CLAMP BOOK #17 (CLAMP doujinshi) – Video Review

By the time Shoten 4 was released, CLAMP were splitting their activities between working independently and professionally for commercial publishers.

Check out the view review for CLAMP BOOK #17.

CLAMP BOOK #10 (CLAMP doujinshi) – Video Review

CALLING ALL KARURA MAU! FANS! (I know you’re out there somewhere)

Learn more about the 10th doujinshi published by CLAMP about this spooky series with heavy emphasis on traditionally Japanese occult themes.

The video review for CLAMP BOOK #10 is here.

Hope you like it!

CLAMP BOOK #9 (CLAMP doujinshi) – Video Review

Did you know the concept of the CLAMP Campus was first introduced in the Shoten doujinshi released in 1988?

Characters like Nokoru and his huge Imonoyama family were first introduced on this original doujinshi by CLAMP.

The video review of CLAMP BOOK #9 is here.

Hope you like it!