA TRY MY HARDEST *-*) can rip the video for us. No guarantees, though…

The book is out today, btw!

Happy Valentine’s, you people! ^__^

CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono Official Site

Kawade Shobo Publisher created an official site for the upcoming CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono book.

It contains samples of the book (some of which we already seen, while others not), a (what seems to be) message handwritten by Mokona herself, and a wallpaper download featuring the book cover.

The site also reveals that the book will have a short comic drawn by Tsubaki Nekoi and an essay written by Satsuki Igarashi.

As you might well know by now, the book will be released on the next 14th.

Thanks to for this bit of news!