Mouryou no Hako, CLAMP IN AMERICA updates

The official website of Mouryou no Hako was updated with a few new sections, nothing too significant but make sure to check it out.

There’s a 5-seconds preview on YouTube of the anime, and below some stills from that preview in a higher resolution:

Click to enlarge it.

The anime premieres on October 7.

Moving to CLAMP IN AMERICA now, Del Rey’s CLAMP guide to be published next year.

The online store Target lists CLAMP IN AMERICA for a June 23, 2009 release. Furthermore, the website also states that the book will have 144 pages.

It’s already available for pre-order, for those interested, for US$ 19.99.

Please notice that the above information is subject to change since it comes from an online store and not from the publisher.

Please refer to this post for more information about CLAMP IN AMERICA.

EDIT: I just noticed I broke the mark of 900 livejournal users who have added my livejournal to their friends. Thank you so much for letting me in! ^__^

21 thoughts on “Mouryou no Hako, CLAMP IN AMERICA updates

  1. first to comment ^^ Thanks for the news!!
    Though I was surprised that “Target” being the first to have a pre-order of the book. o__o Especially a pre-order of the book that won’t be available till over 8 months later. Knowing there will be 144 pages, does that mean it is already be scripted or the draft layout for each page is already planned??

    Hm… is not that I don’t trust Target ^^;; but just seems a bit weird. Maybe it will be true by the middle of next year and I will be remembering this reply and laugh at myself for doubting them XD


    • You’re welcome =D

      I don’t know Target, indeed it’s the first time I went to their website XD So I can’t really tell how reliable they are O.o That’s why I put a disclaimer that the information is subject to change XD

      On the other hand, I think the information they provided seems pretty accurate to me. They listed the publisher right (Del Rey) and the release date they provided matches what has been announced (summer/2009).

      Guess we should wait and see xD Thank you for your comment!


  2. Thanks 4 the news chibiyuuto n_n those are the faster 5 secs i’ve seen in my life XDDD, thanks for the screencaps too.

    And about CLAMP in America i’m very excited, but it’s so weird to see it on pre-sale right now on target, i guess i’ll wait until i get a credit card or someone with one XDD


    • I know, so quick! Not even a narration, not even CLAMP’s name (which I would have loved to see xD)

      About CLAMP IN AMERICA, indeed we should just take it as a possible release date, for now ^_~


    • >You made it sound expensive in your post.

      LOL! Sorry XD But it sounded very information-heavy xD

      But 300 illustrations and 144 pages it seems like there won’t be much text =/


      • It is to me, in a way XD I’ve never even seen manga in Target, so that’s why I’m surprised! Although I haven’t been to a Super Target yet, so maybe that’s where they are or something, and the whole it being the online store thing :/

        Do you have manga at your Targets? Err, are there Targets where you live…?


  3. It sounds very nice, will wait for more information before I can decide on it ^^

    >900 people @.@ Congrats XD!!!

    Thank you for being one of them! I love your LJ layout, loved the colors ^^


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