Happy Birthday Mokona!

Yesterday was the birthday of Mokona, the woman whose hands were blessed by the gods. Congratulations Mokona-sensei!

I’m sure she must be a huge source of inspiration for many artists out there, and I’m also sure she must be responsible for bringing a good part of their readers into reading CLAMP for the first time. The visual appeal was the first contact with CLAMP for most people, I believe, including myself.

That being said, I can only wish this talented and multitasking woman to keep progressing as an artist and keep surprising us with different and beautiful drawing styles. Mangas, Kimonos, cocktails, jewelery, what’s next? You rock, Mokona xD

All members wished her a happy birthday but this time Nekoi hasn’t drawn anything for the occasion (pity). She apologized for that.

Answers to the ABC meme

A warning. And a meme.


Exceptionally this Wednesday, I won’t be able to clean the scans scanned by nor post my reviews about both TRC and XXXHOLiC chapters, because right after work, I’ll be heading to the Keane concert I mentioned last month (Hurray!). I’ll probably not be able to do it neither on Thursday nor Friday, so for those interested, please look forward to my comments on the Saturday!

And now the meme