MOON SAGA: first reports (updated)

The first two presentations of MOON SAGA kicked off yesterday in Tokyo and the first reports are starting to appear on the web.

I was hoping there would be some announcement for related side-projects that would involve CLAMP, but apparently there were none. I was also hoping CLAMP would draw more promotional illustrations and goods, but there were also none of that.

From the reports I’ve read, it looks like CLAMP provided some illustrations that appear in the screen during the play. It looks like most of the animation shown on screen were CG.

CLAMP sent flowers to GACKT, as well as PYROTECHNIST, the company which manages CLAMP’s business affairs and is involved in the making of MOON SAGA.

Here’s a report from the Japanese press and another, more detailed one from a GACKT fan, this one is in french (but you can use your Google translator to read it =D).

I must confess I’m very disappointed with this project. I’m sure the play experience must be great, but as a CLAMP fan, I was hoping for more involvement on their part (and I don’t know who is to be blamed on this, in fact I don’t even know if someone is to be blamed at all). Maybe I put too much expectation into it…

UPDATE: Here’s another detailed report in english (includes the plot). The end of the play displayed a “To Be Continued” message. There will be probably sequels, which would explain the title “MOON SAGA”.

Full cast of MOON SAGA announced

A press conference was held today to announce the full cast members for the MOON SAGA stage play, with CLAMP as co-planners and starring GACKT.

Summary and pictures are available on this GACKT LJ community.

There was some slight changes in the staff list for this project. CLAMP is now listed as co-planners (along with GACKT) and costume design conception. Originally, CLAMP was also in charge of the original work, but that is now under GACKT’s responsiility.

GACKT is now in charge of original work, co-planning, script and main role of the play.

The first of the series of presentations for MOON SAGA will kick off on July 15.

Nanase Ohkawa interview about BLOOD-C movie

The official website of BLOOD-C: The Last Dark movie has updated with the first part of an interview with CLAMP member Nanase Ohkawa. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.

In the interview, she explains the differences between the “BLOOD” series and mentions the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Zack Snyder.

Nanase Ohkawa is one of the screenwriters for BLOOD-C: The Last Dark along with Junichi Fujisaku. The movie opens on June 6 in Japan.


Moving on to MOON SAGA now, its official website updated with a video interview with actor Saotome Taichi, who is part of the cast in the play version of the project.


Lastly, CLAMP members recently made blog posts about being in Kyoto. They did another location hunt there, most likely for GATE 7.

MOON SAGA press conference

A press conference to introduce the MOON SAGA project was held earlier today at Kodansha’s headquarters in Tokyo. The event was live-streamed by USTREAM and lasted for about 40 minutes.

GACKT himself attended the conference as well as a representative from Kodansha and other staff members. CLAMP members weren’t present but they left a message saying that they were very happy and looking forward to work in the project.

There wasn’t much new information revealed in it, GACKT mentioned he has known all of CLAMP’s works and feels a sense of “destiny” in them and that’s what attracted him to collaborate with them. He reafirmed the intention of bringing the stage play into manga, anime and game adaptations and hopes that the project will reach an international range.

A manga adaptation is expected to run in a Kodansha magazine. Although so far it hasn’t been confirmed, let’s all hope that CLAMP will be in charge of drawing this manga series.

More pictures here.

Speaking of which, ANN reports that a stage play adaptation for Code Geass has been decided for April 2012:

The official website for Sunrise’s Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion television anime series announced on Monday that a stage play adaptation has been green-lit. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Sōran Eve Matsuri (Riot’s Eve Festival) will run for 13 performances at the Mozart Hall at Tokyo’s Katsuhika Symphony Hills from April 7 to April 16. More details and advance ticket pre-orders will be available on December 25.

MOON SAGA introduction to be live streamed

A video presentation of CLAMP and GACKT’s collaboration project MOON SAGA will be live streamed via USTREAM on December 5 at 12 o’clock (Japan time).

The information comes from MOON SAGA’s official website.

Nothing is said about the contents of the video stream, I assume it must be an introduction video with details of the project.

The link to watch the live streaming hasn’t been announced yet.

More info as they come!

CLAMP x GACKT live stage collaboration (Updated)

It’s been announced today that CLAMP will collaborate with singer GACKT on an original live stage project entitled MOON SAGA 義経秘伝 (MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Hiden). GACKT will provide the original draft and star as the leading part, while CLAMP will be in charge for the story.

Starting in July 2012, with live stage performances in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.

Staff list

Starring/Drafting: GACKT
Original work: CLAMP
Organizers: Kodansha
Planning: Bon sales,, DY Media Partners Hakuhodo
Production: MOON SAGA Stage Production Committee

An official website to promote the MOON SAGA project has been launched:

Yesterday, pictures of flowers sent by CLAMP to GACKT for one of his concerts appeared on the web.

WOOOOW this is so COOL! Because this is the not only the first time CLAMP collaborates with superstar GACKT, but also the first time CLAMP creates a story for a live stage! I think this is going to be something extremely interesting to see! I hope there will be DVD and Blu-ray releases for this later!

Gotta love CLAMP exploring new medias!

Update: Comic Natalie has more info and the first artwork by CLAMP!

Click to enlarge it.

According to the website, prior to the beginning of the live performances, a manga series will run in a Kodansha magazine! Other media adaptations such as anime, games and movie are also planned!

Rough plot summary provided by ANN:

Gackt will play the title role of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a general who was critical to the Genpei War that inspired the literary classic Heike Monogatari (Tale of the Heike). The play’s version of Yoshitsune will possess strange powers.