CLAMP BOOK #6 (CLAMP doujinshi) – Video Review

Did you know that RG Veda appeared for the first time in doujinshi format? It was CLAMP‘s first original doujinshi called RG Veda ~DISCO VERSION~

Find out more about it on this video review of CLAMP BOOK #6


CLAMP BOOK #5 (CLAMP doujinshi) – Video Review

The video review of CLAMP BOOK #5 is here!

This is a CLAMP doujinshi about Yoshiki Tanaka’s works, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Legend of the Galactic Heroes) and Sohryuden.

Hope you like it!

CLAMP Doujinshis Video Reviews

Hey everyone!

Today I’m introducing my new video series in which I will do reviews for CLAMP’s early doujinshis.

This is something I’ve been working on in my mind for a long time and finally managed to do it.

It is actually very fitting considering 2019 is CLAMP’s 30th Anniversary so it’s a great way to look back at their origins.

The first video is already available. Hope you like it!

Review: Card Captor Sakura Clear Card arc TV Anime – Episode 8



Episode 8 – Sakura, The Clock and a Hide and Seek Game

Card Captor Sakura Clear Card TV Anime is being broadcast in several countries around the world via online services in a simultaneous or semi-simultaneous fashion. Please check the guide below to see if your country is included:

Where can I watch Card Captor Sakura Clear Card TV Anime? – A useful guide

If you watch the anime via one of these channels, you’ll be supporting the creators and helping to make Card Captor Sakura even more popular worldwide.