HiGH&LOW g-sword Chapter 1

© HI-AX/LDH ASIA © CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© HI-AX/LDH ASIA © CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

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English translations: none yet.

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So unfortuntely, only the first few pages that got leaked featured the characters as non-chibi style. All the rest is in full chibi-style. I feared this would be the case the moment I saw that postcard. I briefly got my hopes up when I saw the leaked pages, until someone pointed out that it looked more like an introduction than the real deal.

This is looking more like a gag manga with its short 10-pages chapter, than a serious series after all. Maybe CLAMP would pull up a Wish and make them non-chibi at one point, but something is telling me that this is not the purpose of this series — a real shame cause the first 4 pages look great. Maybe someone can read and tell us if something is even explained about the way they look?

Will I be making reviews every week about this? Unlikely, unless there is heavy interest on your side or if the style gets more serious and (way) less chibi.

So just for the sake of counting: 10 pages for this chapter. Next chapter will be on the next Shonen Magazine issue.

PS: If some of you were worried that this could pottentially damage, in any way, the serialization and anime production of Card Captor Sakura, rest assured. CLAMP drew this on their sparetime.


11 thoughts on “HiGH&LOW g-sword Chapter 1

  1. Well, I’m still questioning what is purpose of this manga rather than just another way of promotion for main franchise. Half-assed manga every week, does it worth money to buy tankobon? I would understand if CLAMP were 80 years old and this project is just a way to stay in i the spotlight, but they still active. They could go away with the extra one-shot at this point, but doing chibi-manga for some number of volumes, what is the point of that?

    I was hope this project would be slightly push-up from the swamp, something new and fresh, but yeah Clamp have other plans. I’m giving up. This ladies need really to take a loong vacation and think about their activity.


    • I wouldn’t be so harsh like that. They are just having fun. It doesn’t look like this will be a long series.

      They are doing just for the fun of it because they are die hard fans of the franchise. At least they are not compromising themselves so much to the pointing of leaving their _own_ works aside.


      • I’m not sure about clamp anymore lol Well, all they works nowadays feels like they do for fun “let’s through another pointless resurrection of holic and tsubasa” so I’m not surprised about this. This is just strange because this project is for limited audience, and people who don’t know much about other high&low staff can’t get much of this special supplement.


        • That is exactly why they are not putting a lot of effort into it 😉

          It’s strange all the hype that they (Kodansha) are putting into this ^^” I guess it’s due to the fact that it is CLAMP.


  2. Super Deformed characters it is!

    Who knew it would actually for real be a full chibi chapter? After all, having doubts or being worried is one thing, but for the actual thing to happen, it’s another ^^;

    I can’t tell what it is about until the translations appears, nonetheless this definitely looks like to be on the humor/gag side.
    I wonder if someone who knows nothing about H&L can truly enjoy this fully? It feels more like some fanservice extra material for the fans, than something you can start enjoying from scratch through these short chapters.

    I do not think there are going to be many volumes, maybe this is a one volume thing?

    All in all, this is still interesting for me: CLAMP are after all showing us once again yet another way to present their mangas, exploring this time the world of only chibis, why not?
    Which reminds me that CCS chapters also get their fair share of chibis, I believe the 90’s manga didn’t have quite as much SD drawings?

    PS: If some of you were worried that this could potentially damage, in any way, the serialization and anime production of Card Captor Sakura, rest assured. CLAMP drew this on their spare time.

    I can finally sleep peacefully at night! XD XD XD XD XD


    • By the looks of it, and judging by Pan’s analysis, I would say that one can only fully appreciate it if one is familiar with HiGH&LOW.

      It does feel very fanservice, something that CLAMP would do in their early doujinshi days.

      I don’t think this will last very long, either.

      “CLAMP are after all showing us once again yet another way to present their mangas, exploring this time the world of only chibis, why not?”

      That is great way of putting it 😉


  3. I had a feeling that the leaks were just exposition pages. At least we know CLAMP isn’t pouring a lot of resources into this series, right?

    Glancing through the chapter, it’s really just gag after gag. The characters make fun of each other’s eating habits and favorite foods, shoot the breeze…it’s not particularly clever or funny. There’s no explanation for why the characters look the way they do other than the humor factor. The closest thing we get is when Cobra (blond bowl-cut boy) lets slip to Noboru (black-haired dude with leather jacket) that Chiharu (polite young man in plaid shirt) thinks he looks like an alpaca, leading Noboru to viciously compare Chiharu to a Kewpie doll.

    Preexisting HiGH&LOW fans would probably like it, given that the series assumes the readers are already familiar with the characters to a certain extent.


    • Thanks for the summary! I guess it makes sense that they don’t put a lot of effort in a series that isn’t theirs? It did take me by surprise when I first heard that they would draw weekly again “What? Weekly?!”. I don’t think they can handle two weekly series after TRC and XXXHOLiC. So this is as best as they can provide as far as weekly goes, considering their schedule with CCS.

      I was looking forward to the handsome dudes, tho!

      It’s fine as a side work and as long as it doesn’t take a lot of their time. Plus, if we’re lucky we might get some nice color illustrations featuring the characters in their non-chibi styles.


      • Haha!! I was looking forward to the ruggedly handsome guys too! And I was looking forward to a manga with some edge and grit. I’m not opposed to action genre as long as it’s not got heads flying in every page or like game of thrones- don’t know if everyone knows about this tv series… But let’s just say don’t get attached to any character! One or more dies every series!
        But I don’t mind cause its a pre existing manga that’s apparently still on going. So this is more like a comedy spoof side story I suppose… ^^;


  4. I’m super agree with you Yuuto-san. I think CLAMP is having so much fun drawing this manga that I forgot that they’re just chibi characters (As a hardcore CLAMP fan I must say this is quite impresive since there is no gag manga by CLAMP since Duklyon, so I’m the happiest).

    I doubt that this would damage the CCS’s serialization and production of the anime from the begining. This would be the CLAMPest year! ❤ ❤

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  5. tbh in my opinion a gag manga from a really serious movie like high&low is kinda promising in a way. because we don’t really see a much joyful persona from each character in the movie so im guessing this is the opportunity for it. In my opinion only.
    but im hoping soon tho that if clamp decides to do a full non chibi for this series it would be awesome too.


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