Tsubasa Movie Subbed

Shinsen-Subs now has Tsubasa movie subbed too ! But it’s available only on mIRC, though.

For those who know how to handle mIRC, you can find it on Shinsen’s channel at #shinsen-subs@irc.rizon.net

There you have to search for their Botlist (the URL it’s written right in the channel’s main Topic message).

I’m not allowed to post the bots here so I won’t, but it’s very easy, just go to that page with the list of all bots and search for Tsubasa’s. Then once you click on the link, it’ll appear a message, just type it on the channel’s main page and download it.


Ohkawa in XXXHOLiC’s Staff !

YES !!! Ohkawa is in the Staff for the XXXHOLiC Anime under the charge of “Series composition” (same as CCS and MKR). We can surely expect a VERY faithful anime adaptation, since everything will be approved by her ^_~ Not to mention that the chances of her writting scripts (and maybe songs too) are large. Here’s the whole staff:

XXXHOLiC – TV Series
Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
Series Composition: Michiko Yokote and Ageha Ohkawa
Character Design: Kise Kazuchika
Accessory Designs: Minoru Ueda
Director of Art: Kogura Hiroaki
Color Settings: Hirose Idumi
Director of Photography: Yasuhira Konishi
Music Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
Editing: Taeko Hamautsu
Animation Production: Production I.G

We can also expect the anime to be very like the movie adaptation, since the staff is pretty much the same (Director, Chara Designer, Accessory Designer, Music Director, Editing among others).

I’m VERY glad already ! Just to know Ohkawa is in it makes me love this anime without even seeing it xD

XXXHOLiC & Tsubasa DVDs Info

Meme & Tsubasa Movie Program

I love memes, I really do… so this one is quite funny and it was taken from icephoenix:

20 Things About Yourself People Might Not Know:

1. I’m terrible lazy when it comes to write letters, I have a friend who wrote me more than 10 letters and I never answered her (by letter). Mostly because if I write a thing today, tomorrow I’ll think “Nah, this looks old already” and in the end, I altered the whole letter.
2. I never studied english outside school, everything I learned besides school was by myself, it really helps when you like the language ^^.
3. I still love “Hide and Seek”, you know, the children’s play… it was my favorite and I was very good on it… (sometimes I kinda had a tendency to cheat on it XDDD)
4. I hate vegetables… I hate any kind of leaf (except on teas XD).
5. I love to watch useless TV shows, you know, the ones you know there’s NOTHING to learn with it, but still, they are funny XD.
6. I have a tendency to not finish the RPG games I start… usually because when the end is coming (I know when it is) I tend to start LEVEL-ing up my charas to make it to the final boss… it turns out that I almost always let the game aside after evolving and evolving and evolving… I also hate bosses…
7. I like bloody things… including games, movies (Kill Bill is teh good) and mangas as well.
8. I bring my radio to the bathroom when I take showers to listen to my CDs XD
9. I hate to call my friends when I don’t speak with them after a long-long time… I prefer them to call me…
10. My memory to record phone numbers, addresses and places is terrible, from ALL my friends, I think I remember only 3 phone numbers (I still don’t know my father and sister’s cellphone number XD).
11. I’ve never, ever been in a roller coaster.
12. I can only sleep when it’s dark and silent… not ALL silent, but there must be nothing going on on the room I’m sleeping in.
13. I hate to see/listen myself… lately I’m kind of having some progress with it.
14. I’m not curious when I know/feel the person wants me to be curious XD
15. When I was born my elder sister gave me a teddy doggie which I own it still today, it’s totally blind, though, since I ripped off his eyes >.<
16. I can pull my thumb to the back until it touches my pulse XD
17. I used to think CLAMP also did their animes (I realized around 9 months later since I started liking them… it was a bit of a shock XD).
18. It took me 1 paragraph (and the chapter title) for me to like Harry Potter, 2 episodes (1 and 3) to start liking CCS and it took me CCS + X movie to start adoring CLAMP.
19. I've had more than 3 dreams about the return of X and/or Gouhou Drug… one of the bests ones was an ad on ASUKA, with a shot from the drugstore main door and a sign saying "The Drugstore will be re-opened on ****", too bad it was only a dream.
20. I never watched a single Star Wars movie.

Tsubasa Movie Program:

>> Room of Requirement

okami_rei-san was kind enough to scan Tsubasa’s Movie Program (more than a review, less then an official guide), it has some new pics, characters profiles, seiyuus and staff interviews and, of course, the story of the movie.

Thank you ! *bows*

PS: How come we don’t get the CLOVER video-clip one? .__.

XXXHOLiC/Tsubasa Official Trailer

*gets off HBP reading*

The official trailer is up ! Yeah, thank gosh, finally a decent trailer !

Japan is certainly not Hollywood… how come the trailers are out with just one month left for the opening? Well, who cares, it’s here anyway.

I uploaded to my server because it’s really boring to watch it on the browser.

Download (High Quality QuickTime version)

Trailer looks very great indeed ! But I’m more pleased on the final scenes, yes! Production IG got a grip on themselves and realized how suck was that 2nd episode of Tsubasa and the link between the movies is exactly that scene ! YEY! It looks FAR from better ^___^

*gets on HBP reading*