Kobato. TV Anime #20

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Episode scripted by Ohkawa! =D That woman should write more episodes.

This episode was a nice present, it was entertaining from start to finish. It was really great to see the Tsubasa team post-epilogue, it really gives that feeling that they are still traveling and stuff. And are those Clow costumes freaking awesome or what?

Everybody looked so prettyyyy! The Tsubasa characters look so nice animated by Madhouse, particularly Fye, it only makes me moan that the Tsubasa anime wasn’t made by Madhouse, auuuu~ T-T Everybody looked great except Mokona. Mokona looked very dull and uncute.

I LOLed that Kobato recognized Kurogane’s voice as Ioryogi’s voice. I LOLed! I remember someone commented “LOL what if Kobato notices how similar the voices of Ioryogi and Kurogane are, LOL” and LOL it really happened!

It’s worth noting how Fujimoto is a lot more sweet towards Kobato in this episode. Was that because of Ohkawa’s script or because of what happened after the Christmas event? Humm.

I want to know what Fye told Ioryogi before leaving to the next world.

And spooky Ushagi giggle is spooky!!! I love it XD

It was a very nice episode, I thought the Tsubasa crossover could be just for the fanservice and it could look a little out of place, but Syaoran was actually helpful to make Kobato realize her feelings for Fujimoto.

This episode was so special that it even debuted a new ending! xD Totally random though, since there are only 4 episodes left now. I love the ending because it has CLAMP’s original illustrations (MUCH BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE, THANKS!)


63 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #20

  1. Hey, Chibi Yuuto! Long time reader, first time writer (I’m too lazy to make an LJ xD). Thanks for always posting Clamp news ^_^

    I too loled when Kobato recognised Kurogane’s voice as Ioryogi’s xD And of course it had to be Fye who noticed something about Kobato’s hat. “As anyone who’s studied a little magic would know…”


    • Hey you! Nice to meet you! Thank you for being a long time reader! And feel free to become a more prominent writer =D

      And of course it had to be Fye who noticed something about Kobato’s hat. “As anyone who’s studied a little magic would know…”

      Oh, I didn’t catch that! It’s so nice when the original author writes the scripts. Ohkawa knows her characters and their secrets.


  2. It’s worth noting how Fujimoto is a lot more sweet towards Kobato in this episode. Was that because of Ohkawa’s script or because of what happened after the Christmas event? Humm.

    OHHHHHHHHH, I so squeed the first time he petted (?) her in the head, and I was so like WTF KOBATO ARE YOU NOT GONNA DO ANYTHING, and Fujimoto there, all sexy giggling like, ALL OVER HER, and she only noticed after the second time D: Anyways, lots of Fujimoto’s smiles in this ep, almost made me think something is gonna end up REALLY bad, but anyways…

    I want to know what Fye told Ioryogi before leaving to the next world.

    Me too XD He obviously noticed Kobato’s hat and that would be ok for Mokona to talk in front of her and stuff, I wanna know WHAT IS she like NOW!

    One thing that I think it’s good to point out – thanks to Steh_chan, is that the Fujimoto of Kobato’s memories is playing the PIANO and wearing JAPANESE clothes. Good, howtodealwithit?! XD


    • I noticed Fujimoto’s niceness the first time he actually looked down worried about Kobato when she was feeling sad about something. I saw it and thought “hey, that was unexpected coming from anime!Fujimoto” xD

      One thing that I think it’s good to point out – thanks to Steh_chan, is that the Fujimoto of Kobato’s memories is playing the PIANO and wearing JAPANESE clothes. Good, howtodealwithit?! XD

      I noticed that, but do you think this has any relevance?


      • I think so, because this script was written by Ohkawa herself.
        This Fujimoto from Kobato’s memories could be “another Fujimoto”, maybe from another dimension. LOL

        Ok, this is sooo Tsubasa. But who knows. xD


  3. The most mind-boggling thing for me was the “Fujimoto” in Kobato’s memories—not only were his clothes different, he wasn’t wearing an earring (well from the profile anyway)!

    But yeahhh, really leave it to Fye to be the first to have some idea of who/what Kobato is. I LOL’d so much when he was talking to “Kuro-tan” but “mistakingly” looking at Ioryogi xDD Kurogane’s expression was just complete win


      • I mean if it isn’t the Fujimoto we know, then I was wondering if current-Fujimoto might be a reincarnation of the one Kobato has in her memory… it would fit in with Kohaku/Shuichiro—-that or someone related to him or just someone to happen to resemble him. But then in Clamp-verse nothing “just so happens to be.” xD


  4. well i was kinda disappointed the tsubasa characters looked kinda awkward :<
    but nevermind, SHAORAN is there!! xDxD
    my fav kobato episode~~ =))))


  5. Wow…

    This was a CLAMP spectacle…
    I really expected to just see fanservice, too, but it actually is canon for Tsubasa, right?
    That makes me wonder about the Kobato. anime.
    Especially if Fai realized what Kobato was, by Ohkawa-sensei’s script, does that mean that the anime’s ending will complement the manga’s story/ending?
    Add in Usyagi’s appearance with the new message about Kobato’s time running out.

    I’m really hoping to see a true conclusion for Tsubasa, but actually seeing a documentation of their journey in future CLAMP works is just as fine for now~w////>;;;


    • Re: Wow…

      Yeah you have raised an interesting point. It’s very likely that we are going to see the TRC characters traveling around CLAMP’s future works, and learn about their progress from there =)


  6. I might have an idea of why Fye took interest Kobato’s hat.

    *****Possible spoiler alert (about Kobato’s hat)*****
    If you noticed, Kobato usually wears a hat because it is possible she is hiding something (like a halo?). With Fye’s magical powers he might have been able to recognize it. And towards the end, Fye said “Hey, Kobato-chan is an …..” (might be a translation difference) and “An” goes before all words that begin with vowels, what what Fye may had said was “Angel”. πŸ˜‰


    • Fye did notice something about her, and asked Ioryogi about it at the end of the episode. Of course, being Fye, he was most likely right. But don’t mix the translation into this: fansubbers do what they can, but they can’t be perfect because they don’t know what will happen next. From what I’ve read in the manga, Kobato’s hat and her existence haven’t been addressed yet.

      To sum up, the subber chose “an” instead of “a” because he felt like it.


      • Exactly what I was going to say. Besides, she could be an oni and she’s hiding her horns. With CLAMP, there is no way in knowing what they are thinking πŸ˜›

        I think she’s from a race (or something) that is supposed to be proud because he mentioned that she lacks confidence despite what she is.

        Anyways, I enjoyed the episode so much I ended up re-watching the Tsubasa-related parts again when I was done. At first I was afraid they were just going to appear in the same way Watanuki did, so I’m REALLY happy they stayed there the whole episode ^-^



  7. long time reader – 2nd time poster!

    OMG!!! this sooo should’ve dragged onto another episode! they left so early… i think kuro-tan looked awkward in some parts but fai and syaoran looked amazing and mokona looks like he’s getting smaller everytime he makes an appearance in an anime… i swear he looked bigger in season 1 of tsubasa… and i totally agree why didn’t madhouse do tsubasa?! this just made me want to watch tsubasa again (though i’m pissed at the lack of a true ending… even them not finishing the good parts until the ovas) but yeah, the costume looked… AWESOME!!! syaoran looked liked the kind memory father flashback version sort of… i wish he would’ve said sakura’s name at least once though… btw did they change fai and syaoran’s voice? completely loved this episode!! i wonder if kobato gave her pretty chocolate to fujimoto (hehe i hope she gave it to domoto). i liked the new ending its better than just a spinning bottle but i wish they did it like the beginning song like actual animations. maybe this ending was to celebrate ohkawa’s script! okay enough ranting…

    … last thing… damn that usagi has a creepy the ring feel… *shivers*


    • Re: long time reader – 2nd time poster!

      No no, the voices were all the same from the original Tsubasa anime =D

      The clothes were nice, Madhouse draws CLAMP’s clothes like no one else does =D


  8. First, happy birthday to you!
    Second, this episode was great! The animation look beautiful but syaoran and mokona look quite weird. I was lol a lot when I saw the scene that kobato meet the other and she realized Kurogane’s voice. The expression of Ioryogi was amazing! It’s so funny


  9. What do you think about Kobato’s thought when she asks herself about the person she wants to meet? It looked 100% like Fujimoto, but he never wore such clothes nor played the piano, so many people are saying that’s not him o_o;; Maybe it’s Fujimoto’s soul from a different dimension? Maybe that’s why Kobato fell for him so fast? I might be thinking too much…

    New ending is much prettier than the old one (which wasn’t hard). I love they show the original Kobato, she’s so adorable in the original manga and people have to know ♥


    • He never played the piano? Didn’t he play it in the manga? But not in the anime?

      The japanese clothes are weird, so is the lack of earrings. Maybe she is just picturing him at his most pureness? I dunno if she already met someone like him, she would have recognized him even if she’s a little clueless.

      New ending is much prettier than the old one (which wasn’t hard). I love they show the original Kobato, she’s so adorable in the original manga and people have to know β™₯

      Word! And CLAMP’s art >>>> everything.


  10. (BAD english, remember it xD!)

    1.- Happy Birthday Yuuto-san *-* thanks for share with us your information about CLAMP (: you’re amazing, boy 8D !
    2.- I do need subtitles, in english or spanish x__x RAW is so tender, but I need to understand what they’re saying xD
    3.- The characters from TRC were a little bit different .o. some of melancholy, maybe 😦
    4.- Fai saw a strange thing in Kobatito’s head O__O Fai said a secret to Ioryogi san O__O Fujimoto with different clothes O__O I can’t wait for da subtitles, really, I can’t XD

    Thanks for the RAW :* I took many screenshots with it xD
    Kisses :*


  11. I like this episode so much! it was funny, and the new ending is beautifull. Now I really wonder what Kobato could be, i think she’s not an angel, but not a normal human neither… I wish the manga had a faster publication
    Thanks for the comments and happy birthday! have a great day


  12. Woah.

    I guess, my neighbours are totaly convinced by now that I’m crazy XD I squeed and giggled so much while watching the episode! XD And afterwards I recorded some takes for a fandub of Mokona in this ep XD LOL

    I actually thought, that this wasn’t Fujimoto from another dimension but her past, maybe similiar to Kohaku’s experiences with Shuishiro-san?
    I loved this episode so much! Ohkawa is a genius Q_Q Although I definetely dislike Kobato’s dress when she worked at the shop 😦 And to much Chibi-Kobato imo

    OMG, they took the Artbook-cover clothes! Secretely I wished for a little sequence where they would show Sakura in Clow-Country! XD But to see everyone else was really great! MADHOUSE should’ve really produced the TRC Anime as well…Β°^Β°

    Nevertheless, this episode was awesome! Fujimoto looked so gentle this time! Awww…(funny, how I know someone who looks nearly exactly the same, behaves in the exactly same way, has a similar voice, play the piano and organ very well and is teaching little children! ΓΆ.ΓΆ Sometimes he even wears the same clothes…this is scary in a way XD I definetely has to ask him to cosplay together with me *laughs*)

    The new ending is really wonderful *-* CLAMP’s illustrations are so unbelievably pretty…


  13. Oh… my… God!
    I rolled over the floor of joy! Awesome! Spectacular! Incredible!!!
    Well, yeah Mokona wasn’t so cute, and her ears were like rare. It reminded me og Rayearth’s mokona, very similar!
    But the rest is so perfect!
    Kobato chan was very cutee! And the Ushagi san sound it’s really funny!!
    D= But, but, it spoiled me some of the Tsubasa content! xD! Now I’m analizing it! hahaha
    Hope the rest of the episode will be as good as this =)

    Oh yes, everyone want to know what did Fye told Ioryogi! xD
    What is actually Kobato!? xD I think something like an angel xD
    Or maybe she has a flower in her head xD Because of hanato? xD?
    Thanks chibiyuuto!!


  14. Ahahah! I LOL’d so much at this episode. 8D

    Kobato hearing Kurogane and going “…Ioryogi?” XDDD Priceless. I wondered if they’d play off the voices. XD

    Nice touch to add Fye picking up on Kobato and that it would be okay for Mokona to talk around her. I also want to know what he told Ioryogi! Ack! XD

    And the FujiBato fluffiness in this episode was love.


  15. Well, time to put my two-bits into this conversation!

    I loved this as much as everyone else, so I’ll skip the part where I had to pause the episode to squee (like I did that time they showed Watanuki… my Boyfriend was all WTF) to get to the heart of the subject!

    First, isn’t Kobato and Holic in the same world? or am I missing something? Iorogy seemed to little of other worlds aside from hell, heaven, spirit and human world and the possible existence of other worlds, so that bunny-thing (Ginsey?) could hardly have gone to another world to deliver that food to Watanuki… But if it is indeed the same world, how on earth could the trc cast not realize it?

    Then, many people has said that the vision she saw was a memory, but I think it was more of a “Kobato mind-theater” showing her her precious person. After all, if he is someone from another world whom she met or a reincarnation or something, well she would have recognized him upon meeting him, no?

    It is nice that Fai recognized her, indeed. And the same voice thing was LOL. it’s very funny that iorogy has Kuro’s voice and bunny-thing has Fai’s voice… My brother, whom never read trc but likes kobato very much, once said as a joke that they were the fai and kurogane of this world. As funny and clamp-ish as it’d be, I don’t really think so… But still, it was a nice touch not to ignore the fact that two characters have the same voice! (and, silly me, it was only made worse by the fact that every time I heard fai speak I thought of Italy from Hetalia…)

    I’m sad she did not heal their heart. And I’m curious about what she is, and where she wants to go, too. (I want to go to the amusement park! oups, wrong serie XD) About her hat… didn’t Yuuko once give that cat-girl a hat that could keep her cool in the summer? I wonder if Kobato’s hat(s) works the same way. Maybe it’s like a seal that keeps her true apparence concealed? she hardly seems to be a human…


    • i agree with you totally.

      it is so hard to make a map of all the different worlds/dementions in the Clamp universe. kobato is in the same world as Wish, but im not a big fan of how big a part Kohaku has in kobato anime. i liked her appereance in the manga.

      when watanuki showed up (and for only like 10 seconds >3< ) in his Rou look, what i am thinking is that either

      a. kobato anime world is all clamp worlds thrown into a blender
      b. ginsei was able to deliver watanuki bamakuhen cross dementions
      c. the tsubasa crew can go to a world more than once now.

      i really cant wait to see why kobato has to wear hats all the time too. i hope its something mega-epic.

      and it is hard not to think of Italy when fai spoke. hyuu~



    who drew THIS mokona? o_o;; i like THAT mokona in Clamp in Wonderland 2… 😦 that was probably the best mokona i’ve seen, animated…

    I like how Madhouse/Ohkawa-sensei added a lil joke w/ kurogane-san and ioryogi-san’s identical voice. that was cute! XD
    but why did fujimoto-san turned magically nice all of the sudden? i think that is good for him cuz those past episodes made him a grumpiest person you don’t wanna mess with… but i felt as if something is missing… it MIGHT be cuz of that Christmas event that made him appreciate Kobato more… i mean, that’s the first time he ever smiled at her in this episode! 8D;; i like the new ending btw! great way to spread the word that nobody beats Mokona-sensei’s illustrations. >D

    >”And spooky Ushagi giggle is spooky!!! I love it XD”
    that scene made me giggle, out loud, with Ushagi! XD kya~!

    Thanks for the info~! Outanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu, Chibiyuuto-san~!(Happy B-day, Chibiyuuto-san~!)



      Im collecting pieces of kobato manga/anime and as far I got this.

      – Kobato saw someone she loved die from a small thing.
      -Kobato gave away her memories and knowledge…
      -To go to a certain place…
      -She is collecting heart wounds at GOd’s demand
      -She has to hide her species wearing a hat.
      -ITS possible to reencarnation in this story, because the rabbit guy asked kohaku in the manga about that, and it has someyhing to do with IOROGY.
      -And the guy in kobato’s fuzzy memory WAS NOT Fujimoto – because he was playing kobato’s song, the one thing she seems to remember. Because he was wearing old japanese clothes, and BECAUSE HE WASNT WEARING GLASSES.

      Maybe fujimoto is the reencarnation of kobato’s lost love +o+


  17. Ah~ I really liked this episode.

    Especially Fai on a swing…I can’t wait till someone icons that! *Will steal, and love on the person that does*

    And…has anyone else started shipping Mokona and Ioryogi? XD


  18. Sc

    I was right! They did do something with the voices!

    New prediction! The Fujimoto in Kobato’s memory…I think Kobato died a long time ago, and she liked Fujimoto back then. She’s been turned into an angel but hopes have a chance to go back to Fujimoto’s side. So God gave her the chance and sent her to the human world with her memory completely wiped. When she fill up the bottle, she would have the chance to maybe go back into the past. But she will realize that the person she wants to be with is right there and change her wish to be able to stay in the human world with Fujimoto.

    Fujimoto reaching down like that piano scene makes me think Kobato was really small, like a child. I hope Fujimoto doesn’t end up being like…her father or something. O_o


  19. I’m so happy that I could see the Tsubasa team again, in their clothes that they’re wearing in the manga’s epilogue !!!

    So the story of Tsubasa still going on and White Mokona was wearing the Black Mokona’s earing now huh ?

    Nice episode, I love it much. >w


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