Random News !

Firstly, XXXHOLiC chapter 83 is in there !!! Yeeey! This time, ladydarkmoon did the amazing job ! I didn’t even bother to edit them because they look just great !
I have to say, this girl, Ali-san, it’s incredibly kind ! Thank you so much for everything, all your effort, really ^___^ *hugs tightly*

This chapter comes with an AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS color page (one of my favorites so far! Yuuko is so fancy), and it’s a totally out-of-place thing. I mean, usually color pages comes with the beginning of a new tank… and they usually are 4. This one was probably a commemoration for the movie, does anyone know if there’s something worthy saying on that page? I loved the “Created & Melted & Produced … By CLAMP”.
There’s also some pages about the movie with some new caps on the file.

Kobato on GX cover and Tsubasa Good


Random CLAMP News + TRC 75

Somebody stop CLAMP of taking pictures of DOGS, PLEASE—-! >.<

For those who have plans to visit Japan by the middle of the year but couldn't get to see CLAMP Su, here's a good news (and for the people who can't go too ^^):
CLAMP Su will officialy have another season ! This time on Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum starting from July 1st to September 25th.
This is such a good news ! I do hope we get to see new goodies, features, etc.. and also the exposition to come back later to one more season (When CLAMP will be already 17th and still celebrating their 15th XD)

Changing to ツバサCARACTere GuiDE, I got a bit more of information about it. From what I could understand, it seems that there will be a kind of a big summary of the first 7 volumes of the series (kind of the CLAMP No Kiseki flashback, maybe?). But the thing that made me really jumps is that it’ll also come with a long CLAMP Interview ^___^ Of course there will be other things among them, but these are the ones I could catch ^_^

You can now check Kobato’s new color pic since it’s featuring this month’s GX cover. Check it here. (This is so cute >.<)

For those who downloaded CLAMP No Kiseki 3 last week, you can read the 1st part of the interview on usomitai (thank you muchly *bows*), who did a really great job ^__^ I’ll try to post the 4th edition still this week ^__^

TRC 75

Comments: I want one Mokona for me!