About Chibi Yuuto

I’ve been a CLAMP enthusiast since the year of 2000. I started by watching the TV Animation series of Card Captor Sakura and later its manga version. Soon after that, I came across the animated movie of X and I was absolutely blown away by it. After having watched the X movie, I realized that I should probably check the other CLAMP works since the odds of me liking them were big, having liked two of their works already. That’s how it all started…

In the year of 2003, having read most of CLAMP’s works, I was already a full admirer of their works, so I began blogging with the purpose of expressing my thoughts on what was going on in the “CLAMP universe”. At that period, my blogging was less objective and more subjective. Back then, I still wrote in my native language, Portuguese.

Eventually, I slowly started writing in English with the intention of reaching a wider range of readers, to a point where my blog became hybrid — with both Portuguese and English contents. Back then, I wasn’t confident enough to have a full English blog. English is not my main language and I am very aware that I have much to learn, but nowadays I feel a lot more comfortable with it.

At the end of 2004, when I moved my blog to Live Journal, a whole new era began for me as a blogger and news provider. At that time I was writing in full English already and my posts were less subjective and a bit more objective, this had also to do with me being more mature as a person.

Being in Live Journal allowed me to know other CLAMP fans and admirers, some of which I had the pleasure to meet in person and would become some of the best people I have ever met. The entire so-called “CLAMP fandom” was in Live Journal, so being there was crucial to be read and be heard.

With time and maturity, my blogging became less and less personal/subjective and more and more journalistic/objective. I am quite aware that my writing is not entirely journalistic (far from that) as I like to give my personal opinion into what I write, but it’s a lot more in comparison to what it used to be.

Live Journal was a great platform when I found it, and it remained being so for many following years. But all things change and one must adapt to them if one wants to survive. This new platform will allow me to reach a new level in providing news and information about CLAMP.

Right now, I would like to consider myself as somebody who provides news for the CLAMP community, for the people who can’t have easy access to them due to language or geographical barriers. Moreover, I hope to introduce newcomers and show them the amazing artists that CLAMP are.

Thank you for your visit and your trust.

aka Chibi Yuuto