Random News !

Firstly, XXXHOLiC chapter 83 is in there !!! Yeeey! This time, ladydarkmoon did the amazing job ! I didn’t even bother to edit them because they look just great !
I have to say, this girl, Ali-san, it’s incredibly kind ! Thank you so much for everything, all your effort, really ^___^ *hugs tightly*

This chapter comes with an AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS color page (one of my favorites so far! Yuuko is so fancy), and it’s a totally out-of-place thing. I mean, usually color pages comes with the beginning of a new tank… and they usually are 4. This one was probably a commemoration for the movie, does anyone know if there’s something worthy saying on that page? I loved the “Created & Melted & Produced … By CLAMP”.
There’s also some pages about the movie with some new caps on the file.

Kobato on GX cover and Tsubasa Good