BLOOD-C Blu-ray Disc Box Limited Release slated for March 2020

(C)2011 Production I.G, CLAMP・ST/ Project BLOOD-C TV

CLAMP and PRODUCTION IG’s 2011 collaborative animation BLOOD-C is getting a limited Blu-ray Disc Box scheduled for March 2020.

The release will feature:

◆ All 12 episodes of the TV Anime
BLOOD-C The Last Dark movie
◆ Newly recorded audio commentary for the BLOOD-C The Last Dark movie

(Cast: Nana Mizuki, Kenji Nojima, Junichi Fujisaki, etc.)
◆ Original Drama CD “Natsuyoha”
◆ Original Drama CD extra edition “Okuura Homa”
BLOOD-C Original Soundtrack (Music by: Naoki Sato)
◆ Movie version BLOOD-C The Last Dark Original Soundtrack (Music by: Naoki Sato)
◆ CLAMP Setting Collection
◆ CLAMP & Kazuya Kise jacket illustration
◆ Special booklet
◆ Video benefits (Non-credit OP / ED / Movie trailer / None-None Gekijou / others)

The box will be released on March 25, 2020 for a listing price of 27,000 yens. It can be pre-ordered on CD Japan and Amazon Japan.

Source: Aniplex.


News from CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012

The first installment of the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 was held today in Tokyo. Here are a few announcements that were made at the event:

– Suga Shikao will be in charge of XXXHOLiC TV Drama’s theme song;
– The DVD and Blu-Ray of “BLOOD-C The Last Dark” will be released on February 27, 2013;
– ARIKA announced a new social game for mobile phones based on Card Captor Sakura. There will be new illustrations drawn by CLAMP for it. Here’s the promotional video for it:

There is an official site for it:

The news about Suga Shikao singing the XXXHOLiC TV Drama theme song was so expected, and I couldn’t be happier about it. This will be the 7th Suga Shikao song used for a XXXHOLiC adaptation. They should release a compilation =)

Misc. news


There will be a BLOOD-C x CLAMP exhibition at the PARCO art gallery in Tokyo, Japan, from June 8 to 18.

The exhibition will cover the history of the BLOOD franchise, the world of BLOOD-C, CLAMP’s art for BLOOD-C and the other media adaptations (manga, novels etc).

Also, goods will be on sale at the BLOOD-C x CLAMP shop.

For more information, please check:

• CLAMP Summer Fair:

To promote the release of Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito and BLOOC-C The Last Dark on theaters, Animate stores will be holding a CLAMP Summer Fair from June until August where DVDs and Blu-rays from CLAMP’s works will be on sale.

An original postcard drawn by CLAMP will be given to those who purchase an item, a total of 3 postcards will be available:

• Featuring CLAMP:

A comment by CLAMP member Nanase Ohkawa has been published in this month’s issue of Ure Pia magazine in the feature What is your last movie?.

This magazine asked from various personalities what is the last movie they would like to watch before they die, Nanase Ohkawa is one of the personalities to which this question was asked.

I’m curious to learn what she answered 😉

The magazine is already on sale.


– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

05/02 – Young Ace #06 – Chapter 7 (on sale).
06/04 – Young Ace #07 – Chapter 8 – 1 color page.
07/04 – Young Ace #08 – Chapter 9.

Yay for 1 color page added to Chapter 8! =)

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

05/02 – Jump SQ #06 – Chapter 15 – 1 color page, beginning of tankoubon 4 (on sale).
06/04 – Jump SQ #07 – Chapter 16.
07/04 – Jump SQ #08 – Chapter 17.


A two-part special episode of BLOOD-C will be aired on TV a few days before the movie opens on theaters.

Part 1 will air on May 26 and Part 2 on May 30.

I believe these special episodes might be some sort of prologue to the movie, which opens on June 2.


CLAMP drew the cover illustration for the novel adaptation of BLOOD-C The Last Dark, which will be on sale on the same day as the movie opens, on June 2. The novel is written by Junichi Fujisaku (co-writer of the BLOOD-C franchise).


Lastly, there is a new trailer for the movie, check it out:

New BLOOD-C The Last Dark trailer

The official website for the BLOOD-C The Last Dark movie posted a new trailer for the movie. The story is set in Tokyo one year after the TV series.

The movie opens on June 2 in Japan.

Also, for those interested, the wallpaper version of CLAMP and ARIKA's April Fools' joke is already up at ARIKA's official website (although the wallpaper is not the text-cleaned version of CLAMP's illustration that we wanted).

BLOOD-C The Last Dark news

The official website of the BLOOD-C The Last Dark has been completely redesigned and it now has a Characters section with cast information.

Apart from the already known cast members from the TV show, here are the new names that will appear on the movie:

Kuroto Mogari: Hiroshi Kamiya
Mana Hiiragi: Ai Hashimoto
Iori Matsuo: Yuuichi Nakamura
Shun Fujimura: Yuuki Kaji
Hiro Tsukiyama: Kana Hanazawa
Haruno Yanagi: Yuko Kaida
Kutou: Junichi Suwabe

(thanks to koi-nya for helping with these links!)

• Campaign:

To celebrate the release of the 6th and last DVD & Blu-Ray of the BLOOD-C TV Series, CLAMP-NET.COM is holding a campaign that will last until June 4 in which they will be offering clocks that can be added to your personal blog or website and a cellphone wallpaper.

I am able to get only the “blog parts”, which are the clocks that can be added to your personal website or blog.

Digital Version:

Here is the code that you must copy and paste in your blog/website in order to have it:

<script src=”; language=”javascript”></script><script language=”javascript”>inBlogparts(‘blood_degital1203’);</script>

Analog Version:

Here is the code that you must copy and paste in your blog/website in order to have it:

<script src=”; language=”javascript”></script><script language=”javascript”>inBlogparts(‘blood_analog1203’);</script>

There is also a cellphone wallpaper available for CLAMP@MOBilE members featuring the same illustration but I am unable to get it since the file is protected against sharing.

Nanase Ohkawa interview about BLOOD-C movie

The official website of BLOOD-C: The Last Dark movie has updated with the first part of an interview with CLAMP member Nanase Ohkawa. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.

In the interview, she explains the differences between the “BLOOD” series and mentions the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Zack Snyder.

Nanase Ohkawa is one of the screenwriters for BLOOD-C: The Last Dark along with Junichi Fujisaku. The movie opens on June 6 in Japan.


Moving on to MOON SAGA now, its official website updated with a video interview with actor Saotome Taichi, who is part of the cast in the play version of the project.


Lastly, CLAMP members recently made blog posts about being in Kyoto. They did another location hunt there, most likely for GATE 7.

BLOOD-C movie to be titled “The Last Dark”

From ANN:

The January issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine is announcing on Saturday that the Blood-C anime film will be titled Blood-C: The Last Dark. The last episode of the Blood-C television anime series had already revealed in September that the film will open in theaters in Japan on June 2, 2012.

Below is a picture of the announcement:

• Tsubasa 2012 Calendar:

There will be a Tsubasa 2012 desktop calendar on sale exclusively at the soon-to-be-launched CLAMP's official online shop:

Size: 21×10.7 cm
Price: 1,575 yens
Release date: Nov. 30.

The calendar will feature 12 illustrations taken from Tsubasa's deluxe editions cover. The calendar pages can be also be used as postcards (so you can send holiday cards at the end of the year, how thoughtful!).

To celebrate the launch, the official online shop will present a special sticker to all customers.