Review: Sakura and the Two Teddy Bears OAD

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

The 3rd volume of Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ bundled with the Sakura and the Two Teddy Bears OAD was released two days ago in Japan.

By now there should be plenty of links available on the internet. If you search around, you should be able to find one and watch it if you haven’t done so yet.

I wrote a little review for it and you can read it below.

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Drug & Drop Prologue

Chinese scans available here. Translations by tsuyuhime available here.

At least I think this is Chapter 1… it doesn’t say anywhere. It’s actually a prologue, not chapter 1. It says so in Japanese on the colour page – 予章 – and there is text on the last page saying that “the story really starts in next issue”.


BLOOD-C #10 (#8 and #9 too)

RAW version available here | Subbed version by OX fansubs available here.

Episodes 8 and 9 subbed by Underwater fansubs here.

Impressions (spoilers ahead):

– Episodes 8 and 9 were more entertaining to watch than 10 (this one was so sloooooow!!). Strange creatures aside, I liked all the killings (how morbid of me!) for episodes 8 and 9, even though they were censored for the TV.

– Episode 10 was more painful to watch. The pacing is so slow! When you keep checking the progress bar to see how much episode there is left, you know something is wrong! I think we had 2 minutes of a scene of Saya drinking coffee? Seriously…

– At first I was surprised that this show would be 12 episodes, but now I completely understand it, and I would say 12 is too much. You could easily tell such a story in 6 episodes, the pacing is just too slow.

– With 2 episodes left, things are starting to wrap up, and Saya is realizing that everything around her is fake (about time!).

– I am struggling to watch this series, if CLAMP wasn’t involved, I wouldn’t have reached this far into it.


RAW version available here | Subbed version by Underwater fansubs available here.

Impressions (spoilers ahead):

– I dare to say this was by far the most CLAMPish episode so far (and also the one I enjoyed the most).

– WTF THE DOG IS WATANUKI WTFFFF! I could never have guessed @_@ I didn’t think CLAMP would put BLOOD-C into one of their universes! This changes everything. I wonder if it was another CLAMP character who asked Watanuki to grant their wish.

– Fight scenes look still a bit cheap but when they are not fighting the animation looks OK.

– I’m getting more excited about BLOOD-C, specially after this episode! It took long but things are looking much better now…


RAW version available here | Subbed version by Underwater fansubs available here.

Impressions (spoilers ahead):

– I think this episode took the show to a different emotional level. There were “deaths” of two important characters (I said “deaths” because I’m not sure this is real life they are living anymore). It put the show in a new level and the creatures look more dangerous now.

– No silly songs, yay =)

– Sometimes I still caught myself thinking that this looks nothing like a CLAMP work, I’m talking about the scene with the shadow creature, more precisely… must be the collaboration factor.

– What with Saya being Fumito’s most important person? (<- CLAMP factor here).

– So the dog thing finally spoke and told Saya to wake up. Is she livig a dream?

– We are halfway through the TV Series, 12 episodes are expected, and we have the movie, too.


RAW version available here | Subbed version by Underwater fansubs available here.

Impressions (spoilers ahead):


– The story told by the teacher… I wonder if any of the citizens is actually an Elder Bairn.

– Speaking of the Elder Bairns, can they get any more bizarre? That eye thing O__o

– By the way the fighting scene was so lame. BLOOD-C is so lame =__= I’m really struggling to like this anime.

We’re almost half-way through it, I will watch the remaining 7 episodes. Looks like the next one will air only on August 18?