2005 Retrospective.

2005 was indeed a CLAMPy year, many things happened through all the year and I did a retrospective with the biggest events. They were based on my LJ posts so forgive me if I forgot anything.

– Kobato started to be serialized, although the 1st chapter came on December, it was mostly noticed in January.
– CLAMP members started to live separated, working at the same studio but living each one of them in their own house, for the first time.
– The exposition CLAMP四(Su) started it’s first season by the end of January, a huge event celebrating their 15th anniversary in a japanese museum. There were original goodies, events, new pics, movie exhibition, sign sessions, talk shows etc.

– On February a CLAMP member injured her hand during the move and that made Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC serialization very slow during the first part of this month, with lots of sequential breaks.
– Also on this month, the manga for CCS (new version) had it’s last volume published. The new version was bigger in size than the usual one and it had the original color pages.
– Tsubasa Vol. 9 was released.

– CLAMP No Lumiere, a CLAMP scanlation site created by flowright, iamsocool12345 and I, debuted with the series like Murikuri and Kobato. The site had an amazing feedback and it’s currently “fainted” since months… but not dead. We will get back to it soon, I wish it muchly.
– CLAMP passed for some bad times during this month, their health was a bit shaken during a time due to a cold winter in Japan.
– The fandom also shook with a Preview of Tsubasa anime due to next month. The expectations were high.
– X “celebrated” it’s 2 years of hiatus and on a CLAMP Su Talk Show about the X movie, Ohkawa-sensei told the X fans that “We’ll definitely carry X on to the end, so please wait a bit longer.”
– Album+DVD set CLAMPAZAR, celebrating CLAMP’s 15th anniversary was released.

– CLAMP completed 16 years as professional manga writers.
– The 1st season of Card Captor Sakura anime (re-broadcast) ended at NHK to give place to Tsubasa’s anime. The second season is coming back in February, 2006.
– The anime of Tsubasa started in April. The 1st episode made the big majority of the fandom very satisfied with it, but the series lost a bit of good reviews as the series went on, due mainly because of staff matters. However, halfway through the end, the series regained the interest of it’s followers at the same time as the quality of the anime improved greatly.
– The second season for the CLAMP Su exposition has decided to start on July on a different museum, as the first season ended.
– Announcement of a Tsubasa Movie in the works.
– The first teaser for the movie of XXXHOLiC has been released.

– Tsubasa Vol. 10 and XXXHOLiC Vol. 6 were released.
– The Awful Truth behind X’s hiatus has surfaced the occidental fandom: Kadokawa doesn’t accept X’s newest chapters because of it’s strong/violent content.
– A new artbook for X as well as a new version for the already released X Zero was, surprisingly, announced.

– The 2nd and 3rd seasons of the Tsubasa anime was announced.
– The Official Trailer for the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC movies were released.
– The fandom was shaken again by CLAMP’s appearance on japanese TV talk show Top Runner, for the first time in history.

– The last chapter of Kobato was published on Sunday GX. Since then the series remains on hold and it has yet to be converted into tankohon.
– CLAMP auctioned signed drawings of XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa on the japanese site Yahoo Auctions, the final amount of money gained on the auction was around 21 thousand dollars. The money was destined for charity.
– Last edition of magazine CLAMP No Kiseki was published, honoring CLAMP’s 15th anniversary.
– The XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa movies were released on japanese theaters.

– CLAMP-NET has been redesigned.

– CLAMP rarities surfed on the net, among them an old CLAMP one-shot, Koi wa Tenka no Mawarimono, and the very rare Tokyo Babylon Live Action.
– XXXHOLiC TV Series was announced.
– CLAMP-PLA.NET site opens, but it’s restricted for CLAMP@MOBILE users. CLAMP stops posting at their ALBUM section of their official site to post on this new site.
– Tsubasa Vol. 10 and XXXHOLiC Vol. 7 were released.

– Kobato has been put out of the HEADLINE NEWS Section on CLAMP’s official site.
– The X artbooks were released. Surprisingly there was no new Tarot card on Infinity.
– Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC movies DVDs were announced to be on sale on February 25th, 2006.

– Tsubasa chapter 100 is published, being the second biggest series of CLAMP, only behind X… today.
– Ohkawa-sensei will be doing the series composition of XXXHOLiC anime. The series is due to start on April at TBS japanese channel.
– The rarest of all CLAMP videos, CLOVER, became available to the occidental fandom (although it had originally appeared by the end of November on the site of the original video owner).
– CLAMP appeared as guests on Tsubasa webradio show Puri Sute.
– The 1st Tsubasa CD Drama was released.

As for 2006, we can expect some great things as well, Sei-chan from posted a great list of what-to-look-forward-to here ^_^

Last but not least:


36 thoughts on “2005 Retrospective.

  1. I just want to say, on behalf of the entire clamp fandom, thank you so much for what you do here. I would be totally in the dark if it weren’t for you. And not only do I look to you for all the clamp I need to know, but I’ve also come to see you as a great friend. Thanks again. ^____^ Happy New Year, Yuuto-kun. May you be kissed at midnight by the one you love! ;D


  2. happy new year!! btw, do you think you could host the clover video again? sry but i ended up only getting about 70% done downloading it when it was taken off the site. if you dont want to its fine though ^.^


  3. CLAMP’s “lifting” was made during 2004 or 2005? xDDDDD (It’s I joke I have with some friends: Since they looked SO different from their old pics, we assumed they had done themselves some aesthetic surgery ^^U).

    Let’s hope 2006 will be a better year (i.e.: “OMG CLAMP are publishing X again!” :P)! Happy new year to you, too!


    • I don’t know about CLAMP’s lifting XDDD It didn’t have an especific year I guess, I think they were getting better with years as they were earing lots of money xDD
      We can’t judge by those old photos because even I would look different than I am in them xDD They are very poor in resolution and quality (and it’s all dark too o.o).
      As far as I know, the only one that must have passed for some huge change is Satsuki who used to weight a lot more than nowadays ^^”

      >OMG CLAMP are publishing X again
      That’s definitely one of my wishes for 2006 !


  4. 新年あけまして おめでとう ございます!!!

    Oh…my…And you still say that this blog it isn´t making history on the net…XD
    For all that you gave to us THANK YOU, my life wont be enough to thank you and for all the acomplishmments that you received…BE HAPPY BECAUCE YOU DESERV IT.

    Receive the new 2006 smiling because you are…well incredible! XD
    Hope we will be able to see Kobato and X (and GD if god helps us XD) comming back in this 2006. I wish you from my soul a great year, for your “LJ life” and the real world…*hugs*
    Love you and Take care



    • Re: 新年あけまして おめでとう ございます!!!

      Ow geez don’t make me cry ! XDDDDDD hahaha just kidding, I can’t cry with a comment like that, no, I can only smile ^_____^

      Thank you SO much for your wishes for my happiness, I really appreciate them ! *hugs back*

      You too, I wish deeply that you have a wonderful 2006, much better than 2005 because you deserve it too ! ^___^ You are really a special person, you know that ! ^_-


  5. Qta coisa! o_o

    Nem havia me dado conta ^^; Este ano foi um dos melhores p/ nós fãs… Pena que perdi o Top Runner ;__;
    Espero que venha muito mais em 2006 XD

    Feliz Ano Novo!!! *pula e abraça*


    • Sinceramente depois q eu vi td isso eu tb vi q a gente teve muita coisa msm o.o

      Vc ta brincando… vc ainda naum pode ver o Top Runner? ;_;

      Feliz Ano Novo *Pula e vai pro abraço!*


  6. Wow, so much has happened all throughout the year! I hope 2006 is even better!! Hehe. You’ve done so much for us CLAMP/HP fans and I just want to thank you for that!! Thank you soooooooooo uber much!


  7. Fantastic round up of the year 😀 And I hope we’ll be seeing more from CLAMP No Lumiere in the future. It’s a real gem & I loved discovering (and Kobato becase of it *mwah!*)

    But one thing puzzled me: the manga for CCS (new version) had it’s last volume published. The new version was bigger in size than the usual one and it had the original color pages

    Eh? I think I mised something here… Colour pages!?!


        • No, the Tokyopop was made from original cheap version, in which the only color pages were the first and last page. These have one of the character in a day version and a night version (except for the last one with a elementary school Sakura on the first and a middle school Sakura on the last).

          The new Card Captor Sakura edition is A5 (8″x6″) instead of pocket size (7″x4½”), hardcover instead of softcover, have a better quality of paper and ink (true balck ink printed on true white think paper) and every chapters start with the color page they were published with in the Nakayoshi. It’s very similar to the Tsubasa deluxe edition, minus the book case.

          I think it’s pointless to hope to get this CCS’s new edition or the Tsubasa deluxe edition, as they would cost us much more than 1000Â¥ or 1200Â¥.


          • Thanks for the info!!! I didn’t know that there were even colour pages in CCS O.o

            But as the TRC deluxe editions aren’t that hard to get a hold of, even over the seas, then I won’t lose hope of finding them yet ^.^


            • I didn’t mean it’s hard to get the Japanese Tsubasa deluxe edition, I have them all at home and I live in Canada, I meant there no point hoping to get a translated deluxe edition.

              I’m sorry I’ve mislead you for not writting down the whole sentence. ^_^;


              • Ah no, my bad for being slow on the up-take 🙂 Still, I think I’ll keep looking for those coloured pages in future ~ I have a new Holy CLAMP Grail to look for 😉


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