XXXHOLiC to end in February

This month’s chapter of XXXHOLiC reveals that Chapter 213 will be the series’ final chapter, to be published in the March issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, on sale February 9.

Thanks shaoron88 for letting me know about this 😉 The scans were provided by the forum CLAMP in Forumland. According to the forum, a XXXHOLiC guide book will be released in March.

This supports what was previously informed in the tentative Bessatsu Shonen Magazine cover that was posted in the magazine’s official blog. Foreign publishers of XXXHOLiC also announced recently that volume 19 would be the final volume of the series.

Even though the cover was later edited and CLAMP-NET.COM didn’t mention Chapter 213 as the final chapter, it looks like it was only to keep it a secret for a bit longer.

XXXHOLiC ends with 19 volumes, becoming the 2nd largest CLAMP work, only behind Tsubasa, with 28 volumes. Although if X ever returns, it shall take XXXHOLiC’s spot since 21 volumes are planned for X.

Makes me think that XXXHOLiC’s move to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine happened to both boost the magazine’s sales while at the same time give CLAMP a more flexible workflow with monthly deadlines instead of weekly. After all, only two volumes were published in the magazine.

Truthfully, I am very relieved with this news, XXXHOLiC’s development fell greatly since its move. As stated by CLAMP (through Dark Horse), the series became longer than planned, and it was suddenly extended at the point where it should have ended.

The story as it is still has a few points left unresolved, we’ll see what CLAMP will deliver for the final chapter, but we know that it’s not unusual for CLAMP to make open endings, their stories and characters are all part of the same universe and they keep going through their other works.

This will give CLAMP more time to focus on GATE7 and hopefully maybe even restart one of their halted series. My first guess would be Gouhou Drug, since Nekoi will have a lot of free time after XXXHOLiC ends and we know how much she misses that series =)


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          • Ah, in that case I agree. But for now I’m just mentally preparing to RAGE when they announce their “NEW FANTASTIC PROJECT which is not GD” XD

            CLAMP broke my heart, they took away my faith and my innocence (?).


            • >”NEW FANTASTIC PROJECT which is not GD” XD

              HAHAHAHA!! Yeah, we all see that happening D=

              But one thing is true, since Nekoi started drawing solo (Watashi no Suki na Hito), she went one series to another, never staying too long without drawing anything solo:

              Watashi no Suki na Hito – 1993~1995
              Wish – 1995~1998
              Suki. Dakara Suki – 1999~2000
              Gouhou Drug – 2000~2003
              XXXHOLiC (with Mokona) – 2003~2011

              Unless she starts a completely new series drawing solo /fufufu


              • XD!

                One thing is remarkable. It’s been OHMYGODSEVENYEARS?! and I’m still waiting for GD to return and hoping it will happen someday. If it were another manga, I would have forgotten about it and I wouldn’t even care anymore.

                So remarkable, CLAMP (yet so mean).


  1. Two chapters to the end is quite short and chapter 211 was a one chapter story so they’ll have to finish it with just the two final chapters. And maybe the OVA, like they did for Tokyo Babylon (although it was a OVD).

    They will likely do something else for Kondansha, I wonder if they’ll be back to Nakayoshi, if they’ll stay in the Young or Shounen Magazine or if they’ll finally made it to the Morning with quite a few of my favorite mangaka?

    Anyway, they need a decent shoujo, be it Gouhou Drug or a new series.


    • Draw something for Morning would be quite interesting since they never published anything in it. But a Nakayoshi shoujo would be nice too.

      They will have to please Sueisha, Kadokawa and Kodansha. Everyone will want a bit of CLAMP =)


      • Nakayoshi would be a return to their debut, quite nostalgic. But maybe we’ll get a series with older Sakura, she would be 20 some now, it could work in Kiss magazine. Or maybe they had had enough with flashback characters with Tsubasa and Kobato and will move on to a fresh cast.

        Anyway, 2011 and 2012 will be eventful it seems.


  2. Well, there goes my theory that Holic would have some elaborate buildup and eventually explain that Watanuki and Fei Wong Reed are connected and finally tie up that loose end. :/ I’m puzzled and worried why both TRC and Holic seemed to get away from them, the rest of their (shorter) stories had a clear beginning, middle and end, maybe they just shouldn’t do longer works?


      • I admit I would have apprecciated if they had made an effort to explain Fei Wang Reed and his gang. They came out of nowhere and ended nowhere. CLAMP was used to give a backstory to their bad guys but apart for the ‘oh, I want to resurrect Yuko’ and the ‘maybe he was a clone’ Fei Wang Reed wasn’t really given that much of a background… (Kyle and Xing Huo who converted to Shaoran’s cause without a reason, were given even less background though…)

        I won’t go into the vampires/hunters thing, because I get it was a subplot and they could not care about it, but still it was disappointing how they handled it.


      • So we have YOU to blame for this? 😉

        I try not to be bitter about the lack of ending in X. TRY. TRY TRY TRY… I’m sort of at the point where I really just wont buy their books now, because I don’t trust them not to string me along for 10 years and then… HEY LOOK AT OUR NEW SERIES THAT ISN’T X 😀 (To borrow from above…)


        • HAHAHAHA I didn’t mean that!

          I don’t trust them not to string me along for 10 years and then… HEY LOOK AT OUR NEW SERIES THAT ISN’T X 😀 (To borrow from above…)

          LOL! It’s their evil strategy to tie their fans with them XD


  3. Finally, we will see xxxHOLiC ending, I just hope it won’t be disappointig >.< but at the same time I'm very excited *__* what will CLAMP has prepared for us? (can't wait). So February will be a great month for CLAMP, although we say goodbye to xxxHOLIC, we welcome GATE 7 (This year is getting fast already O_o) Whatever, let's put our bets, the continuation of an old series or a new project? XDDDDDD


  4. I’d like them to end ‘X’ since they’re telling to foreign producers they’ll end it soon (although it seems they said they planned to end it by printing X directly on volumes and not anymore on magazines).
    However if the gossips about the new Japanese laws are true X might end up never having a ending.

    Also I’m afraid about how xxxHOLiC will end… and I really wish they hadn’t forced it to continue if that wasn’t what they had planned… I’m not really fond of the development of Holic after TRC had ended… -_-


    • although it seems they said they planned to end it by printing X directly on volumes and not anymore on magazines

      Really? Where did you see that? That is what I always wanted them to do since finding a damn magazine is so hard at the moment.


      • It’s what we were told they declared to the Italian J-Pop, who’s re-printing X in Italy.

        ‘Don’t worry, you’ll manage to re-print all X plus the unedited end which we’ll print on volumes and not on magazines.’

        BTW, the re-printing has started and it’s monthly and J-Pop will end up losing credibility if it turns out CLAMP lied or they lied (if they lied it was also a stupid move to make it monthly. It means we’ll find out in 14 months the truth instead than, let’s say 28 or more…).


          • It was said in the assorted conferences the Italian editor had and in their web. They didn’t exactly quote CLAMP’s words, they said they had been assured that they would reprint all X till its end and that its end would be printed in Japan directly in volumes.
            It seems it was one of the conditions placed for them to buy the rights to reprint X so, I guess, either CLAMP or Kadokawa will have to pay something as penality if they can’t print X ending…

            Having they bought the rights to print X they should have talked either with the Japanese editors or CLAMP or both. Since they’re printing it monthly (and this month volume 4 will be out) instead than printing a volume when they feel like it (as many do) or one each 2/3 months it seems they’re sure CLAMP will end X soon (if they weren’t they would have waited longer so they would have more chances CLAMP would end X… or that fans wouldn’t notice CLAMP wouldn’t end X…)


          • It’s all true. I’m Italian and I was there to hear it. I actually asked why they were reprinting X, since it was clearly unfinished and everywhone who bothered already had Panini Comic’s old version (which was on one hand horrible due to their awfully low quality standards, but on the other hand extremely cheaper than JPOP’s editions. Here in Italy the standard is 3.90 euros for a regular volume, no colored pages at all, and thin paper. JPOP has for a long time been the only publisher who willingly sold volumes for more than 7 euroes, however they always included the colored pages, an extra cover and high-quality paper).
            I was told that they had acquired the right to CLAMP’s X because CLAMP or their editor/publisher confirmed that X would have been finished in time.
            They told me that the translation and consequent sell of the volumes would have been started in time to reach, with the usual 1 month = 1 volume formula, the end of the series in Japan.
            They post-poned the release of the first volume for a year, and I seriously believe that they will miss X’s true end by no more than 1-2 years, given CLAMP’s unpredictable behaviour.
            JPOP is, strangely, the publisher here of Kobato, even though Star Comics has printed more than 90% of CLAMP’s works.
            They probably obtained that info about X because they dished out an awful amount of money in order to snatch Kobato’s right under Star Comic’s nose (which is, by the way, one of the leading publishers of mangas in Italy, printing One Piece, Conan and many others extremely famous mangas. They aren’t exactly what you would call “poor”).
            This leak about X has never been repeated, not even during JPOP’s conferences every year at Lucca Comics. It was only mentioned that time when the announcement of X was still lingering.


            • Thank you so much for this very insightful background information. I really appreaciate it =)

              I believe the Italian publisher, now what’s left to see if whether CLAMP and/or Kadokawa will do as they promised.


            • According to, JPOP confirmed during last year’s Lucca Comics & Games (29 October – 1 November 2010) that CLAMP have plans to end X and that Kobato. will end with the 6th volume. Below are the translation of the relevant passage and the link to the original article (in Italian), which sums up all the info they were able to gather from the publishers during the expo (both during the official conferences and through out-of-conference questions).

              “Juicy news for CLAMP’s fans: Kobato. will end with volume 6, while they are planning a new series for X that will resume the story from the point it was interrupted”.



              • I don’t know why, but the spaces disappeared when I posted the message (and there was also a missing “where” in the translation). Sorry.

                I post the message again, hoping that this time nothing goes wrong.

                According to, JPOP confirmed during last year’s Lucca Comics & Games (29 October – 1 November 2010) that CLAMP have plans to end X and that Kobato. will end with the 6th volume. Below are the translation of the relevant passage and the link to the original article (in Italian), which sums up all the info they were able to gather from the publishers during the expo (both during the official conferences and through out-of-conference questions).

                “Juicy news for CLAMP’s fans: Kobato. will end with volume 6, while they are planning a new series for X that will resume the story from the point where it was interrupted”.

                source (in Italian):


    • “I’d like them to end ‘X’ since they’re telling to foreign producers they’ll end it soon (although it seems they said they planned to end it by printing X directly on volumes and not anymore on magazines).”

      I’d also like to know where this was said, as I haven’t seen/heard anything of the sort.


      • They sold X to a new editor here in Italy for a reprint assuring him he would also print the ENDING of X.
        I’ve been told they had said the same to an editor from another country (France maybe?) but they reprinted and ended the reprint without seeing the ending.


        • Yeah. I remember this coming up a couple times in the past with the owners of X’s copyright telling the European distributor that there was a planned ending for X. Which there is, allegedly. But based on the actual quotes that were linked way back when, it wasn’t anything to get excited about and all ambiguous marketing language.

          Too bad tho :/ I would have liked for more hopeful news.


          • The point is the reprinting is started and it’s monthly. If it was all a lie or they weren’t sure about CLAMP continuing it, they wouldn’t have done it monthly. It’ll be rather fast for readers to discover they’ve been tricked if the reprint is monthly and they’ll lose credibility.
            In fact I’ve been expecting them to take more time, instead this month we’ll be already at Vol 4.
            I’m starting to think they believe they’ll get to reprint it all. Now, if CLAMP told them the truth or if they’ll make another excuse for not ending it, well, this is another matter entirely but, as of now, I tend to believe the editors think they’ll end X.


            • Thing is, CLAMP didn’t tell them anything. The way the industry works is that Kodanasha or Kodakawa or whatever parent company PAYS CLAMP for it, and THEY own it. Hence why CLAMP likely CAN’T publish the ending even if they WANT to. Kodawhatever also owns fifty other titles they’ve also sold in a struggling foreign market, and depending on the language they used in the contract it means nothing unless there is a named time frame.
              The last time this came up, when Tsubasa ended I think, a bunch of us looked at the official quotes which were ambiguously hopeful at best. “Yes, X will be continued Sometime In The Future. Followed by Yes, Clover will be continued Sometime In The Future.” sort of timeline that indicated nothing except the series hasn’t been officially SHUT DOWN. Truthfully, I think the editors believe X will end, but I can say that there is likely no official time frame.

              And I will be the happiest person ever if they go and prove me wrong and tomorrow they announce they’ll finish X. I actually hold out hope that with foreign publishing connections (Dark Horse), it might give CLAMP some options and open doors for the future, but while a 3rd party owns X and they’re allegedly the ones who put the halt on X in the first place, I can’t see it starting up to end any time soon. :/


              • To print X they likely needed to have the permission of the company who owns X so they likely have talked with said company. Actually I think they first have talked with said company and after with CLAMP. Or they wouldn’t be allowed to print X.

                So someone with ownership of X must have talked with them in such a way to give them the belief X would be ended. Now, if this was false advertising, trickery, ambiguous language that went misinterpreted, well, that I don’t know, but they MUST have talked with the owners of X or there wouldn’t be no reprint, over this there’s no discussion.

                Now we can say they might have been tricked, they might have misinterpret, they are be delusional, whatever it pleases you, but not that they didn’t talk with someone who had no authority to give them the answers (be it CLAMP or the Japanese editor) because this would be stupid (Or it would imply they didn’t have the legal right to print X).


                • It could be a strategy to make readers buy the translation version. Of course, I’m not implying that is the case.

                  We should keep that in mind, though, and see what happens in 14 months.


                  • So… I don’t have a LJ-Account, but have to post on the topic 🙂
                    I wouldn’t be so sure in claiming the european publisher(s) lie(d) about the serialiation of X; in fact, I think, if someone would tell lies to readers and clients (fellow-publishers) on this topic, it would be the japanese publisher oder even CLAMP.
                    Why? Simply put, the comic market in Japan is 99% commerce – and CLAMP also, you see it on the things they did this year, drawing mangas was the smallest part of it. Even IF CLAMP would want to finish X, when the publisher says no (to no other reason but the difficulties making money with an relatively adult series which was on hiatus for over six? seven? years now, with most japanese fans of it grown out of manga AND the difficulties in re-serialising such manga for just 2,5 volumes), there will be no X … but: we don’t know the contracts they have with the european and american Publishers, it is quite possible, that they would have to pay a fine, wouldn’t they at least announce the ending once a year (and then again apologize, because something went wrong … blah :/ ).

                    Im a little concerned about CLAMPs existence as artists, not only, because of the X/CLOVER/GD-problem, but also because the extension of XXXholic simply because of the publishers wish. They doesn’t look like real artist anymore, but like simple employees, doing what they are told – let’s hope this changes a little with the cooperation with dark horse, as the comic-market of the western world is more artist-centered and less strict regarding the reader’s age of specific series, making it easier to write works for both young and adult readers
                    (by the by: by most european laws – and even the artist-unfriendly american copyrights – the publisher of X would have lost the rights some time ago, because the contracts normally include the obligation to publish the work, if they don’t do this for a couple of years, they lose all rights on it)

                    Long things put short: I don’t think the italian publisher lied to his customers, but hold it possible, that Kadothingie told THEM, that X would be finished, simply to make them buy the rights (and don’t lose face of course – another very good reason a Japanese wouldn’t tell anyone that they actually don’t even thing about ever finishing the series).

                    And yes, I am VERY disappointed and ranting, but they taught me one bitter lesson: not to think of mangaka as equal to the great european comic-artists (Bilal, Moebius, Bourgeon etc.pp.) – not even the anglo-american one … AND TO NEVER NEVER EVER BUY A MANGA NOT ALREADY FINISHED T.T

                    P.S. sorry for my bad english and my ranting … i am so bitter >.>


                    • Thank you for your thoughts on the subject, it was a very interesting argument =)

                      I agree that it’s more likely that Kadokawa told them that X would be finished (so that the rights can be sold) instead of the foreign publisher telling its readers that it will be finished without actually knowing for sure.


                  • I thought it was a strategy until they started to print it monthly. If it were a strateghey would have given it a slower rythm so we would have taken more time to notice there was no sequel. Like this it seems they expect there’s going to be one soon.


  5. Now I understand better why Shaoran passed the torch to Hana and not Watanuki: he’s going as well! Let’s hope the ending meets with fans expectations (meaning, not leave many plot holes).

    Please, Please, Please! Let this mean that they’ll continue and end other works. My first choice would be X but I guess that’s too much to hope for, so I’ll go with yours and ask for GD as well.


  6. Aaah chibiyuuto, pra ver links nesse fórum tem que ter cadastro e postar tantas vezes sem ser spam…
    Será que tem como ver o raw em outro site!?
    Estou doido agora pra ver o cap. depois de saber que o fim está próximo D:


  7. Ending Rou already? It’s not like it went anywhere in the first place. The impression I got from reading Rou was like it was about waiting and waiting and stuff people do while waiting. Oh, and the occasional(snicker) subtext between Doumeki and Watanuki.

    And Rou ending feels more like CLAMP couldn’t figure out what to do anymore.


  8. The XXXHOLiC ending seems so sudden. D: There’s one plot point in particular I hope they don’t forget about. (not sure if I can talk about plot points in these comments) It has been my favourite CLAMP series since X and GD were put on hold.

    I do hope that GD will get some new chapters! It’s time for Nekoi to do some serious poking to make her dream come true! XDDDD I wonder what sort of magazine they would publish it in. It seems more suited to the slightly shounen ai genre. Something like ASUKA, or maybe even a bit more BL (


  9. I’m interested on how they will end xxxHolic..maybe they do a half-ending like Tokyo Babylon or X and continued them in other it comes the “prepared” ending for xxxHolic~

    but I don’t think that they will continue X though..if it’s old series then..the most possible is GD I think..2nd, maybe Clover..dunno.. (;A 😉
    but thank you for the info! I’m happy~~

    Gate7 seems promising for me..maybe I’m biased but everything made by CLAMP so far satisfy me for my needs of “not too shoujo but still shoujo-like” mangas~


  10. it’ sad

    I am a little sad that XXX Holic ends, I hope that Clamp will not disappointed us with the ending, there is the mystery of the egg and the explanations about Watanuki. Thanks Clamp for these years of happiness with these great characters.


  11. *playing prophet* I had a dream (and it was prior to reading this news)! And in this dream I was holding X v19 in my hands O.O

    I’m kinda disappointed. Rou indeed wasn’t going anywhere, but I liked the very concept of the ‘cage’. Giving an ending in just two chapters doesn’t suggest a proper conclusion to the story. Besides, this is just my nostalgic self getting sad every time my favourite story ends. Yeah, I like them never ending, provided they keep going, not “on hiatus” XD

    What’s this Syaoran&Hana art some people have mentioned? I can’t find it on the journal.


  12. I’m betting on both TRC and Holic to ‘continue on’ in future works, Clamp made sure of it by leaving so many loose ends and plot holes; a bit like Tokyo Babylon did, or even CCS (we did learn in TRC that CCS|Sakura didn’t need her staff anymore and gave it away after all).

    Well, there is also the possibility they might just ignore it all together, wash their hands off it and simply keep going with other projects like Gate 7 or the characters design of Code Geass ^^;

    I’m not counting on Clamp’s words or promises, I’m not saying they are purposefully lying, let’s just say they hardly ever manage to do what they want in the end because of something or another. The only thing I’m crossing my fingers about is the whole CCS|Syaoran appearing again in a future works, they owe me that much after the mess with him in TRC 😛


    • I think it will continue 😉 not like Tsubasa 2 or XXXHOLiC 2, but we will know what happened to the characters and some might even “co-act” in future works, like Subaru and Seishirou.

      Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC was just too big for them to let it aside forever =) It’s their two longest works, they will always be around.


      • It’s really the end of an Era, that picture of Syaoran passing the torch is really more meaningful now that we learned that Holic has also come to an end~

        I’m also pretty certain we will meet them again ^^ But that made me actually curious about the upcoming OAD of Holic, truth is I haven’t been giving much thought about it at all, but now I find myself wondering how they will end it as anime too.


  13. Hm… I don’t have my hopes high for a good ending; Holic lost the plot a while ago, but CLAMP haven’t yet written a terrible one.

    Legal Drug Legal Drug Legal Drug Legal Drug Legal Drug Legal Drug Legal Drug Legal Drug Legal Drug Legal Drug ♥ Oh please continue Legal Drug, CLAMP!


  14. *prays for GD* even though I don’t really like the Shounen Ai hints 😡

    We’ll have to say goodbye to you, xxxholic~ ah, and I still have to buy the german version of volume 16 T_T


  15. “Even when you leave something, you find something new. Go ahead and say ‘Goodbye’. What comes next is ‘Nice to meet you’.” ^_^

    Bye xxxHolic, Hello Gate7.



  16. I saw the raws of chapter 212…but I don’t know japanese, so I didn’t understand the dialogues ^^ whatching the drawings, I didn’t feel it like the penultimate chapter, but when the translation will be out, probably it will be all clearer… I hope only for a satisfying ending and… that the final chapter will be longer! This one has only 26 pages…


  17. Here’s a quick translation. A bit rough, since it’s been a while since I’ve actually sat and written a translation down. Nowadays, I just read and don’t even bother trying to find the right English words… Some lines I realize sound odd, but that’s what happens when you only have 15 minutes.

    Page 1:
    I want a way to get out of there
    To fly to the one I love

    Page 6:
    Doumeki: And then you woke up
    Watanuki: Yeah
    Doumeki: It’s done.
    Watanuki: Put it in.
    Watanuki: Alright

    Page 7:
    Watanuki: …..
    Watanuki: OK
    Doumeki: It’s good.
    Watanuki: I see.
    Watanuki: Hirezake (sake with blowfish) is really great for winter.

    Page 8:
    Doumeki: So.
    Doumeki: Whose dream was it?
    Watanuki: I don’t know, because I woke up right away.
    Watanuki: Well,
    Watanuki:: I’ll find out when I see it again.

    Page 9:
    Watanuki: If it’s necessary.

    Page 10:
    Watanuki: A butterfly again.
    Watanuki: It’s not hot. It’s not cold. There’s no wind. There’s nothing.
    Watanuki: Just a world with a butterfly.

    Page 11:
    Watanuki: Whose dream could this be?
    Watanuki: Do you
    Watanuki: Want to tell me something?

    Page 12:
    Watanuki: What do you want to tell someone?

    Doumeki: And then that’s where you woke up again?
    Watanuki: Yeah.
    Doumeki: So, in the end, you weren’t able to find out whose dream it was.
    Watanuki: Yeah.
    Watanuki: But, if there’s a necessity for me to know, I’ll probably see it again.

    Page 13:
    Watanuki: The continuation of that dream.
    Watanuki: A butterfly again.

    Page 14:
    Watanuki: Won’t you tell me?
    Watanuki: What you want to tell me?
    Watanuki: At least, if I knew whose dream this was.
    Watanuki: Oh well.
    Watanuki: I’m going to search around a little.

    Page 15:
    Doumeki: You searched, but didn’t find anything, and then you woke up.
    Watanuki: That’s right.
    Doumeki: This is the first time I’ve heard you say that you couldn’t understand a dream, Watanuki.
    Watanuki: Yeah.
    Watanuki: It’s been a long time for me too.
    Watanuki: Eat some konnyaku too.
    Watanuki: It’s good, this konnyaku.

    Page 16:
    Doumeki: It may taste that way.
    Watanuki: You don’t like the texture.
    Doumeki: Yeah.
    Watanuki: For such a huge body, you sure are picky.
    Doumeki: Body size and texture have nothing to do with whether you like something or not.
    Doumeki: …What are you going to do?
    Watanuki: It doesn’t look like there’s anything that I can do.
    Watanuki: I’m certain it wants me to do something, so I’ll see it again.

    Page 17:
    Watanuki: The continuation of that dream.

    Watanuki: It really is pitch black.
    Watanuki: And there’s a butterfly flying.
    Watanuki: Hey, won’t you tell me?
    Watanuki: What you want me to do, or what you want to tell me?

    Page 18:
    Watanuki: And, whose dream is this?

    Page 19:
    Doumeki: You asked, but you didn’t get an answer and then woke up.
    Watanuki: That’s right, but the way you say that irritates me.
    Doumeki: I’m not really implying anything.
    Watanuki: I know that, but sometimes it irritates me. Remember that.
    Doumeki: Alright.
    Doumeki: What’s (on the menu) today?
    Watanuki: Potstickers. That’s why there’s Laochu (sp).

    Page 20:
    Watanuki: You seem very happy.
    Doumeki: Because it’s good.
    Watanuki: Thank you very much.
    Doumeki: What are you going to do next?
    Watanuki: I’m going to try to use a spell.
    Doumeki: Even though you don’t know who the requestor of this job is?

    Page 21:
    Watanuki: Well, to me, butterflies are special.

    Page 22:
    Watanuki: We meet again.
    Watanuki: Now, I’ve continued to see this dream so many times.
    Watanuki: It’s definite that you need me for something.
    Watanuki: Then won’t you tell me today what it is?

    Page 24:
    Watanuki: Sorry to scare you.
    Watanuki: If you tell me, I’ll let you out right away.
    Watanuki: What did you come to tell me?

    Page 25:
    Watanuki: What?

    Page 26:
    That form was the beloved person he continued to wait for a long time. Next issue, last episode of xxxHolic.


  18. thank u so much radiomacrossing *bow*

    anyways i have mixed emotions about xxxholic ending. It is time to end it but I wanted the ending to be epic and full of answers! Like the relationship between fei wong and clow and yuuko! Or Himawari and Tanpopo! What ever happen to them! Sigh…guess we’ll never know…we’ll probably not see Himawari since it’s winter and she only comes during Watanuki’s birthday. All I can do is pray that the OVA will answer some questions…


  19. timeskip

    Don’t forget what Yuko said to the fortune teller, I think Yuko will give to Watanuki the explanations, Domeki will use the egg, and there will be other things, and there will be a last timeskip and Watanuki will be visiting all of his friends including Himawari.


  20. *flails around* YUKO-SENSEI!!!!!! *cries again*

    Oh, the chapter cover art is just… ah… *must color* That last chapter is gonna be enourmous! I wonder if they’ll do what us on MangaFox predicted?! *crosses fingers* Party with Tsubasa gang….


  21. I am so worried!

    I do trust clamp but for xxxholic to be coming to an end! I love it too much…:_( I just want Watanuki and Doumeki to find happiness, but with the way things are looking it may only be Doumeki huh?


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