Kobato is scheduled to be on Sunday GX September edition (out on August 19th) with a color page and featuring the cover, yey !


Tsubasa is scheduled on the double issue number 37/38 (out on August 8th), nothing about color pages, though.

There will be a screening, more like a preview for Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC’s movie in Tokyo (August 10th) and Osaka (August 12th).

New covers !

Cute cover for the normal edition but unfortunately we had seen it already. And I certainly didn’t expect to see Ashura so soon ! The deluxe cover looks GREAT! What are the bets for the next covers?

Important Characters that are still left:

– Clow
– Fujitaka
– Ashura!Celes (he didn’t do anything yet but I doubt he’s gonna stay sleeping forever)
– Subaru (possibly)

The tanks are out on August 17th.

Also on that same date, will be out the single for the opening song of the movie, aerial, and the cover of the single will be draw by CLAMP (picture still not available)

On the other hand, the cover for the ending song for the movie, Amurita, is now available and will be out on August 18th:

I liked very much ! It’s Sakura holding that bird ^^

Nice new Good for CLAMP Su:


No breaks scheduled for XXXHOLiC on Young Magazine either until the mid of August, good ^^

The single for the movie, Sanagi, will be out on August 10th, but too bad the cover is not by CLAMP. I’d love to see more XXXHOLiC pics.

The same screening event to be held on Tokyo and Osaka applies, of course, for XXXHOLiC as well!

33 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !

  1. ……..*hasn’t decided if she spent the last few minutes “squealing” over the new pics or “screaming”. Either or, you can guess my reaction. =P Must…see…bigger…pics….

    *snuggles* As usually, thanks for the news update! ^_^


  2. Great new pics. I don’t think S+S can be any cuter. T-T And Ashura looks pretty~

    Thanks! (And I agree with , Hokuta is the best CLAMP female character >_


  3. Woo, had to get over the shock from Half-Blood Prince before I felt like commenting on anything.

    That Ashura cover is very nice, and the Amurita cover isn’t so bad either. It feels kind of jarring, though, to have CLAMP skimp over on drawing a cover for Sanagi. Can’t xxxHOLiC have a bit more love? (…Maybe CLAMP can draw the DVD cover!)

    Oh, yeah, as a heads up, wing journey recently updated with scans from the latest Animedia which focus on both the xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa movies. To my surprise, Himawari is in the movie! (I didn’t want to hotlink to the pictures, so eh… You’ll just have to go and see for yourself.)


    • If they didn’t draw the DVD cover I’ll kill them ! They always draws the covers for their movies (they were only 3, but even so !)

      As for Himawari, I saw her too ^^ that’s good! She’s already listed in CLAMP-NET as long as her seiyuu!


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