CLAMP draw cover for ‘Uma Musume’ vol. 2 Anthology Comic

CLAMP were in charge of drawing the cover illustration for volume 2 of the Uma Musume Anthology Comic, its full title being Uma Musume Pretty Derby Anthology Comic STAR 2.

CLAMP’s cover will be used for both normal and limited editions. The limited edition comes with an oversized poster and a mini clear file featuring the same illustration.

Here’s the cover:

And here’s the poster and mini clear file:

It will be on sale on September 29.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a multimedia franchise created by Cygames which includes mobile games, TV Anime and manga adaptations. CLAMP have expressed their enthusiasm for the franchise several times through their social media channels and twitter spaces.


I had to look twice to fully grasp the fact that this was drawn by CLAMP. It certainly looks like their current style, but with a little extra adjustment to make it look more Uma Musume-like. The bright, neon CG coloring is a big departure from what CLAMP usually deliver when they are using CG, although it looks like the cover looks slightly brighter than the poster (which I would guess has the original colors painted by CLAMP).

This is yet another collaboration that came into fruition out of a hobby of CLAMP’s, like many others.

In other news, CLAMP’s leader Nanase Ohkawa-sensei has launched a new twitter account. So far it seems very CLAMP-centric with interesting pictures and “inside” information. She is planning on doing weekly twitter spaces by the morning. Make sure you follow her at @7bunno7.

CLAMP x Netflix: “Grimm” anime series project announced

Almost a year and a half after the CLAMP x Netflix collaboration announcement, we finally have more information about it!

CLAMP and Netflix have teamed up to launch the anime series “Grimm” project. CLAMP will be handling the character design, WIT STUDIO will be producing the animation, and Michiko Yokote will be writing the script.

A teaser art has been revealed:

Teaser art for the anime series “Grimm” project.

The project was announced at the Netflix Animation Studio Focus Panel, an online event during the Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2021 in France. The “Grimm” project is based on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, with a story that boldly mixes elements of horror and suspense.

The title of the anime is yet to be decided.


Character design: CLAMP
Script: Michiko Yokote
Animation studio: WIT STUDIO

Michiko Yokote is a long time CLAMP collaborator. She has worked with CLAMP on the TV Anime of XXXHOLiC, Kobato. and BLOOD-C. WIT STUDIO is a PRODUCTION I.G subsidiary. They are known for animating Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan).

More info as they come!

Source: CLAMP-NET.COM, Comic Natalie.

This is looking really promising! We waited so long for this but it paid off. The Grimm brothers look really cool. I am looking forward to see all other classic fairy tail characters by the hands of CLAMP! It’ll be interesting to see CLAMP designs in a suspense/horror story. That doesn’t happen very often!

I think this has a bigger international appeal than if this was a completely original anime. After all, the Grimm brothers stories are known internationally.

I love the fact that they used CLAMP’s art for the teaser. They are the big star of this project, after all!

I wonder if WIT will do justice with CLAMP’s style.

Onmyoji x CLAMP collaboration announced

It been announced today during NetEase Connect 2021 event that the RPG game Onmyoji will have a collaboration event with CLAMP.

At this moment, only this teaser image was shared, where we can get a hint of the collor pallete:

Judging from the copyright information having Kodansha in it, we can assume this could be related to Kodansha works. It’s also interesting to notice the font choice for CLAMP’s name. Where have I seen it before?

More information to be announced!

CLAMP x Kyoto City: Kyoto Yell! Project halted temporarily

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

The official website of the CLAMP x Kyoto City: Kyoto Yell! Project is announcing that due to the current situation in Kyoto city and surrounding areas regarding the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, the event will be halted temporarily. They expect to be able to hold the event once it’s safer to do so.

The event was originally scheduled to run from May 8 to June 30.

The organizing committee apologized for everyone who had anticipated participating in the event.

Official statement posted at the event’s website.

This is definitely the best decision to make. Let’s hope things will get better and everyone will be able to enjoy this in much safer conditions.

CLAMP x Kyoto City: Kyoto Yell! Project

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

“Shop, eat and make Kyoto healthy!”

As an effort to restore the economy of Kyoto city, deeply affected by the new coronavirus as many other cities across the globe, and due to their connection to Kyoto, CLAMP are joining a new collaboration project with the city in order to support it.

The project will last from May 8 to June 30 and it will involve:

Kyoto Pilgrimage

The CLAMP 30th Anniversary chibi charactes will be spread around the city of Kyoto and you are invited to find them all and collect their stamp in a stamp rally.

Kyoto Industry Events

From tradicional food, souvenirs and cultural experiences, CLAMP will collaborate with two major city events:

Kyomono Gyosan Ichi (May 8 and 9) –

  • Character Stamp Rally
  • Original Traditional Craft Experience Atelier
  • CLAMP x Kyoto City Art Exhibition Panel
  • CLAMP Official Fanshop popup store

Takumi Expo 2021 (May 8 and 9) –

  • Announcement of a collaboration work between CLAMP and Wakaba-kai, a traditional craft of Kyoto
  • Sales of goods related to Kyoto

More information should come by the end of April.

The website states that all events will be strictly following the regulations as recommended by health authorities.

Official Website:
Official Twitter:

I have a little bit of mixed feelings about this. It’s really good to see CLAMP using their popularity as a means to support the city in which they have strong bonds to — 3/4 of them were born there and currently all 4 of them are living there. At the same time, I am not there to judge how safe these events can be, but it’s still valid that they are doing something supportive for their city in these trying times we are all going through.

I wonder if we will be getting new chibi illustrations with the characters in Kyoto traditional clothes or if it’s going to be the same ones already released… hmm.

CLAMP to draw for new “Haken Anime!” spinoff novel series

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD.
Cover of the Haken Anime! novel (2014)
© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD.

This week’s issue of anan magazine (issue 2230) is announcing that CLAMP will be in charge of the illustrations for a new Haken Anime! spinoff novel series.

The spinoff is entitled Oto to Koe no Bouken (Adventure of Sound and Voice) and will begin serialization two weeks from now, on issue 2232 of anan. The series will be written by the same author as Haken Anime!, Mizuki Tsujimura.

The announcement came in this week’s issue of anan magazine, which also contains a 4-pages recap of CLAMP’s creative trajectory with highlights by Mizuki Tsujimura.

The original Haken Anime! novel was serialized in anan magazine from 2012 to 2014, each chapter featuring a colored illustration drawn by CLAMP. The chapters were compiled and released in book format in 2014. A paperback edition was later released in 2017. In 2019, it received a stage play adaptation.

Source: anan magazine issue 2230.

This is great news! I love the fact that they seem to be getting more active in 2021 ^-^

New CLAMP x Goodsmile Company Collaboration

Goodsmile Company announced today plans to release a new Sakura Kinomoto scale figure and Nendoroid doll based on a new illustration drawn by CLAMP exclusively for this purpose.

The products are a joint collaboration between CLAMP’s 30th Anniversary, Goodsmile Company’s 20th Anniversary and Card Captor Sakura‘s 25th Anniversary.

Here’s the new illustration that CLAMP drew for which the products will be based from:

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

The scale figure is currently in production and more details will be announced soon.

The Nendoroid doll, also based on the same illustration, is entitled Nendoroid Sakura Kinomoto Always Together ~ Pinky Promise ~ and will be up for pre-order on Goodsmile Company and CLAMP-FANS.COM websites starting from December 15.

More pictures of the Nendoroid doll are available at Kahotan’s blog.

CLAMP 30th Anniversary x BE・LOVE 40th Anniversary Special Collaboration Project

 © 講談社

As part of a joint collaboration project to celebrate CLAMP’s 30th Anniversary and the 40th Anniversary of Kodansha‘s josei manga magazine BE・LOVE, a new celebratory illustration drawn by CLAMP is going to be published in the magazine’s February 2021 issue, which is scheduled to be released on December 28.

The same illustration will be used as a present service that readers will be able to apply to earn it.

BE・LOVE is a monthly manga magazine targeting women (josei) published by Kodansha.


Choosing BE・LOVE is an… interesting choice, considering that CLAMP never drew a series for that magazine. One would expect this to take place in Nakayoshi, Young Magazine or even Shonen Magazine.

BE・LOVE is targeted at adult women so that’s what they might be going for — after all, if you grew up reading CLAMP, you are probably an adult by now.

Unless there’s more to it and this could be foreshadowing into something bigger…? I’m probably reading too much into this… but just to give an example, I remember that before Kobato (Temporary)’s serialization was officially announced in Sunday GX magazine, they published a single illustration of Kobato in the issue before. I won’t keep my hopes up but I’m just saying that bigger projects might be born from these seemingly “harmless” projects.

I’m looking forward to this illustration and how the readers of BE・LOVE will react to it =)

Also, it seems like the 30th Anniversary celebrations are finally kicking in? Please don’t stop! =)

CLAMP x Netflix collaboration: what we know so far

As it’s likely known in general by now, CLAMP have partnered with Netflix to collaborate on developing all-new original anime content for the streaming service. I wasn’t able to write properly about this any sooner and after the official announcement a press conference was held so I decided to gather all the information that’s been revealed so far.

This is part of a bigger project in which Netflix will join forces with 6 leading names from Japan’s manga and anime industry who have created works that caused worldwide impact, including CLAMP. The other 5 names that are part of this project are Shin Kibayashi (The Kindaichi Case Files), Yasuo Ohtagaki (Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt), Otsuichi (Goth), Tow Ubukata (Mardock Scramble) and Mari Yamazaki (Thermae Romae).

In an official statement, CLAMP member and leader Nanase Ohkawa said the following about the project:

“We are very pleased to be welcomed into this brand new initiative, we look forward to the day our shows created with Netflix reach fans across 190 countries.”

What else has been revealed at the press conference:

  • Ohkawa commented that the current anime industry is moved around DVD, Blu-ray and goods sales and that can be a problem for series that have good quality but not good sales, this system makes it harder to deliver good animations to the world. This system also imposes big challenges and difficulties for young creators. She hopes that this opportunity with Netflix will shift things around and offer different conditions for anime creators and viewers.
  • She believes this moment to be a turning point in anime industry, adding that for TV Animes there usually are production committees composed by many people and while this may work, it’s also harder to get general approval due to a larger group of people involved. Sometimes an idea by the director is not taken further due to lack of approval from the production committees. With Netflix, there will be less people to get approval from, allowing a bigger creative freedom.
  • CLAMP members were previously subscribers of Netflix so the proposal was welcomed with great enthusiasm by them. Ohkawa mentions that while TV has a great outreach, a global simultaneous distribution is something that can only be done with a distribution like Netflix, therefore CLAMP said they would like to participate by all means.
  • CLAMP were asked to work on character designs for 20 characters. Ohkawa said she was surprised considering that most animes nowadays usually have only around 10 characters. They are looking forward to the image that the production will make of them.
  • This article seems to indicate that Shin Kibayashi (The Kindaichi Case Files, Psychometrer Eiji) will be in charge of writing the scripts for the anime series that CLAMP are working on the character designs, implying that the 6 names will collaborate with each other, instead of each having their own individual series. He mentions that they are already looking for animation studio and director candidates to be in charge of the series he will allegedly be working with CLAMP. He emphasises that Netflix is coordinating everything and making sure everybody is happy with each decision.
  • Ohkawa mentioned the fact that there is a possibility of turning these anime series into live action series, for which she will be looking forward as a viewer.

My thoughts and comments:

This piece of news comes of course with great enthusiasm. I had hoped for a CLAMP x Netflix collaboration since the streaming platform became big worldwide (I’m also particularly happy that it’s from a platform that I actually have a subscription and not one of which I don’t, of course!).

It is great that CLAMP is included on this project and a true recognition of their international appeal and impact. However, when I first heard the announcement, given that there was little information about it, I immediately assumed that CLAMP would be in charge of both character design and story, meaning that Nanase Ohkawa would provide the scripts, too. I was a little disappointed to learn that at least for the time being, CLAMP’s contribution is limited to character design.

Sure, that alone is great news but I was hoping for a 100% CLAMP original anime. In fact, it’s still early to know but considering that the anime series is still being developed, maybe CLAMP will get more involvement along the way (fingers crossed).

This partnership could bring other fruits too, such as bringing more CLAMP anime series to Netflix catalog worldwide and other original anime series with CLAMP’s involvement. It will also bring CLAMP even more visibility and more opportunities for other projects and works. I’ll be looking forward to that.

One of the articles seems to indicate that CLAMP’s series will be written by Shin Kibayashi. He has several pen names so you might know him from a different pen name. He has won a Kodansha award recently and his portfolio includes works centred around mystery and suspense/thrillers, which may indicate that CLAMP’s series will be of a similar genre. Shin Kibayashi (as Yuma Ando) is the writer behind the manga series Psychometrer Eiji, which I read years ago and I remember having liked it a lot! In that sense, even if Ohkawa won’t be providing scripts, at least not initially, he seems like an interesting choice.

I was really happy with Ohkawa’s statement regarding the current business model for anime series. This is something that I have been discussing privately with certain friends and I am happy that Ohkawa on behalf of CLAMP is also worried about it and supporting alternative business models such as this one.

I will update as more information is revealed (hopefully in a faster fashion this time around) but for the time being let’s all celebrate and hope for the best of what this will bring to all of us =)

Source: AV Watch, Oricon.

“Saikoku33 x CLAMP Nōkyō-chō” design revealed

Almost a year ago, back in July 2017, it was revealed that CLAMP would collaborate with Saikoku Sanjusansho pilgrimage circuit to create a Goshuinchō book designed by CLAMP.

After several delays and postponements, the book finally has a release date and designs revealed.

There will be two versions:

Design A:

Design B:

With these, one can do the pilgrimage and collect the stamps from each shrine.

Each version will be sold for 2,300 yens starting on June 30 and will be available for purchase in all of the Saikoku Sanjusansho pilgrimage circuit shrines. The shrines are located in Nara, Kyoto, Shiga and Gifu. For a complete list of shrines, please check here. There is no way to buy them online, only at the participating shrines.

Copies shall be extremely limited. Each shrine will sold only 70 copies for each design; two shrines will sold 100 copies for each design. There won’t be a re-stock after the copies sold out.

Source: CLAMP-NET.COM, Saikoku33-1300 Years.

I am glad this is really happening, I was afraid it had been dropped since it’s been nearly one year since the announcement. It looks as gorgeous as I had expected. I prefer Design A, but Design B is cute as well with all the Chinese Zodiac animals.

I am surprised with the limited production, but I guess it makes sense? If my calculations are correct, there will be only 1940 copies for sale, which means that it’ll become a rare item afterwards, which means I want.