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Mouryou no Hako DVD

AnimeAnime reports that the first DVD of Mouryou no Hako will be released on December 21 by VAP. The DVD will contain the first two episodes of the series.

The article also reports that the release will be followed by four monthly consecutive releases, making it a total of 5 DVDs.

Unfortunately, there is no mention so far of any CLAMP goodies (such as booklets featuring original character sketches or a drawn Box).

There are plans for a Blu-Ray Box release in April, 2009.

With only 5 DVDs, I wonder how many episodes Mouryou no Hako will have. Maybe only 13?

Speaking of DVDs and anime with character design by CLAMP, Bandai Visual announced that the Code Geass series broke the million mark of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs sold.

In the official press release, Bandai Visual credits such success thanks to the anime popularity and the many extras that came with the DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, including the Box drawn by CLAMP.

Congratulations to Code Geass!

Mouryou no Hako #1 RAW

Mouryou no Hako premiered today in Japan, and you can get the raw of the first episode here.

The anime has character design concepts made by CLAMP.

I’m not going to make weekly posts when new episodes for this series are out. So if you’re interested in it, you can search weekly for raws and subbed versions via TokyoTosho.

I watched the first episode and my first impression was very positive, I still must check the subbed version when it’s released to get familiar with the story, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere and mood, and CLAMP’s design in Madhouse’s animation is always so nice to see (but I do think the two girls’ hair look a bit weird xD). Great, great animation.

Mouryou no Hako, CLAMP IN AMERICA updates

The official website of Mouryou no Hako was updated with a few new sections, nothing too significant but make sure to check it out.

There’s a 5-seconds preview on YouTube of the anime, and below some stills from that preview in a higher resolution:

Click to enlarge it.

The anime premieres on October 7.

Moving to CLAMP IN AMERICA now, Del Rey’s CLAMP guide to be published next year.

The online store Target lists CLAMP IN AMERICA for a June 23, 2009 release. Furthermore, the website also states that the book will have 144 pages.

It’s already available for pre-order, for those interested, for US$ 19.99.

Please notice that the above information is subject to change since it comes from an online store and not from the publisher.

Please refer to this post for more information about CLAMP IN AMERICA.

EDIT: I just noticed I broke the mark of 900 livejournal users who have added my livejournal to their friends. Thank you so much for letting me in! ^__^

Mouryou no Hako official website launched

As expected, the official website of Mouryou no Hako, anime adaptation of Kyougoku Natsuhiko’s novel with character concept by CLAMP, has been officially launched today. Click on the image to go to the website.

It’s still under constructions, there are no sections available so far, but I like all the attention CLAMP is getting, obviously xD

Mouryou no Hako premieres on October 7 on Nippon TV.

Newtype #10 preview: Mouryou no Hako feature

Here’s a preview of the Mouryou no Hako feature from the upcoming issue of Newtype magazine, which will be out tomorrow, revealing CLAMP’s original character concept for the series:

Click to enlarge it.

Source: 2ch.

Very nice, I hope we get to see the entire thing. Nekoi is definitely in charge of the male characters, and I think Mokona is in charge for the female ones (like XXXHOLiC).

The article also announced the cast list, it’s huge and can be checked here.

Furthermore, according to the magazine, the official website of the anime is but it is still unavailable as of now. It’ll probably launch tomorrow once the magazine is officially on sale.

Mouryou no Hako release date

MoonPhase reports that the anime Mouryou no Hako (with original character concept by CLAMP) will start its broadcast on October 7, on Nippon TV.

The anime will air weekly on Tuesdays, at 01:29 AM.

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