Help Chile

In view of the earthquake that has hit Chile on February 27 and its devastating consequences, I was requested by ariadnechan to contribute with means of helping Chile.

Above is a link to the official LiveJournal community, help_chile, an initiative to gather funds to help in the rescues, recoveries and rebuilding of Chile. You can help by direct donation or if you’re an artists you can use your work to help raising funds.

If you write fanfictions, draw fanarts, make wallpapers or graphics, make fanmixes or anything that could be useful to raise money to help Chile, ten sig un in this entry! this is very similar to help_haiti. Every artist decide how many donations can give and he/she has a place in help_chile to the auction of his/hers pieces of arts. You just sign up and tell everyone you know about it, and then the people do the rest of the job!

You can also donate directly through Unicef’s website and LiveJournal has released a virtual gift to help the cause that can be bought in their online shop.

Any kind of help is highly appreciated. Here’s hoping that those affected by this tragic incident may have some comfort.


12 thoughts on “Help Chile

  1. I loved this post, it’s nice to see that Chibi Yuuto’s LJ isn’t only about anime, and loves to help people.

    I need to set up a gallery before I can participate in there o.o *starts now*


    • Glad you see it that way! Those people need help and it’s the least I can do, we should all do what we can to help =)

      Thank you so much for participating with your art! *bows*


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