CLAMP No Kiseki Comics 06, 07 & 08 … by CnL (and BWYS) !

I really want to get done with those, but they are proving to be harder than I expected xD Especially because it’s a joint project with BWYS and I have to send it to them for proofreading, then fix the mistakes, then send it again and see if everything is finally ok. Not to mention mine and Earth Dragon’s (BWYS’s editor) schedules don’t really match, which makes things even harder xDDDD

Anyway, I know it must be a real pain to go there and download a 2-3 pages long comic, so this time we give you 3 volumes at once so you have a very good reason to download them xDD

My favorite one is the extra scene of Watashi no Suki na Hito. Because the art is shared between Mokona and Nekoi, and also because the story is interesting (I could totally see Ohkawa writing it).

Hope you like it, those are really worth reading for the sake of their random factor ^^


CLAMP No Kiseki Comics 04 by CLAMP No Lumiere

This week we have the second story of “The cursed animal Ioryogi”, featuring the friendly dog Ioryogi. Just for you know, CLAMP has stated that the Ioryogi of these short comics is not the same of Kobato, both lives on parallel universes.

Enjoy !

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These little comics proved to be harder than I thought to edit ^^;

Do enjoy !


CLAMP No Kiseki by CLAMP No Lumiere

Here’s another chapter of the short comics of CLAMP No Kiseki magazine (a joint project with BWYS). This time, the first installment of Ioryogi’s adventures with the 4 members of CLAMP. Don’t try to understand it, it’s the same random humor of Murikuri XD

Next week there’s more. Enjoy !

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“Sonoko-chan’s one day” by CnL

First of all, I would like to introduce the new member of CLAMP No Lumiere, Alison (ladydarkmoon), she’ll be filling the charge of scanner, of course. Welcome to the staff, Alison ! ^_____^ Thank you for joining in, I’m sure you’ll do great !

Now on to the business, still following with our joint project with Be With You Scans, today we are releasing the second of the CLAMP No Kiseki short comics. This one deals with a teenager girl called Sonoko who has the unfortunate gift of seeing spirits.

Enjoy !

CLAMP No Lumiere

CLAMP No Kiseki #12

Wow, do they still exist? XDDDD I apologize for posting this late, I’m really sorry but only now I had the time to do it.

This is the last one, featuring Kobato and the 2nd part of Tsubasa.

Please, if someone could translate the Kobato interview, that would be really appreciated, maybe there are some info that may help us figure it out why it’s currently on hold.

Let’s all give a final bow to amazing narsil_alavel-san for making this possible ! *bows* ^__^

Get it Here.

Script for XXXHOLiC 85 & CLAMP No Kiseki

chou_addicted-san kindly translated XXXHOLiC Chapter 85, which you can check on her LJ or here. ^__^

CLAMP No Kiseki Stuff:

Indeed last week, when I showed animate’s ranking, it was too soon for CLAMP No Kiseki to appear on the rank (since it came out on the 22nd), now there’s a new ranking where CLAMP No Kiseki #12 won the 2nd position ! ^__^

Speaking of CLAMP No Kiseki, my server is good again to upload big files, thank gosh, because I had the file ready to be uploaded for days but the server’s connection was so instable… anyway, now it’s all okay, and today I give you CLAMP No Kiseki #2 (CCS, CLOVER and Watashi no Suki na Hito).

Enjoy ! ^__^

CLAMP No Kiseki #8 – Featuring X-1

It’s been a long, long time, hasn’t it? I apologize. It’s true I’ve been busy and also true I forgot about it.

But here it is.

Also, as some of you know well, my server seems to be passing through a hard time recently, making the downloads to stop while downloading. For that reason, don’t forget to use a Download Manager (GetRight is one of them) to get them properly ! ^_~