CLAMP No Kiseki #12

Wow, do they still exist? XDDDD I apologize for posting this late, I’m really sorry but only now I had the time to do it.

This is the last one, featuring Kobato and the 2nd part of Tsubasa.

Please, if someone could translate the Kobato interview, that would be really appreciated, maybe there are some info that may help us figure it out why it’s currently on hold.

Let’s all give a final bow to amazing narsil_alavel-san for making this possible ! *bows* ^__^

Get it Here.

22 thoughts on “CLAMP No Kiseki #12

  1. Wow! Arigatu Gozaimasu Yuuto-san and of course Narsil_alavel-san! X3
    Downloading it because CnK is love….I have till number 6 only…so I am waitting for the others and this is so helpful to manage the wait ^^
    When I get some time to translate the “greetings to…” i will do, I am sorry but I will do it soon ok? promess!!!
    btw which is your favourite cover? mine is 6th!!!! beacuse RG VEDA IS LOVE! XD
    Anyways thank you so much again and take care ok? byeee


    • Ow I’ll be looking forward for the translations ^__^ But do them when you can ^_-

      My favorite cover? I think it should be number 10, with Yuuko *-* X’s one is also pretty ^^


  2. Thank you all. 😀

    I scanned quickly the Kobato interview (I can’t translate, sorry T_T), and there doesn’t seem to be any mention of why it’s on hold. One of the questions was, How has it been received? Ohkawa answered that while it’s hard to tell since a volume hadn’t been released yet, many had said that they enjoy it– and those that don’t like xxxHolic or X seem to like it. XD Other tidbits:

    — They’re going as slow as possible with the story (NOT the publications, but the story pace), doing what they wish they had done with Wish– ie, just let the audience enjoy the atmosphere. (apparentely Ohkawa wanted a “white” feeling. XXXD)

    — Ioryuu (??? the dog) wasn’t created originally for the series. Depending on how long you’ve been checking out (years, if you’re me XXXD), you may remember seeing his design popping up in Album rakugaki. They decided to use him for the series.


    • >apparentely Ohkawa wanted a “white” feeling
      LOL Ohkawa and her craziness xDDD But I think I know what she means o.o
      I think going slow with the story pace can also be helped with a slow publication… Because with a fast publication, you really feel less of the “feeling”…
      With a fast publication, like Tsubasa, for example, you just turn page after page and next week there’ll be a new set of 20 pages and so on. Indeed you don’t enjoy the atmosphere that much.

      Am I crazy? XD

      Anyway, thanks a lot for translating this bit ! ^__^


      • As we were talking a few years ago at MSN… but what baout a “slow” publication of the tank #1 O_o? Maybe they want to have us wondering about this, to never forget about Kobato XD


  3. WOW! This is your first post for the new year!! 😀 XD Thanks so much to you and Narsil_alavel-san!! *squee* What a way to start the new year. Hehe.

    OMG…Syaoran looks totally hot dressed up as a king! LOL. His outfit sortof reminds me of Eriol’s in CCS. o_O; *thinks* Mhm…will research later. XP Sankyuu~


  4. Oh my god! they’re going to slow it down even more. The main thing is no one complained to them! ugh, someone go complained to them!

    What do they mean they don’t like X? it’s like the best series ever! ugh!


  5. a little problem

    Hi, I have a problem with the CLAMP No Kiseki #12 file, I downloaded it but it’s only 12 MB size and I used a download management; but It seems that am the only with this problem :S, what it could be??…. Sorry for my english am out of practice :$.


  6. Kyaaa!

    Oh, they had a picture of all the chess pieces together! I’m going to die before they’re all brought out in the english version. (And they’re bloody $50 each, but I must have them all!) Does anyone know what it says at the end next to the little Kero and Suppi chess pieces? I so want to get those as well, but I guess they won’t sell them here.



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