CLAMP BOOK #4 (CLAMP doujinshi) – Video Review


The video review of the 4th doujinshi published by CLAMP, in 1988, is here: a doujinshi about Captain Tsubasa.

Hope you like it!

CLAMP BOOK #3 (CLAMP doujinshi) – Video Review


The video review of the 3rd doujinshi published by CLAMP in 1987 is here: a doujinshi about Saint Seiya.

Hope you like it!

CLAMP Doujinshis Video Reviews

Hey everyone!

Today I’m introducing my new video series in which I will do reviews for CLAMP’s early doujinshis.

This is something I’ve been working on in my mind for a long time and finally managed to do it.

It is actually very fitting considering 2019 is CLAMP’s 30th Anniversary so it’s a great way to look back at their origins.

The first video is already available. Hope you like it!

August Pre-orders 3rd Batch (CLAMP, Evangelion, SAO II, Sengoku Basara, etc.)

For those interested, Namia’s Haven is selling some CLAMP merchandise released for the Kyomafu, including the clear files featuring brand new illustrations they did for the occasion. Although it says the deadline for pre-order is August 31st, there is still time to order these if you’re quick!

There are only a few items available:

2 sets of the Clear File Set A
2 sets of Clear File Set B.
3 sets of the Cardcaptor Sakura Postcard.
4 sets of the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Postcards.

Namia's Haven

New stuff for pre-order.

CLAMP, Evangelion, SAO II, Sengoku Basara, etc.

All items are from MOVIC.
A deposit of 50% is required.
Payment by overseas customers must be done through Paypal.
Pre-orders end on the 31th of August.
PM me here or at Anime Goodies if interested.

Description and prices here —> Anime Goodies


Clear File Sets

Postcard Sets

      SAO II

Big Cushion
Sengoku Basara

Thanks for browsing!

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Welcome again


Thank you for following this site (no longer “journal”).

Welcome to my new home. I’ve been wanting to change platforms for a very long time, more precisely since I noticed how WordPress offered more options and flexibility than LiveJournal — that was a few years ago!

The reason why I hadn’t done it until now is because I would move with only one condition: the condition that all my historical data from LiveJournal would be carried over to WordPress.

I value too much the legacy of these almost 10 years of blogging in LiveJournal and even more the precious comments that I received during those years. I couldn’t simply erase everything and start from scratch.

I made sereval attempts in the past to import my data from LiveJournal to WordPress using its import API, but they all had failed somehow. So I left that aside and hoped that the API would be enhanced to a point where it would successfully import all my data, and that day has finally come.

More than 1.400 posts and 85.000 comments were imported from LiveJournal to WordPress — it was a long process! I checked some of the entries and the comments seem to be in good shape, but I did notice that a few of them were sadly not imported, but I can assure you that most of them are here.

Upon seeing some of your old comments on this new site, I hope that will make you feel less uncomfortable and still willing to share your thoughts. Unfortunately your LiveJournal accounts won’t work here, but you can log in your WordPress (if you have one), Twitter or Facebook accounts to post a comment. You can also post anonymously, of course.

I know how much most of you like LiveJournal, in fact some of you still use until now so believe me, I thought a lot before making this decision. However, over the last three or four years LiveJournal had very little improvements and a great number of users migrated to other platforms or social networks. Moving to a better platform was the only way to go. As of lately, I’ve been a lot more active over the social networks — specially tumblr and Facebook — and much of that is due to the fact that posting something in LiveJournal required me a lot more time and effort in comparison to these other platforms. The feedback on the other platforms were better too. Posting on this new site is a lot more practical than LiveJournal, so I will be more active around here as well.

I will continue to work in favor of offering a great website for CLAMP news and related information.

Please feel free to browse around and share your thoughts! I’ll be glad to read them.