XXXHOLiC #213 – The Final Chapter (Updated)

Scans available here. Source: Raw-Bunko.

First, a few meaningless words so that my twitterfeed will not spoil anybody… okay now it’s safe!

What can I say? It’s not over, so I practically can’t say much about it.

I was expecting an open ending, but that expectation only started a few days ago when Nekoi posted a very dubious post in her Private Board, implying that while “Rou” was over, there are still more things planned. That suspicious arose even more after seeing reports from the CLAMP Talk Show at the @MOBiLE Fes! 2011 where CLAMP stated that XXXHOLiC was over for the time being.

It’s Tokyo Babylon all over again xD

All in all, I’m “relieved” XXXHOLiC is over, after 8 years of following it weekly and later monthly, it was time to put an end to it. I was expecting a more solid closure, but if you think about it, I have always thought that XXXHOLiC is the kind of series that can go on forever. It can always be that work which connects all the other CLAMP works. The shop is the bridge between all dimensions and it can prove to be pretty useful in other CLAMP works.

Overall, XXXHOLiC is another CLAMP masterpiece which had its own merits. It was the first CLAMP work in which screentones were not used in its art. That alone is a remarkable feat, considering how it lasted for 8 years and 19 volumes. It’s amazing to see what resources CLAMP used to give shape and depth for the drawings. That must have been challenging.

It was also the first CLAMP work in which Mokona and Nekoi shared the drawings of main characters. Up until then, main characters were drawn by only one of them. Nekoi would draw the mascots and creatures in some works, but never human characters along with Mokona.

I’m proud of CLAMP for what they done with the art of XXXHOLiC, I think they reached a new level artistic-wise.

Story-wise, I always thought that XXXHOLiC was never that strong. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the arcs a lot, but I think the series lacked some plot line. We know it’s all about Watanuki’s journey in order to “belong”, but we only learned that in the latter volumes. During the middle of the storytelling, you can’t really tell where the story is going or where it’s taking you. I think it lacks a “goal”. For example, I’ve always felt more “hooked” reading Tsubasa than reading XXXHOLiC. But that is just my opinion, of course =)

I don’t think Watanuki’s so-called “change” is that notable prior to Rou. His big change happened after Rou, in my opinion. And still, prior to Rou, they kept saying about how Watanuki has “changed”, but excuse me, I don’t see that change XD

Yuuko is definitely one of the greatest characters ever created by CLAMP. It’s that character that you hope CLAMP had created before, it feels like she had always been there, it is hard to imagine the CLAMP world where Yuuko doesn’t exist.

It’s a shame that she had to go, but I think it was necessary for the story, and I’m sure we are going to see references to Yuuko in future CLAMP works.

I certainly changed after reading XXXHOLiC. The subjects explored in it and the questions raised about mankind and their behavior, it certainly made me reflect about certain things and change my point of view about them. For that I am grateful and again, proud of CLAMP.

Now I wonder if the “sequel” of XXXHOLiC will be something straight-forward like “Magic Knight Rayerath 2” (a direct sequel) or something more subtle such as “X, featuring the characters of Tokyo Babylon” (a new work where the XXXHOLiC characters are part of and we learn what happens to them).

What are your thoughts? =)

Update: Okay, so after reading some translations, it doesn’t look like a sequel is as close to happen as I first imagined. So 100 years or so have passed? And that is not Doumeki, but his great-grandson? That makes things a little more complicated for a sequel (how would they deal with the 100 years time skip? It would be XXXHOLiC meets Chobits xD). But still, they left the egg without an explanation… the door is open…


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    • I haven’t read the translations yet, but it looks like Yuuko told Watanuki through a dream to live his life and get out of his “cage”. However, in the end he still decides to wait for Yuuko?


  1. It was quite a relief and I hope they won’t continue for a time being.

    I beg to disagree for some parts for example how Watanuki changes. He changed for a time being, yes since the people around him are molding him especially Yuuko, until she’s gone, it’s back to zero… it’s all over again except he became a shopkeeper.

    And I agree that XXXHOLiC had a deep interpretation had a weak story since it’s all over the place and didn’t have a strong plot that holds the story.

    XXXHOLiC had his own merits since this is not your usual art from CLAMP. and yes the Japanese culture, they used a lot and we learn about it 🙂

    Of course it remains that my favourite character is Doumeki, a stoic character who had a lot of mysteries (I really wish to see him a child wearing a dress in a story, but luckily Nekoi posted several artwork) and Yuuko, how I love her! I wish CLAMP created a character like her!!!!!! 🙂

    As for the ending, when CLAMP said is either you’ll feel relieve or surprised, I have both emotions 🙂
    I felt sad because its rushed but at the end, it’s quite satisfying, and I hope it’ll continue but not too soon because I like how it ends 🙂

    As a DouWata fan, it shows that Doumeki really cares for Watanuki (platonic or not). Even his time passes, he entrust to someone else to look for Watanuki 🙂 That makes me so happy 🙂


    • I know most people see the “change” in Watanuki, I am aware of that, I just don’t XD I think he changed mostly after Rou, but not so much before that (that doesn’t mean he didn’t change, just not as much as how it was implied).

      Glad you agree with me about the plot =)

      I liked the bird metaphor, and I liked the grandson thing… because obviously Watanuki will live a lot more than Doumeki.

      It’s that twisted happy ending that CLAMP does best XD


      • for a DouWata fan, for me its a quite happy ending (on my end, and thats how I interpreted) I mean come on… Despite Doumeki got married, he still cares for Watanuki… I do think they had (an indirectly) mutual relationship; no matter what happens you will not die alone…

        It’s almost the same as Wish actually… although it’s canon that they’ll ended up together XDDD in XXXHOLiC it’s open ended… and another disappointment… HIMAWARI D: We didn’t see her until the end! D:


  2. I’ve just finished the chapter and, well it was kind of disappointment for me. I know that CLAMP is evil and will not give what their wants them to give but I really didn’t think that they were this mean, lol.

    I agree with you everything you said about CLAMP’s other works and Tsubasa. Actually I always prefer Tsubasa over HOLiC but, It’s really shame that CLAMP just wasted Yuuko that easy (okay, it wasn’t that easy but it’s still a shame) I was desperately waited for Yuuko to say something to Watakuni but instead she just smiled at him, bitterly. I dropped few tears when Watakuni realize everything. >_>

    Though, I still don’t undertsand about Doumeki’s situation. I guess I have to read the last 20 chapters again.


    • I know that CLAMP is evil and will not give what their wants them to give but I really didn’t think that they were this mean, lol.

      Hahahaha the ending was so open!

      I also expected Yuuko to say something! But I think this way was more cruel XD


  3. if my count is good, Watanuki worked for Yuko for 4 years and waited for 10 years and Shaolan was 14 years old when he wish reversing time and went back to the past, so Watanuki had to wait the numbre of years that shaolan erased.
    It’s Logical, a bit too logical. the end is very poetic, but I think that an explanation about the egg would have been welcomed, maybe the tankoubom will have bonus pages.


  4. I take it all back as I was just wallowing in my despair I look forward to the continuation and somebody please use that egg also I agree the most notable change in Watanuki is after rou started.


  5. Interesting ending to xxxHolic, but so anti-climatic. I was hoping Watanuki would have a conversation with Yuuko, but the Doumeki twist was interesting. Kinda sad to know how long Watanuki continues to wait.

    Until Rou, xxxHolic was a favorite CLAMP series and I preferred it to Tsubasa. Can’t wait to see where Gate 7 goes from here now that they only have two series in progress.


  6. The bird flying out of the cage sent shivers down my spine O__O
    Well, I also was expecting more, but I don’t want ti judge till I’ve read the chapter translated 🙂 Moreover, maybe they´ll add some extra pages to the tankoubon version like they did in Tsubasa (and they information given there was very useful in my opinion).
    I feel a little sad that xxxHolic is over. I think, now even more than if it had ended 2009, together with Tsubasa, because those days were kind of “time of great climaxe”, if you now what I mean xD


  7. I agree with you that xxxHolic lacks a ‘goal’, but I think that is what makes xxxHolic so good. It’s not a empty manga, I always felt that the heart of Holic was its characters. Yuuko is, like Clow, one of the most important characters CLAMP ever created, the kind of character that you will see in other mangas. Her story it’s not over. CLAMP already proved that it’s not because you’re dead that your story is over.
    I’m satisfied with the ending because it doesn’t sound like a ending and that is what I always expected from a series like Holic. The feeling that it somethings never end 🙂


    • I think XXX Holic has a goal : Watanuki as the new master of the shop. Yuko is dead and she was the center of the universes of Clamp, Watanuki’s destiny was to take over that role.


    • True that! Despite the lack of plot, XXXHOLiC managed to keep me interested in the story. I think because the arcs were so intriguing!

      I’m satisfied with the ending because it doesn’t sound like a ending and that is what I always expected from a series like Holic. The feeling that it somethings never end 🙂

      Again, true that! When XXXHOLiC first started, we all guessed that in the end, Watanuki would inherit the shop. Isn’t it the most natural thing to happen anyway? =)


      • I think CLAMP probably had HOLiC more of a character-centered piece rather than a complete epic of a story (plots, subplots, and more plot holes). Especially if you pair it up with Tsubasa and read it at the same time, the main story can be Tsubasa, and the effects on the secondary characters in HOLiC, considering Yuuko’s role as shopkeaper and Watanuki’s existence. That’s why the arcs and mini-arcs.


  8. …whuh?

    [spoiler abound!]

    ….as expected from CLAMP. It’s…relieving (Yuuko’s still dead! Doumeki not end up with some random woman!…yet) and surprising in the..lack of closure. *sigh*

    I kinda think Watanuki actually knows about Doumeki’s….not so platonic feelings. And not accepting nor refusing it for the same time… also, in a meta kind of way, a roundabout way from CLAMP to please the DouWata fans (They’re going to be connected FOREVER) without alienating the seinen reader (see? no homo!)

    Still, if that’s true, that’s so cruel of Watanuki, and so cruel of CLAMP…poor Doumeki.

    we’ll probably see the egg featured somewhere…sometime after this. Probably in the way Sakura’s wand or the vase was…

    And I wonder if Doumeki will marry a woman. >_>; Or just adopt?


    • That is actually Doumeki’s great-grandson, and well, seeing how his face looks exactly like his ancestor… well, they’re really blood-related.

      So that means Doumeki did end up with some random woman… *depressed*


      • oh. that’s…. bad. >_>; Yeah, it’s kinda suspicious too. I think Doumeki had never said Yuuko’s name directly? Especially with ‘-san’…

        Granted, it’s understandable as a personal journey for Watanuki. He wants, is, and have to wait for unknown years of time. In that sense, no happy ending in store for him, or Doumeki, or Doumeki’s son, or Himawari, or anyone for that matter. It’s the HUGEST ship sinking ever. Although this scenario (someone having their son / grandson / offsprings continue serving an immortal being out of loyalty/love)is quite common, I think.

        Well. *looks at the bright side* there’s still some gap of what happened during those years… or something. Maybe they did have some years together..or something.

        I wonder what are the last words grandson!Doumeki are saying, though. About the egg. And why it’s not opening yet..

        XXXHolic The Sequel; Now with great grandchildrens?

        But I think it’s quite an ending. Some parts are probably not meant to be known….the way we don’t know every parts of the truth. And I disagree that Watanuki hasn’t changed a lot before Rou. Even before the big wreckup that is Fei Wong Reed and all his schemes, Watanuki had…smiled more than he used to in the earliest volumes.


    • I kinda think Watanuki actually knows about Doumeki’s….not so platonic feelings. And not accepting nor refusing it for the same time… also, in a meta kind of way, a roundabout way from CLAMP to please the DouWata fans (They’re going to be connected FOREVER) without alienating the seinen reader (see? no homo!)

      Still, if that’s true, that’s so cruel of Watanuki, and so cruel of CLAMP…poor Doumeki.

      That’s CLAMP xD

      we’ll probably see the egg featured somewhere…sometime after this. Probably in the way Sakura’s wand or the vase was…

      My thoughts exactly!


    • Just read the scanlated chapter. I see it as Doumeki’s “love” (platonic or romantic, is debatable because of CLAMP) being the driving cause to make sure Watanuki will always be cared for. We have multiple Doumekis to take care of Watanuki!! (Haruka, Shizuka and Shizuka’s great-grandson) It’s the same kind of answer as with Himawari. You can “love” someone deeply, and not label what type of love it is. Making boundaries of types of love as one or the other is pretty much what CLAMP loves to demolish. XD I like it too!

      As for the egg… Doumeki (great-grandson) did say that “forgetting Yuuko” would be painful for Watanuki. So it may effect memory? Reincarnation? It’s become a Doumeki family heirloom!


  9. Now I wonder if this makes it like how Wish reappeared in Kobato, if it means that now the time caught up with Kobato and that’s what we saw there; Watanuki with Himawari’s descendant walking down the street. I guess you could say that they are now at the same timeline as Kobato, right?


    • Good question, after all we know that the Kouhaku from Wish is the one that slept for over 100 years.

      But something doesn’t match… in the beginning of XXXHOLiC we saw the Gouhou Drug characters. And we know Gouhou Drug and Kobato. are in the same universe (and XXXHOLiC, too).

      I think it’s

      Wish -> XXXHOLiC/Kobato./Gouhou Drug/Wish after the ending -> XXXHOLiC Rou after the ending.


      • I had forgotten about Gouhou Drug. You’re right, now it doesn’t match :/

        So it would mean that we saw an early Watanuki and Himawari and then nothing more for the rest of Kobato. The problem here are the changes that might occur in a hundred years in the world. Kohaku said, I think, that his Shuichirou was the fourth or more. I can’t remember well but I think he gave a number at some point. That makes it even more into the future than just 100 years after there were motorcicles in Wish.

        CLAMP loves to mess with timelines too much.


      • I thought it would be:

        1. stopping Doumeki’s time so he will stay with Watanuki forever (you wish) since it’s hinted the egg could withstand acid rain… I thought it has something to do with eternity.

        2. To turn back time

        I once thought it would have something to do with erasing memory, but since it’s never hinted, I never consider it seriously. Turned out Clamp re-using the same plot in CCS


  10. ergh, turned out splitting a series into two mirrors is kinda bad when the plot become uncontrollable. It’s make wondering why they dont reveal Watanuki’s and Yuuko’s real name in the end. Either they will keep it in the next series, or they decided to make it hidden forever so we never know, because it might complicate the plot and requires more chapters to explain.

    Clamp is playing safe by keep teasing the reader with unreliable narrator, but in the end they never confirm the reliability of the stories rolled, I think it’s kinda cheap because in the end reader will often “so why they included that subplot if in the end there is no explanation at all?”. Look at tsubasa, we will never now why Kamui and Subaru were running from Seishirou at first place, or why Yuuko kept suggesting the reader Fei Wong Reed is Clow’s relative who never got explanation why he was there at first place.

    Sorry for the long rant, while I’m happy Tsubasa Holic are over, but they almost failed my expectation due unbelievable improvisation in the middle of series (most notably the cloning of Syaoran and Sakura… the clone plot is kinda overused and it’s actually used as deus ex machina in the end).

    Now if only they could continue X…


  11. I’m so… upset about that being Doumeki’s grandson. What a lame way to end it, I think. I’m actually a little bit angry at CLAMP. Nothing actually got solved at all in that chapter. ¬_¬


    • I begin to believe solving mysteries in their universe is not CLAMP’s intention at all.

      All they want to do is to start and end Watanuki and Syaoran & Sakura’s personal story.

      Besides, that opened a lot more possibilities for another crossovers.


  12. I have the suspicion that CLAMP are distracted with Gate 7 and just wanted to get this over with… not unlike me.

    I have to admit though, it is a brilliant act of trolling.


  13. Now Im prolly grasping at straws here but… Mabe there is some hope for us DouWata fans. Cuz theres a timeskip of a hundred years right? According to Wish, it takes a hundred years for someone to be reincarnated… soooo maybe Doumekis grandson is reincarnated Doumeki =D?


    • If you watched Kobato, in the final episode, Kohaku (from Wish) explains the soulmates thing and how “she” and Shuichiro get attracted to each other everytime they return to live.


    • I doubt it.

      He wasn’t born that day. It takes a hundred years since the character dies to be reborn. Do your math.

      If anything, your theory means that Yuuko might reincarnate soon and that was her final message to him. That’s probably what Watanuki is waiting for.


  14. Am I the only one PISSED?!??? I haven’t read the chapter yet but this makes me furious.

    I followed XXXHOlic sincen the beginning and the way CLAMP depicted Doumeki’s love (Platonic love or not) for Watanuki makes me feel so much for Doumeki and now they just jumped 100 years and for some reason, Doumeki married a woman and had grandchildren?!!

    WTF is this BS.

    I have been a loyal fan of CLAMP for years but this it the final straw. I didn’t really care for the other CLAMP relationships (straight or gay) but Doumeki and Watanuki WAS my favorite couple EVER.

    I read new chapters every week. But after this, i’m not even going to bother reading ANY current or future CLAMP series.

    F this.



    • It’s me again but…

      I feel so stupid for crying right now lol. I hope I’m not the only one disappointed.

      God I need to move on. 😦


      • CLAMP is infamous for this kind of thing. Something straightforward is anathema to what CLAMP has done for DECADES. How is this kind of ending unexpected? 😐

        PS: There’s always the idea the marriage was arranged, considering the culture context.


    • I understand how you feel it’s the same for me….I actually cried at the end, and I really mean CRY like if someone had died in real life…even if he’s just a character, it pained me: Doumeki is my favorite character ever, and DouWata the best pairing I ever found…but dont give up completly until we’ve seen the OAD! Also, Im sure CLAMP will create some good manga so you shouldnt give up hope completly


  15. Now I did read the raws and…THAT´s Doumekis GRANDSON??? Ehm…sorry, very sorry, but if THIS is true, it would be the most terrible ending ever, because I can´t accept that some “grandson” takes the role of our true Doumeki, wether that the dumbass Watanuki is waiting for Yuko forever for no reason. She HAD MAKE him CLEAR, that Watanuki should be FREE and live his life! THAT IS HER WISH! I don´t understand Watanuki…I don´t understand Clamp, for such stupid ending, sorry, the egg thing wasn´t clear now…it´s simply terrible. It´s unfair to stall the readers for so long for NOTHING!

    Even if there wouldn´t be a Douwata ending, but I don´t understand why he stays.
    And that Watanuki is in love with yuko is to unreal for me, really, over 15 volumes there were always NEVER little hints about that. I´m really feeling punked right now.

    Of course only then, if the “grandson story” is right. If she´s right, then I will draw my own xxxHolic ending and fuck CLAMP up, so!Hahahah! 😀


    • I think Clamp skip the time to emphasize that Watanuki is trapped in the eternity and he ironically still waits for Yuuko (though she wished him to be free and happy… is he happy now?). Since it’s Clamp, I think the grandson is still the same person.


    • Whoa whoa whoa, calm down. 🙂
      …I understand your (and probably a lot of fangirls’) irritation but.. let me offer another perspective.

      First of all. I think Watanuki is, in his own way, living Yuuko’s promise. Do understand that Watanuki could be so much worse. SO. MUCH. WORSE. What with his ‘popularity’ in the spiritual world. And his actual self, and everything about him. Yes, his payment by itself could be better, but it could also be much worse. (I could name Watanuki offering his spirit/body/soul to whatever supernatural monster/ghost/antromorphification being that’s coming, and that would wreck the xxxHolic’s spiritual balance, if not universe). But no, he lived well. Peacefully. At first, with contacts to people who held him dear. That’s the risk of immortal, seeing people you held dear slowly withering and dying. 😐

      Second of all, in Doumeki’s PoV, that’s actually quite noble. And tragic, but noble still. He could just leave Watanuki alone, you know. He never returned Doumeki’s feelings. But he didn’t. Also, do realize Yuuko’s shop are invisible to those without a need for it. So in its own way, Doumeki’s great grandson would have his own reason to visit Watanuki. I…don’t think ‘an order from my great grandfather’ is a reason quite enough. 😐

      Thirdly, I personally don’t think Watanuki -ever- felt love to Yuuko at all. What I seen from Watanuki is more like..someone waiting for his parents. And we’ve seen a lot of text about how their affection to each other had grown.


    • I agree with you. This is so messed up. I really didn’t expect this ending.

      I’m a Douwata fan but this really made no sense to me. Even though I find it romantic that Doumeki had a son and told him about Watanuki so he can protect him through other means. It just sucks that Watanuki never considered Doumeki’s affection.

      Watanuki is the WORST character in the history of CLAMP for sure. I liked him in the beginning but the way he treated Doumeki is just ridiculous.


      • probably the fact that he’s immortal now counts. 😐 Or that he’s turned into another Yuuko; which means, EVERY favor has their price. Does anyone want to put their loved ones into that kind of contract? “Oh, you want to make love with me? pay.”

        Looking from another perspective, as I said, I really suspect Watanuki knows. But Doumeki never said it to him. He simply came, and came, and stay. (so Watanuki don’t have to pay. It’s out of Doumeki’s own persistence) If he did, maybe Watanuki could brush him off and said “don’t. live happily. marry someone else.” (or maybe, he did, during those timeskips).

        It’s that kind of tragic love where both parties know but still insist. One that CLAMP can obviously pull.

        so..worst, maybe not. But still bad, yes. But I think Watanuki’s case is just tragic.


    • A friend of mine suggested that Doumeki was actually supposed to use the egg when Yuuko first died. But he chose not to, making an excuse to himself, and in doing so he basically condemned Watanuki to living life trapped as he was. He had good intentions (respecting Watanuki’s feelings) but it had bad consequences.

      I actually like this idea – it puts both characters at fault 😡 lol


          • It’s a very good interpretation.

            However, why they keep saying “it’s not the time?” :/ All the Doumeki relatives will be always wondering and choosing eternally not to use it or just eventually will forget about it…?


            • That’s the trick, I think…

              When I first saw this “it’s not the time yet”, I had a completely different interpretation, I thought what most people probably thought: that CLAMP was teasing and STILL wouldn’t show the egg being used. Like a negative thing, like CLAMP didn’t explain about the egg. But they did!

              After reading other people’s interpretations, I realized that this 100 years thing could be like a pattern… just how many times have Doumeki and his relatives thought that it’s not yet the time? Maybe they are just postponing it endlessly because Watanuki wishes so (he doesn’t want to forget Yuuko, therefore, not the time to use the egg).

              So CLAMP showed this pattern one last time with Doumeki’s great-grandson, making the same conclusion his great-grandfather made 100 years ago. I got the feeling that this will keep going forever, or until a Doumeki relative decides to use it (when Watanuki wishes for it).

              Of course, CLAMP might show in the future what happened with the egg, but for now I feel like they want us to see this “loop” instead of waiting for an immediate continuation.

              We could even make some parallel with real life issues regarding people living the same situation over and over because they are afraid of changes.

              Doumeki doesn’t want to use the egg because he thinks this would hurt Watanuki’s feelings (because he would forget Yuuko). But wouldn’t that actually help Watanuki?


              • Wait, if you make that assumption, it could be even worse. By forgetting Yuuko, he could actually turn into Fei Wang and, having forgotten, never recognise himself when confronted with young Watanuki. Maybe what they meant was that kind of backfire if you use an egg that makes you forget something crucial from your life. It could even mean that Fei Wang’s attempt to bring Yuuko back to life is only to recover his own life previous to the memory loss.

                I don’t know, Clamp makes my head spin endlessly if I think too much about it.


                • That could be the case too =) After all we still don’t know where FWR came from and it makes perfect sense to me that he could be a twisted version of Watanuki’s desire to bring Yuuko back.

                  We don’t know the exact consequences of using the egg, but we know what it does: makes Watanuki forget about Yuuko.


              • It’s a clash of humans’ wishes.

                Watanuki wishes to wait for Yuuko.
                Yuuko wishes Watanuki to live his life.
                Doumeki wishes to take care of Watanuki, therefore he will agree with whatever makes Watanuki happy.

                What makes Watanuki happy is waiting for Yuuko.
                Therefore, Doumeki will agree with Watanuki waiting for Yuuko.

                Putting it that way, the ending we had is the most “logical” and truth to the characters.


                • It’s also the most tragic, really. Watanuki wanted to grant Yuuko’s wish, something which he is currently not doing.

                  xxxHOLiC actually had a “Bad End” for Watanuki, even if he doesn’t think so. I think that last page illustrated that beautifully – it gave me the feeling of ‘madness’…like in movies where a character is carried off laughing hysterically at some sort of awful scene. That might be a bit of an over-the-top comparison, but it’s what I thought of. Here we have a picture of Watanuki sitting calmly while watching the moon, just as he has so many times over the last 100+ years. He’s serene, really, even after having that dream and that conversation with new Doumeki. But the way it’s shadowed and the composition…I don’t really know how to explain it, but it gave me the feeling of “This is where Watanuki is, and this is where he is going to stay, and this is not necessarily a good thing for him.” A very powerful image, really.


      • I like this idea too.
        Maybe Doumeki ‘teaches’ his descendents how to use the egg hoping that one of them will have the courage to use the egg when it’s necessary.


  16. And where are Maru, Moro and Mokona?

    Why CLAMP didn´t take the time skip of 100 years BEFORe Rou begins?

    No no…I don´t believe that this is really Shizukas grandson. ^^””


    • “I don´t believe that this is really Shizukas grandson”

      Wait why?? o.0

      I’m upset that Doumeki married a woman and had children. I was hoping Doumeki and Watanuki would live together and had a wonderful life and then die together but obviously that didn’t happen…

      But why do you think that’s NOT Shizuka’s grandson? Did you read anything from the chapter? I didn’t understand any of the convos lol.


          • Yes I agree about the OAD but I don’t want to see Doumeki ending up with someone else still CLAMP are right to end it the way they want it is there story and obviously this is how they want to end it and I must pull myself out off this horrible feeling I have plans for the day.


            • It’s not out of the ordinary that CLAMP does this. They did that to Saya and Toru from X/1999.

              Saya is Kotori and Fūma’s mother. It is revealed in the manga that Saya married Kyōgo (Fuma’s father) only to be at the Togakushi Shrine to take the place of her true love, Tōru Shirō. Toru is Kamui’s mother.

              So in xxxholic’s case, Doumeki married for the sake of Watanuki. Doumeki didn’t love the woman he married…

              Hope that helps relieve some of those horrible feeling you have been having.

              Trust me, I went from VERY MAD to “okay, that works too”.


              • Well hopefully you are right and in the OAD we may no for sure either way I like CLAMPS story’s and in the begging it was heaps of fun I hope for a happier ending in the future for Watanuki.


    • you know I was thinking the same thing! What happend to Maru, Moro ve Mokona.

      Also, 100 years has passed, and we don’t know what happend to TRC gang either. I was hoping CLAMP would at least gave us some little hints about them. Did Syaron find Sakura, or they just died in their journey.


      • I don’t think that it was 100 years for the TRC gang though, because when they visited Watanuki in Rou Kurogane asks Fai how long has it been since they left Clow Kingdom and according to Fai it was only 2 years really while in Watanuki’s world it was 10 years

        Stupid time difference .________.


  17. Sorry, but I´m very, very angry now…Q__Q

    That´s not fair….
    I hope, that this would not be the last and we can turn back time, or Shizuka stop his time too and Watanuki doesn´t know it. But seriously chibiyuuto, where is in xxxHolic the logic then? Why CLAMP then made so much hints about the egg, Doumeki and so on if we don´t get answers? I´m so sad, really…I hope, Watanuki will die.


  18. Like everyobody else I’m very mad! Not so so much, because it doesn’t surprise me that CLAMP didn’t give us a good ending but… xxxHOLIC was one of my favourite series. I really like the not-Rou parte, it was so interesting and misterious and stuff! The Rou part really gets me on my nerves because all de Tsuba-Holic parts mix the storie so badly that, as you say chibiyuuto, we lose completely the plot!
    The small plotlines were AGAIN lost! Just like TSUBASA!! Were is the ZASHIKIWARASHI!!! I miss her a LOT! ;”'( I though she would marry Watanuki or sort of. She was SO CUTE.
    Mugetsu is also forgotten. It’s like “Oh yeah, your name is Mugetsu” And BANG! He vanishes!
    And Himawari!! :”'(

    Um… And yeah, I don’t like the grandson part. It’s like cute but… And Doumeki and his story? And the misterious egg?
    … I really wish a second part of xxxHOLIC. Maybe like X, because a direct continue like Magic Knight would be…. a little too soon. And, as you remember, the second part of magic Knight really lost the funny happy meaning.

    I’ve writen too much hahahaha I only wish Kobato isn’t going to end like this. That story is very nice, cute and everything. Hope the same for Gate7.

    I’m hoping to see another happy and well described ending, like CCS, Chobits, Angelic Layer, Suki. Dakara Suki and others.

    Thanks as always chibiyuuto!


  19. I’m trying to be positive, although this chapter was rather anti-climatic. But at least Watanuki isn’t bound to the shop anymore. And so that’s really Doumeki’s grandson?


    • I’m also thinking the same thing! There’s also a possible thing that maybe he was Shizuka’s great grandson due to his cousin or something. I mean there’s a possible isn’t??


      • That’s possible but I doubt it. He looks EXACTLY like Doumeki.

        It sucks that CLAMP had to do this for the ending. I’m reading on the chinese forums and most of the reviews were negative.


  20. I from what I’ve read here, I will like the ending. It’s very appropriate for the series and somewhat canonizes the pair I ship (WataYuu). So I’m pleased overall. 🙂 Though, we need the official translations first. ;P


    • I just finished reading the chapter in Chinese and nope, this doesn’t canonizes your favorite pair (WataYuu), sorry to say.

      If anything, this CANONIZES Douwata more than anything. Doumeki and Watanuki will have had a longer connection than Watanuki and Yuuko.

      Also, there is a huge possibility that the current boy with Watanuki is the reincarnation of Shizuka.


      • I said “sorta” *pokes above* Really I think it’s more like Tsubasa though; nothing’s really canon, so everyone can have their pair. 🙂 But seeing Yuko smile so much made me smile a lot too.


        • Yuuko is actually my FAVORITE character in CLAMP history lol. But i just can’t see Yuuko and Watanuki together romantically. Yuuko even supported DouWata.

          But yeah, seeing Yuko smile was the highlight of the chapter but too bad there was no conversation.


          • Nope, no pair but Syaoran and Sakura, which was established in CCS. There are enough hints for both KuroMoyo and KuroFai, but enither is officially confirmed, though many KuroFai fans beleive their pair is canon, which is not true.


              • In CCS, her love was not returned. Not only that, but Yuko herself says many things cane change; the same face but a different person. What stays the same is the basic essence. For Tomoyo, it would be her love to dress up Sakura, her kindness, her wisdom and her understanding of others. Her sexual preferences can change.

                That’s what I got anyway. And Tomoyo-hime never really seemed to be more romantically inclined towards Sakura in Tsubasa.


                • If I have learnt anything about Clamp once there feelings are Canon buy the end of a series if it hasent changed they don’t change it isnt the normal world it is the Clamp world Tomoyo’s mother was the same though she was with someone else she only ever truly loved Sakura’s mother.


                  • *sigh* I won’t kick a dead horse with you please. Tsubasa gave enough material for both pairs, reguardless of which you prefer. If you do not see that, then you are too focused on the pair you prefer.


                    • I no Fai and Kurogane is not Canon and shipping them has nothing to do with it because i dont ship anyone really I am just saying she will never love him the same way she loves Sakura Yuuko said there are different worlds that is true and things do change but it she also said there not the same but it will be them about Sakura and Sayoran same people on different worlds just living different lives I am just saying it would be the same for Tomoyo as well.


                    • I’m sorry but I have this feeling that you DO NOT like any same-sex pairings. It seems you’re against ANY kind of BL or GL pairings.

                      Also, it’s pretty homophobic of you to say “Her sexual preferences can change.”

                      That is NOT true!

                      CLAMP has never said anything like that.

                      Stop lying to get your point across.


  21. Does anyone think the ending hints VERY BIG that Doumeki actually reincarnated? The way he said “It looks like it’s STILL not time to use this EGG.” this indicates that Doumeki must have asked for a wish to be reincarnated in a few hundred years to be with Watanuki. He somehow must have remembered his past life later on in High School etc.

    If this is true, they will be the LONGEST love couple in CLAMP history.


    • By reincarnated, I meant that the current Doumeki in the final chapter IS Doumeki Shizuka.

      Even Watanuki tells him that he reminds him of Shizuka SO MUCH. Not just “SO MUCH” but he said “to the point of 100%”. Which means, CLAMP is really trying to tell us Shizuki continues to love Watanuki even after he died so he wishes to be reincarnated sometime in the future and continue this relationship with him.

      Of course, we know Shizuka REALLY wishes he can use the egg but he also wants to have Watanuki’s FINAL SAY. Maybe the time comes when Watanuki falls in love with Shizuka and move on in the future.


      • Yeah she slept for 100 years but when you calculate the time Watanuki waited for Yuuko. Wata could have waited for over 200 years lol.

        Watanuki is such a baka!

        I can’t decide if this is a happy ending or sad ending.


        • Ah. might be! ^_^

          I don’t think he’s stupid. He’s doing what he felt was right. Like Yuko-sensei said, to those looking it, it may seem like deep misfourtune, but it is their choice.

          I think it’s a bittersweet ending personally. I love those the best!


  22. NO, the sentence “It looks like it’s STILL not time to use this EGG” is nothing than a BITTER, VERY BITTER IRONIC, because the Domeki about 100 years ago couldn´t use it too, so NO ONE WILL EVER COULD USE THIS EGG!

    Doumeki always had make save, that Watanuki won´t be die alone sometimes…that´s so cruel sad.

    Honestly, If I would see this kind of story in a movie, than I would find it absolutly great, but here, I began to like the figures VERY VERY much for such a LONG time! That is a BIG difference, which CLAMP didn´t calculate. So it seems.


    • I can definitely see that happening. Watanuki finds out New!Doumeki is actually the Old!Doumeki and was moved to tears by the fact that Doumeki was always by his side these hundreds of years.

      Then Doumeki uses the egg and they live happily ever after.


  23. He once forgot his parents, that was already hard enough, and then that? And if we think about it: Only because of Yuko he met his friends like Kohane, Himawari, the old lady, and Doumeki! What if those memories would be erased too? That´s maybe the point. 😦

    I don´t think the egg will ever be used, the only way is that Watanuki is going to stop waiting and New!Doumeki has to say that he loves Watanuki. Other than that I see no good future.

    Maybe xxxHolic is in a timeloop too and Watanuki will grow up(by magic) to Clow. Haruka(!) then would be one of the last Doumekis. That could be explain why Doumeki looks like his “grandfather”.
    Haruka could be the first one who used the egg on Watanuki/Clow and that´s why Watanuki then is so angry about Doumeki, who looks like Haruka who has once used the egg…xD



  24. But even that…in my opinion it is very romatically from Domeki that he highly made it possible that he will be reborn. I think its no coincidence that the New!Doumeki looks like the Old!Doumeki!

    So…Watanuki…even if this dumbass will wait forever, there will always be a Doumeki by his side! Q__________Q


      • You’re right. Looks like the Japanese fans read the chapter and came to the conclusion that Doumeki reincarnated as well.

        So us, the english speaking community is not alone in that thought.

        Maybe that’s how CLAMP wants to portray this.

        I can’t wait to see that OAV.


  25. I’m with you mostly, Yuuto-san.

    In my opinion, it’s avery satisfying ending for xxxHOLiC·Rou, but not for xxxHOLiC (and they just cannot leave the “egg” like an eternal plot-hole).

    I’m sure CLAMP will tell us about a proper end somewhere in the future, like in Tokyo Babylon, or will close the “eternal travel” and “eternal waiting” from this cycle in my desired HoliTsuba ending.
    Probably even CLAMP and fans need to wait to the “right time” to come to know about the real “end of the stories”.

    Until that, farewell, xxxHOLiC, see you later!


    • I’m glad you are pleased with the ending! I’m more pleased with it than I was after reading the ending for the first time.

      I think it’s perfect, it’s the usual bittersweet “happy ending” by CLAMP. It’s a happy ending, but a heavy price was paid in order to have it.

      We always knew Watanuki would own the store after Yuuko, right when XXXHOLiC started, it was clear that Yuuko was training him to take over the shop. So this is what we all hoped for, right? =)

      And it’s totally a “see you later”, I am sure we will see some sort of continuation through future CLAMP works, direct or indirectly.


  26. Hmm… I think I must have missed the penultimate chapter, since while on a translation hunt, I ran into it instead of a last chapter translation.

    I guess I don’t mind how xxxHOLIC ended, looking at the conclusion as an entirely singular moment of the manga – I think it fits for the most part, in spite of the loose ends. It was certainly lovely to see Yuuko again.

    I guess it was a little disappointing, not because it was open ended conclusion, but because I felt that the story became stagnated after Watanuki became the shopkeeper. The story followed the monster-of-the-week approach and the time-skips to establish Watanuki settling into the role of shopkeeper and waiting (possibly forever) for Yuuko, but after awhile, it sorta became frustrating that nothing seemed to be changing for Watanuki.

    I have to admit, I’m a bit relieved that it’s over. It was artistically interesting with Mokona and Nekoi both working as primary artists and I liked it’s metaphysical role of linking itself to other CLAMP works. And the Japanese folklore in the story was the most appealing aspect for me.


    • Whoa… nevermind, now that I’ve read the translation.

      That was… trippy to say the least. Maybe that was too open-ended, even for CLAMP, but for Doumeki’s descendants to pass down that egg that does nothing until Watanuki is willing to let go of Yuuko sounds so scary and sad almost. There’s a sense of being stuck in a dream and never waking, but never being aware that you’re dreaming either.


    • I have to admit, I’m a bit relieved that it’s over. It was artistically interesting with Mokona and Nekoi both working as primary artists and I liked it’s metaphysical role of linking itself to other CLAMP works. And the Japanese folklore in the story was the most appealing aspect for me.

      Couldn’t have said in a better way 😉


          • Re: The simbol

            oh my gosh. if you looked at Fei Wong Reed’s Kanji…


            飛 = Fly
            王 = King

            his name could be compounded with 鳥 (Tori) which is Watanuki’s symbol. which turned out to be 飛鳥 (Hichou) Flying Bird. And Chou is the spelling of 蝶 (Butterfly) which is Yuuko’s symbolism.

            Coincidence? O_o


            • Re: The simbol

              I always thought Fei Wang’s name was intriguing… CLAMP always picks names very carefully and they are always full of meaning.

              Maybe you are right 😉

              I think it would totally make sense of FWR was a twisted alternated version of Watanuki’s strong desire of bringing Yuuko back. We know he is not human because when he died, his body disappeared just like the clones.


              • Re: The simbol

                HAHAHA… u’re so right.
                But how twisted is that!? Watanuki being Clow Reed!? Watanuki being FWR!? Alternated version!? FWR= Flying bird (which by the way I didn’t know this)!? @_@
                Gosh, CLAMP really wants to drive us crazy…

                I have to say that I’m really disappointed with this ending…
                First, because the whole “a 100 hears have passed” it’s totally insane. We already had this problem in Wish and Kobato. Why they have to keep using this resource?
                Second, Yuuko not talking and the whole vision being a long long time dream of her doesn’t fit my head.
                Third, the egg having a using “very soon” and have passed 100 years and still be an egg is so… AGGG!!!
                Fourth and probably most important, at least for me, is… 19 volumes and an open endyng!? Come on!! I have to go through that with Tsubasa, probably my favourite CLAMP manga, and now I have to live it as well with Holic!? That’s not fair for sure. It’s been 8 years and 19 volumes… come on! gime me some explanation. At least… something of FWR, Clow, Yuuko, anything…
                Besides, it was disappointed to see Yuuko for only four or five pages… 😦

                Anyway, besides all, I’m glad Holic ended and maybe now CLAMP can work on X or Gohou Drug… I love those mangas!!! CLAMP: work on them!!! PLEASE!!!


                • Re: The simbol

                  I know that CLAMP said in an iterview a while back they won’t finish X/1999. They said they had stopped because it was too politically charged and touchy at the time and now it’s been too long. They DO have an ending writen out however (I expected nothing less from Ohkawa-sensei) but they won’t publish it.

                  As for Legal Drug, It looks interesting without a doubt and hope they continue it too.


  27. 123871893247 Doumeki’s grandson and Doumeki being reincarnated posts later…

    why do I have a weird feeling that the xxxHOLiC OAD is going to end everything like the manga? o__o I mean it isnt impossible is it? I heard the OAD focuses on Doumeki’s life a lot and I just have this weird hunch….


  28. I want to cry when I think about Doumeki’s unrequited love for Watanuki. This is seriously the MOST heartbreaking love couple in CLAMP history!

    I mean, Subaru’s story is sad too but at least we know that Seishirō returned his feelings.

    But Doumeki has been in love with Watanuki for YEARS and YEARS. and now that he even reincarnated to be with Watanuki. That means, he’s in love with Watanuki for hundreds of years.


    • It’s only heartbreaking for us, but probably not them. And CLAMP.

      And Seishirou’s reciprocation is mostly speculated because of his reply not shown to the audience.

      There’s still the off chance there is an epilogue, like Tsubasa. I’m surprised no one mentioned a possibility throughout all the messages so far.


  29. Does anyone realize Yuuko is symbolised as Butterfly (which is spelled Chou in japanese) and Watanuki eventually symbolised as bird (Tori)? My friend who is fluent in japanese said Tori could also be spelled as “Chou” if compounded with another kanji (for example Hakuchou 白鳥 = White Bird = Swan)

    Call me over analysing, but I’m wondering if it might be related to their real name… I could be wrong though.


  30. Oh wow, it’s finish, I saw the raws and just waiting on the scanlations.

    So the total of volumes is 19? *going to get the rest I need in english when it comes out.

    btw: I’m following you on Twitter. *my id there is mizunotsubasa*


  31. i hope they make an epilogue like tsubasa, because honestly i liked Tsubasa ending better than this and that’s not saying much 😛

    does anyone know if someone translated it already


  32. I second a epilogue!
    Thank you so much for the links & the info/spoilers ^_^

    I pretty much agree with everyone, I’m a little disappointed because it didn’t resolve anything and it was way too open for me (now I really hate that egg ¬_¬) but Oh well, I guess we should know better by now, it’s CLAMP so don’t expect a “proper” end at least no when they say “series final” xD
    Anyway, I guess the whole “Rou” lacked of changes & plot & different conclusions at some point *sigh* and watching Yuuko at least was really lovely and sad because with the new time skip we see that he’s still “waiting”

    I still can’t believe the 100 years O_O /but I like it :3


  33. I believe that the great grandson is a reincarnation, for the following reasons: he is very similar, he has the egg (although it might have been passed on for generations or something), he took his place very naturally next to Watanuk, and in Wish they said that reincarnation takes about 100 years or so. And it would somehow fit this persistent guy that is Doumeki.


  34. I don’t think people need to worry about DouWata. I for one, am still convinced it’s canon, and I didn’t ship them that much.
    CLAMP’s married their characters off to characters that weren’t their significant others before.
    I mean, Fuuma’s mother and Kamui’s mother? They went and had their boys (and girl) with different men, and yet they were still soulmates.
    Also, the fact that Not!Doumeki looks so very like Doumeki… kinda speaks for itself, for me. Nothing about his appearence reflects anything about his mother. I honestly believe that Doumeki married some poor woman in order to produce more Doumekis (haha that sounds so twisted), knowing that one day, he’d pass on, and he wanted to always be with Watanuki in some shape or form. I’m not saying Watanuki x Not!Doumeki. I’m saying that it’s a bit like… Not!Doumeki contains the essence of Doumeki, so he and Watanuki are still together in some odd, twisted way.
    I still fully believe it’s canon, and I’d hate to see DouWata fans thinking CLAMP has destroyed their pairing.
    Doumeki and Watanuki have been through far, far too much to NOT be canon by now.


    • Re: Pages missing

      Thanks to my helpful Chinese sites (plus the fact that I’m learning it in school), I’ve been able to translate the pages
      for the first one (with Doumeki great grandon is asking him a question)
      Doumeki: You don’t want to forget/ about Yuuko-san?
      Kimihiro: No
      Kimihiro: And, even if I can leave this shop, I will continue to work here. (or run the shop, however you want to say it)

      second page
      Kimihiro: Even if I waited for the dream to vanish/ I still would not be able to see
      The real Yuuko-san

      There might be an error or two, but hope this helps.


  35. I thought the time skip was greater than 100 years. Either way I’m happy that Kimihiro can FINALLY leave the shop. The only major question I have (besides the whereabouts of Mokona) is what about Tsubasa? If Kimihiro got his wish, shouldn’t Tsubasa get his as well?


  36. I feel kinda underwhelmed by the ending much like how I felt overwhelmed as Tsubasa ended, though I suppose we really can’t call it an ending at all, since this is essentially an open-ended conclusion. :\


  37. Like you said, it could be another Tokyo Babylon, but I have a feeling they might make a epilogue. >_< Why? Because to me, XHolic was always like a sister to Tsubasa, a…sorta guide. In my opinion, Tsubasa had a definite plot line, but XXXHolic was like a companion to it and even though it had its own story, i felt the main goal was to support Tsubasa. So it'll be fitting for it to have a nice lil epilogue. 🙂

    Plus, XXXHolic's like Clamp School Detectives, that didn't have a major plot but it was still fun to read.

    That's what I don't get, the 100 year thing. How is that possible? He was still talking to Himewari-chan and Kohane showed up several times. ….O.o I never recalled they skipping any years during the time Watanuki took over the shop to the last chapter.


  38. Wow, I must be really dense,since I have only known that Doumeki likes Watanuki on this day.

    It was a surprise that this “Doumeki” isn’t Doumeki. I like that 4 generations of Doumekis visited Watanuki and still kept the egg (if Doumeki and his great grandson visited Watanuki, so must be his son and grandson). It’s like a Doumeki tradition. Cool.

    Btw, I have always thought that Doumeki and Kohane were together. Seems that I was wrong.


  39. I’m kinda lost, since when can Watanuki use the circle of Clow ?
    I remember Card Captors Sakura, that Sakura could only use the circle, because she was using Clow magic. Whe she started to use her own magic, the circle and the wand changed.

    I know, i mean, i guess that i know HAHAHAH. I never understood the thing about Syaoran. So, Watanuki is a part of Syaoran/another Syaoran/Syaoran clone/Syaoran husband ? I remember i read that a lot of times but i never truly get it HAHAHAHA.

    However, in Card Captors Sakura, Syaoran know about Clow magic because he was clow’s descendant, but i remember he could only use Clow’s magic, the circle and stuuf, because he used Clow’s power as well. Anyway, Watanuki use his own power, right ? So why Clow’s circle appeared while he was doing magic ? That confused the hell of me HAHAHAHAH.

    And other thing, if Watanuki is a part of Syaoran/another Syaoran/Syaoran clone/Syaoran husband, why he lookn like Clow and Eriol ? Oh my, he is the adult eriol for me, i was even comparing their outfits, this Eriol’s outfit ( is so like the outfit Watanuki used on this chapter.

    And Watanuki can only remember his childhood when he is about ten or eleven, the age Eriol was when he go to England with Mizuki.

    And Mizuki is so like Yuuko as well. /

    I’m so confused, i’ll never read anothet CLAMP work after this! HAHAHAHAH (Ok, i’m lying because i’m reading GATE 7 and Kobato and i’m sure when it’s ends, i’ll be even more confused than i’m now, i think i understood the final of tsubasa better than this one ._.)


    • Just re-read tha chapter and searched for a while.

      I’m kinda strange, i ship DouWata and WataYuu, but i made a theory (which makes sense for me HAHAHHAHA) that Watanuki is truly the reincarnation of Eriol/Clow, and the Syaoran is, somehow, the reincarnation of Fujitaka. It makes sense, so they’re the same person, because they’re parts of Clow’s soul.

      So Watanuki is a copy of Syaoran, and Syaoran is a copy of Watanuki as well. It’s the same storyline as Eriol/Fujitaka, they’re the copies of each other.

      I know Watanuki was “made” to full the gap Syaoran left behind. But why does he need to be EXACTLY like Eriol/Clow ? I mean Fujitaka is a part of Clow’s soul and he has nothing to do with Clow/Eriol in his looks, and even FWR. But Watanuki shares even the same like of outfits XD.

      I guess this all Watanuki has been thought is the price he had to pay of his wish to make Yuuko alive and for all the complications this wish had.

      Yuuko waited for Clow over than a hundred years, maybe Clow had to wait over a hundred years to meet Yuuko again, without any complication.

      As Clow divided his soul, if Watanuki is the reincarnation of Eriol, it would explain why Watanuki’s wish to bring Yuuko back to life (AGAIN) never came true, because he don’t have the power to do it (again), so there is no loop and his wish can’t create a FWR 2.

      And it would explain the dream and the egg. In that dream, we see a caged bird (Watanuki) then yuuko set his free, and he goes after the butterfly (Yuuko). I think the dream means this Doumeki needs to use the egg, so Watanuki would forget Yuuko, and so then he would be able to meet her again.

      The reincarnation of Yuuko and the Watanukin without his memories would meet and live their lifes without any intervention.

      Anyway, Holic can be more disturbing than Black Swan HAHAHAHAHA.


    • Watanuki’s parents are the reincarnated clones of Sakura and Syaoran from T.R.C.; his father was able to use Clow’s magic due to being Clow’s “descendant.” As such, since Watanuki is also Clow’s “descendant,” he can use Clow’s magic circle. (Of course, it took him over a hundred years to be able to use it, and he’s still far weaker than Yuuko — and, thus Clow, who we can assume was more “powerful” than Yuuko due to the whole “strongest magician in the world” thing.)

      Trust me, Watanuki isn’t Clow, Eriol, Fujitaka, or any combination of the above. He was initially another Syaoran who, due to Yuuko’s intervention, was able to grow up and become his own person.


      • But that is the problem, if he is another Syaoran Who, he is supposed to fall in love with Sakura, right ? But he meet Sakura in his dreams and he never felt anything for her, however, he spent over a hundred years waiting for Yuuko.

        I know people say he is in love with Doumeki. If this “Doumeki” is the reincarnation of Shizuka Doumeki, i’m almost sure Doumeki loves Watanuki. But … Watanuki waited for Yuuko for so long, and even “Doumeki” knows if he forget about her, Watanuki will suffer. I’m also almost sure Watanuki is in love with Yuuko, and he wishes to meet her so hard, that if he was as powerful as the original Clow, his wish would become a FWR 2. And as Yuuko says, there is no coincidence, only hitsuzen XD. And for me, the biggest coincidence of Holic, is that Watanuki looks exactly like Clow/Eriol.


        • He started out as another Syaoran (hence why Yuuko and F.W.R. reiterated that he and R!Syaoran were “one and the same”), but a big chunk of xxxHOLiC was devoted to Watanuki’s becoming something more than just a Syaoran-replacement. By the time he met Sakura in the dream world, he was enough of a “Watanuki” to not be her soulmate.

          That said, I don’t think Yuuko is supposed to be Watanuki’s soulmate, either. She was a strong mentor figure in Watanuki’s life, possibly even becoming something of a surrogate mother to him — something which, for someone who can’t remember his own parents, must have meant a lot more than just a romantic attraction. Thus, the hundred-year-wait isn’t necessarily an indicator that Watanuki is in love with Yuuko. (Moreover, the chances of Watanuki becoming as powerful as Clow was are slim, given that — as I mentioned before — he still can’t counteract the effects of a spell Yuuko used before her death, despite honing his powers for a century.)

          Finally, there are actually some noticeable physical differences between Watanuki and Clow. (I won’t say Eriol, since CCS has some weird differences between adults and children — we have no idea what Eriol’s going to look like when he finally grows up!) If you look carefully at both color images and images from the two series, you should notice that Clow has a darker skin tone, wider jaw and mouth, narrower eyes, and an overall much larger build than Watanuki — even taking into account the fact that Watanuki’s only around 17. We know how much more Watanuki can expect to grow thanks to Doumeki in Rou; if he’s slightly shorter than Yuuko at 17, then there’s no way he can manage to become over two heads taller than her (as Clow is, if that one xxxHOLiC color spread and that panel from Kobato are any indication). Also, Clow’s biracial ancestry is clearly indicated in his features, whereas Watanuki at least looks Japanese enough to never warrant anyone commenting on his “foreignness.”

          That’s not to say that his resemblance to Clow is a coincidence, though — F.W.R. himself comments on how Watanuki looks like Clow when he was young, and how Clow must have predicted that. My understanding is that Clow interfered with the creation of the “surrogate” Syaoran (i.e., Watanuki) in such a way as to make it more possible for him to become his own person, simply by giving him an entirely different appearance. Clow could have just used himself as a visual template. 😀

          Of course, if you want a fan-girlish opinion, then Clow could have intended Watanuki to look like his and Yuuko’s son. Watanuki does look just as much like Yuuko as he does Clow — even to the point where he could just wear a wig, put on some makeup, and pad his chest to impersonate her.


  40. The ending was disappoint me a lot, I expected there were more than this, such as conversation or maybe some explanations about things. After reading over and over I realized maybe that is good for Watanuki, althought is quite sad. I hope the OAD will be better


  41. Actually, i thought about Sakura being the reincarnation of Nadeshiko as well. Because the final Sakura and Syaoran of TCR aren’t Sakura/Syaoran from another worlds, they’re Tsubasa. As Syaoran was firstly the child of Sakura and Syaoran Li, so he couldn’t be Syaoran.

    Anyway, it’s really confusing XD. But i don’t consider the “Sakura” and the “Syaoran” of TRC as being the souls of Sakura and Syaoran on another world, i guess the main point about it is that they’re not named Sakura and Syaoran.


    • Their names are Tsubasa, but they’re still the same souls.
      I mean, it’s not a coincidence that their alternate names are the same as their real names in other worlds. (Hitsuzen)
      Besides, even if they had no correlation to those names, they’d still be the same souls. You can’t expect to have the same name every time; that’d be ridiculous! xD


  42. I, myself, am also feeling a little uncomfortable about the ending. However, I was really more into the anime than the manga. And from what I can tell from the Ro ova. There are some hints that Yuko may be alive. Also I saw a screenshot from the new one, and Yuko is there! So maybe the new Ova will answer some questions that the manga couldn’t. And who knows? Maybe they might sneak in an epilogue chapter in the 19th volume.


  43. When I first read the last chapter, I was PISSED. It was so nice for me up until the surprise Doumeki part. But now that I’ve calmed down and read other people’s views, I’m sort of okay with it. Still angry that they forced Doumeki away from Watanuki, though…

    And am I the only one creeped out about the Doumeki/Kohane speculations?


  44. I know CLAMP has its unique style and everything… but this ending was disappointing, to me at least…. it felt weak, xxxHOLiC was not the most powerful series, granted, but there is no closure and Watanuki is just too fine in that conform zone to move on… 100 years clamp, 100 freaking years and counting.

    God, I so wish they just finish the good ones like X someday and not like this.


  45. Мышка под кантру и другие шутеры

    Доброго времени суток! Решил я тогда себе мышку сменить, урывками в кантру поигрываю, следовательно брать не простую какую-нить мышку аля джениус =) а чтоб дпи можно было менять резво и чтоб боковые кнопки были, рассматривал варианты крутых мышек – типа раптора, но они однако дорогие, вообщем мой выбор остановился на мышке [url=]Мышь A4 X-710FS-1[/url] – у неё трапезничать боковые кнопки, кнопка смены дпи и супер-пупер кнопка это 3-Fire – три выстрела одной кнопкой! самая тема чтобы кантры, преимущественно ради любителей пострелять из калаша в башку медленным ботам, рекомендую =)


  46. Maybe it’s been too long since I last read xxxHolic, but… is it the first time we see Watanuki has the same magic circle as Clow? Is he a young Clow? Was Yuuko waiting for her clow to come back first and then Clow was waiting for his Yuuko to return? He never get his memories back from black Mokona, right?

    That cage, it’s definitely the one he was sent to deliver to the old man, the one with the Clover birds…

    So the second egg was never used, even 100 years later…

    So many unanwsered question! T_T

    As for my general impression of the series, I liked the short stories, it remind me of Tokyo Babylon. I liked the glipse of Japanese folklore. I didn’t like the Koane story, too long, too overly complicated. The link with Tsubasa were nice. The series dragged too long after Yuuko’s death, it wasn’t as enjoyable without her and it felt like they couldn’t end the series properly.

    I liked xxxHolic more because I ressented Tsubasa for ending X and Gouhou Drug. Yeah, you can call me silly…

    > Yuuko is definitely one of the greatest characters ever created by CLAMP. It’s that character that you hope CLAMP had created before, it feels like she had always been there, it is hard to imagine the CLAMP world where Yuuko doesn’t exist.

    I can’t agree more, she’s the female version of Clow, I hope we’ll heard of her later in the next Clamp series.

    > Now I wonder if the “sequel” of XXXHOLiC will be something straight-forward like “Magic Knight Rayerath 2” (a direct sequel) or something more subtle such as “X, featuring the characters of Tokyo Babylon” (a new work where the XXXHOLiC characters are part of and we learn what happens to them).

    I bet Watanuki will be there up till the end of Clamp’s career as the shop owner who grant wishes, he’ll be there for years, unchanged.

    > So 100 years or so have passed? And that is not Doumeki, but his great-grandson? That makes things a little more complicated for a sequel (how would they deal with the 100 years time skip? It would be XXXHOLiC meets Chobits xD). But still, they left the egg without an explanation… the door is open…

    Watanuki may meet Chobits or Clover (it would be nice to have Clover as part of Clampverse time line). Then, maybe we’ll meet a time traveler character, Card Captor Sakura maybe? If we where introduced to Doumeki’s great-grand-son, he’s probably the one who will use the egg in some other series.


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