MOON SAGA press conference

A press conference to introduce the MOON SAGA project was held earlier today at Kodansha’s headquarters in Tokyo. The event was live-streamed by USTREAM and lasted for about 40 minutes.

GACKT himself attended the conference as well as a representative from Kodansha and other staff members. CLAMP members weren’t present but they left a message saying that they were very happy and looking forward to work in the project.

There wasn’t much new information revealed in it, GACKT mentioned he has known all of CLAMP’s works and feels a sense of “destiny” in them and that’s what attracted him to collaborate with them. He reafirmed the intention of bringing the stage play into manga, anime and game adaptations and hopes that the project will reach an international range.

A manga adaptation is expected to run in a Kodansha magazine. Although so far it hasn’t been confirmed, let’s all hope that CLAMP will be in charge of drawing this manga series.

More pictures here.

Speaking of which, ANN reports that a stage play adaptation for Code Geass has been decided for April 2012:

The official website for Sunrise’s Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion television anime series announced on Monday that a stage play adaptation has been green-lit. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Sōran Eve Matsuri (Riot’s Eve Festival) will run for 13 performances at the Mozart Hall at Tokyo’s Katsuhika Symphony Hills from April 7 to April 16. More details and advance ticket pre-orders will be available on December 25.

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