Nanase Ohkawa Twitter Space – November 2, 2021

Today CLAMP member Nanase Ohkawa-sensei held a twitter space in her personal account and it Tokyo Babylon.

During the space, she updated the fans about the current status of the future anime adaptation of Tokyo Babylon.

Here is a brief summary about it:

DISCLAIMER: This Twitter Space session happened live on Nanase Ohkawa’s official Twitter account and recordings were not made available anywhere after the transmission was over. The information available here was gathered in a collaborative effort from multiple reports and impressions from fans from all over the world who took notes as the session was happening live. Please be aware that this report may contain inaccuracies and is subject to corrections.

The first 4 minutes were about Hideaki Matsuoka’s music and memories of those old days. A few of the Tokyo Babylon songs by him ended up in his 35th Anniversary best album.

Ohkawa-sensei: “When we were thinking about making the Tokyo Babylon manga, we thought we would like to have a compilation album that goes with it but there were not much chances about doing that.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Tokyo Babylon is a pretty important work for me and for many people. Indeed it was a story written in compliance of what was going on at that time.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Like we were saying when talking with Matsuoka-san, I’m holding the deal about Tokyo Babylon [new anime] and I would like to have some product in the same line of Tokyo Babylon. I don’t want this to be misunderstood, I think the Tokyo Babylon 2021 staff was thinking the same way. I’m holding the deal right now so I would like to deliver something according to everyone’s expectations. Either way we’re not in a stage that I can announce anything new right now. I would like to deliver a new animation project that fits Tokyo Babylon accordingly. People may have been hurt with the Tokyo Babylon 2021 project, but I think the staff was doing their best, so from now on I would like to continue giving my best efforts to it.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “When I watched Matsuoka-san’s Vision of Boys 2020 I really felt the Tokyo Babylon vibes. I don’t want to be misunderstood about this but it felt like ‘Oh yeah, this is what I was expecting to see’. There’s so many things that remain not yet decided, therefore I can not announce anything now, but as we said to Matsuoka-san, we’re aiming for a CLAMP-ish Tokyo Babylon media-mix.”

Q&A section with fans

Q: If Hokuto lived these times, would she wear Uniqlo GU?
Ohkawa-sensei: “Yes, she absolutely loves fast fashion so yes.”

Q: Will Seishirou’s original shoulders width be reflected?
Ohkawa-sensei: (Surprised while reading the tweets) “Soulder’s width? Shoulder width is that important? Oh, so I see, Seishirou is Seishirou because of his shoulders width! That’s a surprise! Is it because it looks strong? Thank you. I’ll have that as reference. For me Seishirou wasn’t defined because by his shoulders width. So it was a pitty that Seishirou’s shoulders weren’t wide enough then? I wasn’t giving that aspect that much of importance.
(Note: she keeps comming back to this subject later as well)
But is totally valid. Thank you for having that in mind.
For me shoulder width wasn’t that important, it was just the way it was at that time.”

Q: Can Subaru ride a bicycle?
Ohkawa-sensei: “I guess so, did he ride any? I think he can but did he ever ride a bicycle?” (She had to ask on the CLAMP line group about it)

Q: Can the Sumeragi twins drink alcohol? (Are they strong or weak at drinking?)
Ohkawa-sensei: “They are too young to drink but actually we had this decided at that time: there’s an omnyoji technique that makes alcohol effects go away so they are able to use that technique. That technique actually exists. I got an actual book that refers to this omnyoji technique.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “I’m so happy to know many people love Tokyo Babylon. I also think the Tokyo Babylon 2021 staff have put love on it. There’s nothing I can announce right now, altough I think there will be many changes comparing form the previous version [Tokyo Babylon 2021]. I will do my best to give my suggestions as a creator and from my place as producer. I don’t know what kind of media-mix is going to end up being, but I will do my best.”

Q: Were the final words Seishirou says to Subaru [in X] previously decided?
Ohkawa-sensei: “Yes, absolutely, but I’m not revealing those.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “I don’t know how the new Tokyo Babylon anime is going to be but we would like aim for something that satisfies everyone.”

Q: “If Seishirou would invite Subaru to a date now, where that would be?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “If I were at charge of the script, that would be….. (thinks) a Butler Cafe at Ikebukuro. He would like to put Subaru in trouble by doing so. Seishirou would enjoy to have Subaru saying “Okaerinasaimase”. I haven’t been to such a butler cafe, but if it’s Seishirou taking Subaru that would be the place. Or the Shinseido Cafe at Ginza to make Seishirou taste the omuraisu. Altough I don’t think there will be a scene where Seishirou is drinking, even without alcohol I would like to have Subaru watch Seishirou enjoying that omuraisu.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “I am holding the deal about the Tokyo Babylon anime and would like to do my best efforts from now on. Of course, there may be some limits but I’ll do my best. I’d like for everyone to wait for it patiently.

A huge thank you to Claudio for providing this summary.

Let’s keep this a collaborative effort! If you found mistakes or if you think you can contribute with more information, please contact me.


CLAMPSpace – June 15, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This CLAMP Space session happened live on their official Twitter account and recordings were not made available anywhere after the transmission was over. The information available here was gathered in a collaborative effort from multiple reports and impressions from fans from all over the world who took notes as the session was happening live. Please be aware that this report may contain inaccuracies and is subject to corrections.

Netflix’s Grimm project

Only Ohkawa-sensei attended the press conference back in February 2020.

Mokona-sensei mentioned that Michiko Yokote will be writing the scripts for it.

The three characters we see in the teaser are the main characters, but each episode will be different and introduce different characters.

The coloring for the teaser was done by Nekoi-sensei. They did a total of three illustrations but this was the one ended up being chosen by Netflix.

At first, Nekoi-sensei proposed a teaser where the characters were in the woods. They went to the Kyoto botanical garden to collect materials, but it ended up not being chosen.

The title “Grimm” is a tentative one.

The one thing that was decided from the beginning was to have a character with red hair and green eyes.

They have already read all the scripts and they are not really the same as the Grimm Brothers tales.

Talk with Miki Iida (BL Novelist)

The way novels become popular have changed. From weekly magazines to monthly magazines and spread out apart from that as well.
Ohkawa-sensei: “There is this one called “Ou-sama( King’s) ranking” that was on “witto” (*Wit”?) and it grew from there.”
-Mic off-

Talk with Tetsu Inada (Kurogane/Ioryogi voice actor)

He was playing Monster Hunter when CLAMP called him to join them. He began playing Nintendo Switch because Mika Kikuchi invited him. But he says is not good at it.
I got help from my friends so Y have some stock
He plays Super Robot Wars as well. Mostly the ones that you don’t play in real time.
He’s dubbing a game that is about collecting ships (war ships, historic navy).

When looking for Kurogane’s voice actor, there weren’t so much voice with low voices.
Tetsu Inada: “There were a lot of my senpai in there.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “My idea of Kurogane was that he would have a really low voice. I didn’t thought that Fye would have such a high voice though (laughs). But for Kurogane, it was clear for me.”
CLAMP: “Does Inada-san remember the first lines?”
Tetsu Inada: “There were some lines where Kurogane is behaving, but after that it becomes rough.”
CLAMP: “Weren’t you surprised to be called to dub a such a thin character? It may be weird that a thin character has such a low voice. For us Kurogane is such a ‘flat’ character. He doesn’t doubt/hesitate when he is surprised or shocked. Kurogane is steady even though the other characters would be shocked.”
Tetsu Inada: “We saw that in Tokyo Revelations.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “That’s what I thought Inada-san was the perfect match. I thought this person wouldn’t be shocked that easily. As it was said, in Tokyo Revelations, a lot of things happen but even then Kurogane stays calm.”
Mokona-sensei: “Well by that time he had also grown up.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “So the reason we picked Inada-san is because his way of talking was the calmest. And of course the voice itself was good. As for the voice alone, there were other people with suitable voices.”
Tetsu Inada: “You had the image of the One Piece character, right?”
Ohkawa-sensei: Yes, Brogy from One Piece.”
Tetsu Inada: “Although it’s pretty different.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “There’s a lot of people that are aiming to become dubbing actors but I don’t think that is only about having a good voice. Your voice has to be easy to differentiate. Of course you can be differentiated because of your acting as well (laughs).”
Tetsu Inada: “At auditions, I don’t only think about the lines that are given at that instance. I try to show the possibilities of expressing other feeling.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Yeah, but as the part who chooses, we need to have something that differentiates the voice from others.”
Mokona-sensei: “The one who decides is the director anyways.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “So for you it’s something that you decide each time you go to an audition.”
“For us we are choosing for a little project so it may be different. I think there’s a small chance (to work together?) in the future but we don’t really know.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “What are you guys talking about?”
Tetsu Inada: “About general stuff, the works we are dubbing, we also get love-consults.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “What’s Inada-san’s tokui?”
Tetsu Inada: “Suta-don (Sutamina Don)”
Ohkawa-sensei: “What’s on it?”
Tetsu Inada: “The main thing is pork, then there’s tama negi, and there’s soup.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Lately we can’t go to Tokyo, neither you can come to Kyoto. But I think it will be alright next year so we would like you to come to make Suta-don for us.”

Tetsu Inada: “The last time that we met was during the Sengoku Basara‘s Takarazuka play, right?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Oh yes, that was it. We’ll be inviting you to join us in future spaces as well.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “But anyways, about picking Inada-san for Kurogane, the main reason was that we thought Inada-san was the one that we thought that would be able to survive the hell that would be coming in the story. Thank you so much for participating today.”
Tetsu Inada: “I’ll go back to Monster Hunter.”

Mokona-sensei: “The impressive thing about Inada-san’s voice is that you can easily recognize it. Even if you listen on advertisements outside”.

Ohkawa-sensei: “Since we’re near the end, we’d like to call some listeners to join us. But please don’t say mean things. Somebody that talks about kind things. Maybe two of them. But please be nice. Don’t say something harsh please. We’ll pick Sakamata-san because with that whale icon he/she seems to be a kind person.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “If it’s ok, tell us which was the first CLAMP work you saw/read?”
Sakamata: “I watched Card Captor Sakura on NHK and after that friends at school introduced me to the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC mangas.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “When reading Tsubasa, how old were you?”
Sakamata: “I was on the 3rd year of elementary school”.
Ohkawa-sensei: “So you may have watched the OAD Tokyo Revelations, right?”
Sakamata: “Yes.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “How cute! What would you say is your favourite CLAMP work?”
Sakamata: “I love RG Veda.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “But at that time you weren’t even born yet, right? What was your impression reading it?”
Sakamata: “When I read the first chapter I didn’t quite understand it.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Mokona apologizes for it!”
Sakamata: “But after reading the first 10 chapters I got a better idea of it.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Who is your favorite character?”
Sakamata: “Ashura.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Child or adult?”
Sakamata: “Adult.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “So good that Mokona put her efforts to it! (laughs)”
Sakamata: “I like Taishakuten as well”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Is that so?”

Sakamata: “I wanted to go to the Japan Expo in 2009 but I had the entry exam for school at that time.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “That’s perfectly understandable.”
Sakamata: “I have the logo mark of that time as my cellphone screen.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Thank you.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Last question: Is it better if we let you know before doing the spaces? How much anticipation is good?”
Sakamata: “It’s definitely better if you let us know.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “One hour maybe? Or a day before?”
Sakamata: “That way I can make space on my night schedule and can write down the space report as well.”

Fan talk: Natsumi

Natsumi: “I’m so happy!”
Ohkawa-sensei: “We’re sorry we called you this late. Is there something you would like to ask to CLAMP?”
Natsumi: “I have so many favorites works but I was wondering what makes CLAMP-sensei happy, if there’s a way to show appreciation…?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Oh don’t worry about that. If you’re happy, we are happy. Which was your first CLAMP work?”
Natsumi: “I watched the second session of the Card Captor Sakura anime. I didn’t have my dad and in Card Captor Sakura, Sakura has lost her mom so I felt very related to that.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “So your favorite one is Card Captor Sakura?”
Natsumi: “It’s Tsubasa. I like Syaoran and everyone as well but I like Subaru.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “So you like Subaru. But if you have to choose between the Subaru from Tokyo Babylon, X and Tsubasa, which one would you pick?”
Natsumi: “X‘s Subaru. I wonder about his happiness. How it is going to be developed.”
Igarashi-sensei: “If you like that much a character, you want them to live happily ever after, right!” (in a strong voice)
Nekoi-sensei: “I just want to see how the story develops.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “But if you say so, some characters won’t become happy. Nekoi is not the one who goes nice with villains, right? You are hard on Seishirou.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Regarding Subaru, he changes between Tokyo Babylon and X. And in Tsubasa, he becomes like an one-san. (as in being like a “protective” sister) For me Subaru and Kamui In Tsubasa‘s world end up being happy.”
Mokona-sensei: “They are escaping now, so it must be troublesome but…”
Ohkawa-sensei: “There’s also Yuuko, maybe they can ask Watanuki for help. As for the happiness of characters….”
Mokona-sensei: “But it is impossible as it was left…. Even X, if there’s a continuation we have to do somehing about that.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “I want to make it clear that the relationship between Kamui and Fuuma is different from the Subaru and Seishiro one, so you bear that in mind.”
Natsumi: “Is there any new information on the vampire twins?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Vampire Kamui hates Seishiro a lot. That’s clear. Altought Subaru doesn’t hate Fuuma. Everyone must be thinking that Fuuma won’t achieve his goal. More new information? Wait 3 seconds (laughs).”
Mokona-sensei: “So for Tsubasa, you want Subaru to be happy.”
Nekoi-sensei: “But the Subaru from X, that is connected to Tokyo Babylon, is not for sure he will end up happy.”
Natsumi: “I’d like to think that if everything ends well. Then it will be alright.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “By ending you mean when they die?”

Ohkawa-sensei: “If Subaru can become happy, it must be some form of happiness that it doesn’t include Seishirou. I don’t think people should put their happiness on other people.”

Mokona-sensei: “If you only think about Seishirou, you may think that wasn’t happiness. But those eyeglasses were cool and he was witty.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “You come up with that?! Oh well the fans will always want characters to end in a happy way. But as for Tokyo Babylon…. I think is hard that it could end on a happy ending.”

“How would it be possible for Tsubasa‘s Seishirou and Subaru to become happy?”
Mokona-sensei: “To not get together. Not saying goodbye either.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Is that so….”

Fan talk: Misa

Ohkawa-sensei: “You have such a cute Twitter icon.”
Misa: “A friend drew that.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Do you have a question for us?”
Misa: “Will Sakura become happy?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “She is giving her best now. Sakura will end up happy because of her own efforts.”
Misa: “Now I rest assured.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “But if you say that, we may be making her unhappy (joking). Nah, she will become happy whatever happens.”
Misa: “I am remembering of the Card Captor Sakura anime episode in which sakura says “zettai daijobu dayo” (everything will be alright), the one with the cards The Light and The Dark, that episode helped me through stuff while going to school.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Which is your favorite battle costume from the Clow Card arc?”
Misa: “The 1st one is the Platina one. The 2nd one is the one from the second opening.”
Mokona-sensei: “There were some figures of that as well.”

Fan talk: Mitsubachi Ageha

Ohkawa-sensei: “As we said earlier if you have a question do it now since we’re gonna to ask you after that.”
Mitsubachi Ageha: “In the past, when Ohkawa-sensei was using twitter, you mentioned Fye and Kurogane’s birthdays but we never got to know those…” (speaking rather shyly).
Ohkawa-sensei: “You really wanna know? Say it on a loud voice!”.
Mitsubachi Ageha: “Please share with us the birthdays of Fye and Kurogane on twitter later!”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Ok we’ll publish it on twitter. Altough Fye’s one it was decided by Ashura-ou so it may not be the definitive one… Ok, we’ll publish it on twitter in nowadays calendar.”
Mitsubachi Ageha: “It wasn’t on the guidebooks either.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “What’s your favourite character outside CLAMP works?”
Mitsubachi Ageha: “I only read CLAMP’s work, so…”
Ohkawa-sensei: “So who you like the most?”
Mitsubachi Ageha: “I like them all, but if I have to mention I would say Fye.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “The Fye you met in the manga, right? At that time there was no anime yet.”
Mitsubachi Ageha: “I also could mention Primera. But from Fye I like that he’s kind of a cool guy.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Aren’t you fond of cool guys (in a bad way)? (laughs)”
Ohkawa-sensei: “I didn’t know that people would give that much importance to the birthdays. Of course we decide all that data in all works, but for Tsubasa, specially about Kurogane and Fye, we didn’t go that far. Also if we make it public, people would know them better. But since Ageha (the listener) is asking for it we will announce it on Twitter later.”

Final talk

Ohkawa-sensei: “We talked 3 hours today. Next time we’ll inlcude the Netflix producer. There’s the Grimm’s project as well so we will be publishing futher information about it as well. We also had Inada-san with us today, we’d like it to have him again. We also talked to 4 fans, they were really cute! And as we promised earlier, we will announce the birthday of ‘those two’ on twitter later.”

A huge thank you to Claudio for providing skillful real-time translations.

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CLAMPSpace – May 29, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This CLAMP Space session happened live on their official Twitter account and recordings were not made available anywhere after the transmission was over. The information available here was gathered in a collaborative effort from multiple reports and impressions from fans from all over the world who took notes as the session was happening live. Please be aware that this report may contain inaccuracies and is subject to corrections.


(Preparations by Ohkawa-sensei and Mokona-sensei)
Ohkawa-sensei writes the title and the hashtags: Title “CLAMP Saturday’s space”

Ohkawa-sensei: “I went to eat shabu shabu, I was searching for a sweet but couldn’t find it. I love Happitaan (ハッピーターン), as you know, so I bought it for today. You may hear the sound of it during today’s space. You may prepare some drinks because it’s really hot.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “We used to do a radio show every week I think for around a year, and in those shows when we make a toast, we usually like to bring some guests. Since Mokona is better now, we think we are gonna be able to make a toast.”
Toast phrase: “ware ware no hanei ni” (may prosperity ome to us)

Ohkawa-sensei: “We will do a free talk, but today the new figure of Sakura was announced. Mokona, what do you think of it?”

Mokona-sensei: “It was really nice from the very first time. Last time I did an illustration for a figure I was thinking about it becoming the figure but this time I really wanted to draw the little pearls, and the detailed flower so badly, and I didn’t really know if that would be possible to reproduce or people could get upset at me, but I think it ended up being a fabulous quality figure if you ask me.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Before it was colored (painted), GoodSmile showed a video from the upside and that looked really impressive, it felt like as something that is alive.

Rayearth Mashins

Igarashi-sensei: “I was impressed that even though it has passed so many years since Rayearth, such a detailed robot figure is being sold is so impressive.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “We really liked the little nendo ones, which were so cute, but this ones are really impressive.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “We didn’t decide the name for the Sakura figure. We are not able to come up with such cute names, so it was decided by the maker. We really haven’t decided any of the names of any figure before. And the last Sakura one actually we haven’t seen it directly yet.”

Keita Mori (Bushiroad producer)

Ohkawa-sensei: “Every time we try to invite him but we weren’t able to catch it yet. He was on the train and he sent us a message. If you’re listening right now please request access. Oh there he is.”

(Mori does really detailed self presentation. Ohkawa-sensei was impressed by his long resumé).

Ohkawa-sensei: “The Vanguard YouTube channel always puts up a lot of information, and also they respond to the comments and such.”
Mori: “I feel so honored to receive those compliments from CLAMP-sensei that I respect so much. That time we had a drink and that place were beautiful. At that time we weren’t even talking about the anime possibility. Thank you for the drawing for [Atsuko] Enomoto, she was so happy about it. Everyone on the team was very happy.”

Mori: (Something about Vanguard characters in the past and nowadays.)

Mori: “We are having now reactions from foreign fans, they are so happy. Thank you so much. Getting CLAMP to draw the characters became a big news therefore we’re so grateful. We published material on two girls (Megumi and Tomari) fighting today. The characters designs were so good for some of them that we couldn’t help to give those characters more importance. We’ll be announcing about them soon.

Ohkawa-sensei: “You mean the pretty lady, right?” (Ohkawa-sensei talked about deciding the clothes for her).

Mori: “Megumi and Tomari characters are becoming so famous on foreign countries thank to your designs.
The Vanguard project has been around for 10 years, Kitani-san was the one who connected CLAMP-sensei to the project, right?”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Yes, actually the producer of the XXXHOLiC anime introduced him to us. At that time we talked about someday working together on something. After that, we received a proposal but our schedule didn’t allow us to participate, but later on we received the call for Vanguard and at first we didn’t believe it. It has nothing connected to us so at first we thought that it was going to end up being a joke.”

Mori: “Vanguard revisits the story of the two main characters. With this new phase, we were thinking about how can we give lives to new characters, and at that time we thought about CLAMP-sensei. It was a time for a renewal, so it became such a great thing.”

At one point, CLAMP asked fans to submit questions to Keita Mori via Tsubaki Nekoi’s twitter account.

Ohkawa-sensei: “Why did you change job?”

Mori: “I get called and, well, at that time we weren’t talking about working with you, but being in Bushiroad there were more probabilities to work near famous people. The first card game I played was Magic: The Gathering. I was like 13-14″.

Question from a fan: “What is Mori producer’s favorite dish?”
Mori: “I like almost everything, and drink anything as well. If there’s a drink that matches a plate, I’d like to try it. I’m sure sensei can relate to that.”

Question from a fan: “What is your favorite Vanguard character?”
Mori: “I like Tomari from before when the story wasn’t developed that much. This is the first time I work on anime. Until now I worked only on card games, so you can say it’s the first time a card game I work on gets animated.”

Question from a fan: “Why is it called overDress? Is there a story behind this?”
Mori: “Naming is thought together but the final decision is made by Ito Akira-sensei”.

Question from a fan: “From the Vanguard until now, there’s something new (novelty)”
Mori: “We started everything from scratch. For Bushiroad, this kind of project was a first. The cards were drawn originally. We wished to make a version of Vanguard that was never seen before.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “When we received the proposal, it was written that the mermaids were idols, so at first we were surprised.”

Mori: “There are a lot of mermaids, some of them even got their own game.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “We tried to draw really normal mermaids because we didn’t wanted people to think ‘Oh they are doing weird things again'” (laughs).

Question from a fan: “Like M&G does, are you thinking on invite CLAMP to draw card illustrations?”

Mori: “We announced Shaman King & Nirvana lately, and would like to do the same with CLAMP but I think there’s copyright stuff to bear in mind in that case. I do love Rayearth. As manufacturers, we are always thinking how the payers are going to enjoy the best of the game. My sister used to read shoujo manga, Rayearth.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “If we could participate we will be really happy to do so. We haven’t done it in the past.”

Mori: “We are talking dreams here but I would love to have you participating more.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “And we would love to collaborate.”

Mori: “I recall CLAMP-sensei has drawn a congratulations illustration before…”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Yes, we did a lot of research. We always do a lot of research before drawing. As you may know, Kyoto people is usually detailed-oriented”. (laughs)

Ohkawa-sensei: “Thank you for being with us this, an hour has passed already. I would like to invite everyone to check the Vanguard YouTube channel that has so much information. Thank you. In the future, when we can hold events, let’s gather and drink again.”

Mori: “At that time when director Mori (a director who is also named Mori) joined us was really fun.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “CLAMP will be happy if fans watch the anime and also if you play the card game as well.”

Mori message to fans: “We’d like to do more projects with CLAMP, so stay tunned.”

Ohkawa-sensei’s iPhone was running out of battery so decided to take a break to recharge.

2nd part – Free talk & questions from fans

Ohkawa-sensei: “We’re doing it using the iPhone speaker now. We would like to do some free talk. Today’s main theme is Animal Crossing game, how is that going?”

Igarashi-sensei: “I was looking for hibiscus but couldn’t find it. That character is so cute!”

Ohkawa-sensei: “The one who sells the carpets is cute as well.”

Ohkawa-sensei reminds the listeners that usernames from listeners who submitted questions will be read out loud.

Igarashi-sensei: “I’m thinking on picking up the garbage. I want to.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “One thing I want to make clear, Satsuki’s island is not based on CLAMP, is just Satsuki’s island.
If you want you can come along.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “What sweets are you enjoying lately? I’m buying the ones that I can make at home. Preferably by internet, my choux cream is the best”

Mokona-sensei: “The sweets from konbini (convenience stores) are high level.”

Nekoi-sensei: “I like ice-cream. I like Pino but I also like the ones that I cant eat easily. I want to let it melt and feel the flavor.”

Submitted by a fan: “Seven Eleven‘s pistachio macaron will be released tomorrow.”

Everyone: “We like chocomint.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “I don’t like the mint flavor.”

Mokona-sensei: “I like it in HäagenDazs. It’s impressive when I can get it at konbini.”

Igarashi-sensei: “Lawson has a Hobo cream, who is really creamy with a thin outside layer.”

Ohkawa-sensei: (reading tweet) “Small melon pan are delicious.”

Question from a fan: “Have you eaten Dulce de Leche?”

Everyone: “No.” (they had heard of it but they haven’t tried it. They look it up on Wikipedia and discovered that is a Sweet Caramel from South America. They say they would like to try it.)

Ohkawa-sensei: “Thank you for all the recommendations, we’ll investigate about them.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Satsuki, how about your island?”

Igarashi-sensei: (hesitates)

Ohkawa-sensei: “Just show how you are like naturally, at yourself. If you haven’t tried the game or don’t have the Switch, is getting easy to get it so why not? Oh… Satsuki’s face…”

Ohkawa-sensei (to Satsuki): “The time is coming…”

About the Okinawa setting of Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE –:
Ohkawa-sensei: “Satsuki went and visited a place with a weird bed disposition, so we used it on Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE –. The disposition was so weird. The bathroom was in the middle.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Questions on Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE –? Please write it on Nekoi’s account.”

Question from a fan: “Did Fye become able to use Japanese chopsticks?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Oh yeah, right, he couldn’t used it at that time…”
Igarashi-sensei: “He has grown to eat sour food.”

Question from a fan: “Will Kujaku eventually appear in XXXHOLiC?”
Mokona-sensei: “Well there’s always the possibility since that place is accessed from many people from other worlds but you never know. Oh! We have a figure as well of Kujaku. That figure base took time. But when I was asked about the muscles I left that responsibility to them (laughs).”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Figure making is really tough. People don’t know, but it’s really hard.”

CLAMP were surprised that Kujaku was chosen instead of Ashura (who is the main character).

Question from a fan: “What’s the origins of Fye and Yui’s names?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Fye is for the greek letter. His name was decided in advance. Yui was taken from an old story if I recall correctly.”

Question from a fan: “I’ve seen a magazine article mentioning who’s the big brother and who’s the younger brother between Subaru and Kamui vampire twins. Has this article been supervised by CLAMP-sensei?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “I’ve seen that article but we were not involved in it. Is actually mistaken. We haven’t said anything about that yet, we don’t know why that was written. Of course it’s ok for the fans to think the way they like. I haven’t talked about it to Monona-sensei or Igarashi-sensei either. What do you think?”
Nekoi-sensei: “Subaru is the older and Kamui the younger.”
Mokona-sensei: “I think Kamui is the younger since I’ve seen those same attitudes in my own siblings.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “I haven’t talked about this with no one so I was so surprised at that article. We still don’t know where that came from and we didn’t feel like correcting it. So as an answer, we would like to say that is not an official voice.”

Question from a fan: “How did you decide on the Tsubasa countries and characters for each one?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “There were a lot of parameters. For some cases we defined the world first and then the characters, but we did the opposite on other worlds as well.”
Mokona-sensei: “We also thought on what clothes would fit better to them. Also Primera changed a lot, right?”

Fan comment: “I see Kamui as the younger brother”
Ohkawa-sensei: “The youngest one in X is Yuzuriha.”
Mokona-sensei: “She is like a cute sister.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Yes, but she has her grown up sides as well. But yes, Kamui has those small brother characteristics Maybe if he didn’t have to go through to all that stuff he would have been more easygoing. But there was what happened to his mom, and he also has a lot of weird people around him, so…”

Question from a fan: “Please comment on the past relationship of Clow, Yuuko and Fei Wang Reed”:
Ohkawa-sensei: “I don’t think Clow hates Fei Wang. Clow is not that kind of person that would care that much.”

Fei Wang Reed bears a grudge against Clow and Yuuko because they never paid attention to him and always forgot to send him the obligatory midsummer/year’s-end gifts that most professional adults send to their colleagues each year. (Kero would make a list and send them)

Mokona-sensei: “Clow doesn’t really get angry at no one. But Yuuko gets mad at people if they mess her sake.”

Vampires & Fuuma
Ohkawa-sensei: “At temples, sake is offered to the Gods. So for me, sake is not a strange thing for Fuuma, therefore he is strong at drinking. I think Tsubasa’s Fuuma is also strong at drinking.”
Igarashi-sensei: “Yuzuriha”.
Ohkawa-sensei: “But she hasn’t started drinking yet. She would probably start with sweet stuff first.

Ohkawa is asking for kind questions while Satsuki’s prepares her island.

Question from a fan: “Would Himawari be strong at drinking?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “When she grows up.”

Question from a fan: “I expect Sakura from GATE 7 to be strong at drinking.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “If he is not it would be like half an imposter.” (laughs)

Question from a fan: “Although it’s not safe to travel right now, once you are able to travel again, where do you wanna go?”
All: Okinawa.

Question from a fan: “What do you do to low your tensions on free times?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “I re-read the authors that I love.”
Nekoi-sensei: “I don’t get that much tensioned.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Satsuki is always calm as well right?”

Question from a fan: “What are your views on Ghibli movies?”
Mokona-sensei: “I’d pick Laputa but Nausicaä was the first one I watched so it left a strong impression.”
Nekoi-sensei: “Nausicaä.”
Igarashi-sensei: “Nausicaä. I was also reading the manga. Also Ponyo was really impressive. So many readings possible.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “It is kind of a scary movie as well. From the moment the mom goes outside.”

Question from a fan: “What it would take to forgive Seishirou?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Humility.” (she answered right away)

Clow’s name correct pronunciation: ku-RO-u.

A fan asked them the story behind a Ioryogi lighter dated from 2014-10-08. They said that they did it as a gift to some of their friends and it was not sold to the public. Takeshi Okazaki tweeted saying he also has one. Inada Tetsu (Ioryogi’s voice actor) interacted with them saying he didn’t have one (despite the fact that he voiced Ioryogi).

Question from a fan: “What kind of world do you think will be a happy ending for Subaru-kun and Seishirou? They couldn’t be happy in Tokyo Babylon, X, or Tsubasa… I like these two people, so I would like to hear your views.”
All: *silence*
Mokona-sensei: “They can have a happy ending in your own mind and heart.”
Ohkawa-sensei: *clapping her hands* “Mokona nailed it! That’s really good”.

Then, they added that it’s hard to make a happy world with the two of them without Hokuto. And even the good memories they had from the past made living the present like hell for Subaru after Hokuto was gone. They mostly agree that Seishirou’s personality stands in the way of any kind of happy ending.

For CLAMP is pretty hard to set an schedule and do the spaces so in the future they’re going lightly announce it 30 minutes in advance so everyone can join. They may also just do spaces after finishing work, and in a pretty relaxed way like the free talk they did today. Nekoi-sensei may continue with her own twitter spaces as well.

A huge thank you to Claudio for providing skillful real-time translations.

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CLAMPSpace – May 26, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This CLAMP Space session happened live on their official Twitter account and recordings were not made available anywhere after the transmission was over. The information available here was gathered in a collaborative effort from multiple reports and impressions from fans from all over the world who took notes as the session was happening live. Please be aware that this report may contain inaccuracies and is subject to corrections.

  • They started saying that they would be holding another CLAMPSpace on Saturday to talk about Animal Crossing and share the dream code so players can visit Satsuki Igarashi-sensei’s island.
  • Mokona-sensei was absent.
  • Enomoto Atsuko, the voice actress for Misaki Suzuhara in ANGELIC LAYER, joined in the discussion. They talked about Vanguard since she voiced a character in the previous anime series.
  • They announced that they would be requesting fans to join them to participate with their microphone on.
  • The first fan came on and they chatted, but there are no notes from that talk (I missed this part of the talk).
  • The second fan came on and CLAMP started asking her a few questions.
  • Question from CLAMP to the fan: What was the first CLAMP work that you came in contact with?
    Answer: Magic Knight Rayearth.
  • Question from CLAMP to the fan: Anime or manga?
    Answer: she was in elementary school so she doesn’t remember.
  • Question from CLAMP to the fan: At which point was the story at?
    Answer: She doesn’t remember that either, but she remembers the appendix that came in Nakayoshi magazine with Rayearth’s trump cards.
    Ohkawa-sensei that Nekoi-sensei drew all 42 cards of the deck. They mentioned that none of them four have the deck today.
  • Question from CLAMP to the fan: Have you been watching other CLAMP works since then?
    Answer: “Of course, I’ve been watching a lot of CLAMP works…!”
  • Question from CLAMP to the fan: What are your most important works or works that interest you?
    Answer: “I like CLOVER!”
  • Question from CLAMP to the fan: Considering your age, have you seen the movie version of CLOVER?
    Answer: “Yes, I have.”
  • Question from CLAMP to the fan: How old were you at that time?
    At this point, Igarashi-sensei interrupted them, saying “Don’t ask her about her age”.
  • Question from CLAMP to the fan: When you were a child, were you okay with the gloomy atmosphere of the movie CLOVER?
    Answer: “I read CLOVER before watching the movie, so I was fine with it. I was rather happy to see it in animation!”
  • Question from CLAMP to the fan: What is your favorite CLAMP work?
    Answer: “It’s X!”
  • Question from CLAMP to the fan: Who is your favorite character in X?
    Answer: “I can’t choose just one…! Subaru and Kamui-chan…!
    Ohkawa-sensei: “That’s two, pick one!”
    Answer: “Then… Kamui…!”
  • Question from CLAMP to the fan: How did you feel when Kamui appeared in Tsubasa?
    The fan replied that she was really happy because it had been several years since X was on hiatus and it was the first time she was seeing Kamui in a long time.
  • Question from CLAMP to the fan: Which character do you like the most in all of CLAMP’s works?
    Answer: “It’s Suu from CLOVER!”
  • Next, the fan asked started asking questions to CLAMP.
  • Fan question: Are you planning on doing another CLAMP Festival in the future?
    Ohkawa-sensei: “Yes, by all means! Actually, we were planning to do it. But we couldn’t do it at all because of the coronavirus pandemic.”
    Ohkawa-sensei adds that they had been planning it for the past two years and it would involve Kodansha, Kadokawa, Shueisha and other companies, but they had to cancel it. She said they are planning another one, though they are not sure yet when it will happen. She also said that they want to stream it so that even people who cannot attend to the venue are able to participate.
    Ohkawa-sensei assured that there will be a next CLAMP Festival and she added that CLAMP is an entity that stands by for what they say.
  • After that, they were joined by Kurogane and Ioryogi’s voice actor, Inada Tetsu.
  • Inada Tetsu already knew about Tsubasa before he auditioned for the role of Kurogane because he had read Tsubasa in Shonen Magazine.
  • Ohkawa-sensei mentioned that Daisuke Namikawa (Fye’s voice actor) was chosen to voice Ginsei in Kobato. on purpose.

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CLAMPSpace – May 22, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This CLAMP Space session happened live on their official Twitter account and recordings were not made available anywhere after the transmission was over. The information available here was gathered in a collaborative effort from multiple reports and impressions from fans from all over the world who took notes as the session was happening live. Please be aware that this report may contain inaccuracies and is subject to corrections.


  • Games played by Satsuki-sensei:
    • Animal Crossing (since its DS version)
    • Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
    • Megami Tensei d2
    • AFK Arena
    • Uma Musume
  • Games played by Ohkawa-sensei:
    • sky (she was happy to know that a version for Nintendo Switch will be released soon)
    • Silent Hill 1
    • Resident Evil 1
    • Megami Tensei
    • Danganronpa
  • Mokona-sensei likes puzzle games.
  • They all said to be occasional gamers and not hardcore gamers.
  • They talked about Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  • They asked for game suggestions via Nekoi-sensei’s Twitter. They mentioned musical games, Super Mario Bros, Gardenscapes as some of the suggestions.
  • They also mentioned the collaboration Granblue had with Code Geass, which made them mention Jun Fukuyama.
  • While CLAMP were talking about various games, they talked about the mobile game Neko Atsume. That led to one of them mentioning that a friend had named a black cat Kurogane and a white cat Fai. and then CLAMP were talking about what if you had a cat named Kurogane and a cat named Fai but they didn’t get along. One of them said that would be sad but another said “who cares about them? Now if it was Sakura and Syaoran (cats) that didn’t get along that would be really sad”.
  • They talked about games adapted from their own works. Mostly about Magic Knight Rayearth games and the X one for Playstation.
  • They talked about how the X game has very similar animation to its TV Anime adaptation.

Maaya Sakamoto

  • They recapped their long relationship with her and asked fans for their favorite Maaya Sakamoto songs outside the ones from their own works.
  • CLAMP attended to Maaya’s wedding. Yoko Kanno played piano at the reception.
  • They’re also talking about how much they love Clear and how they’re so happy with it.


  • They talked about how sad/hard it was for Syaoran during the Infinity arc because he knew everyone well but they didn’t really know him (and Sakura was distancing herself).
  • The cast of Tokyo Revelations was chosen by Ohkawa-sensei.
  • They were very happy that Kodansha allowed them to attach the OAD to the tankoubon release because they wanted to animate Tokyo arc and it wasn’t possible to do so in NHK.

Card Captor Sakura Movies

  • Although the first movie is set in Hong Kong, Ohkawa-sensei didn’t go there herself to do location research. Instead, this was done by producer Masao Maruyama and director Morio Asaka, from Madhouse. They did it in almost one day.
  • If you try to replicate some scenes where Sakura runs from one place to another, you’ll end up in very odd places (not sure what this means, I think it means the place is not that accurate).
  • Ohkawa-sensei watched over 30 hours video footage about Hong Kong to be able to write the script.
  • In director Morio Asaka’s storyboard for the last scene of the second movie, it was originally supposed to end with Syaoran saying “Stop it!/Don’t do it” to Sakura, who was about to jump over the gap to reach Syaoran, but Ohkawa-sensei wanted to end it in a lighter tone so she requested to add an additional line to Sakura where she says “I love you”.
  • Syaoran’s sisters were not created specifically for the movie, he was always meant to have four sisters since the beginning.
  • A fan asked if they were aware that Syaoran’s four sisters look like CLAMP and they said no.
  • The cast for Maaya Sakamoto as The Nothing card was chosen by Ohkawa-sensei.
  • Naoko’s song sang by Tomoyo in movie 2 was written by Ohkawa-sensei. Naoko is at Ohkawa-sensei’s heart.
  • The pamphlet for the movies cost 600 yens at the time and they thought it was a little expensive. They requested to make it cheaper for elementary students.
  • A fan pointed out that the color of Sakura’s ribbon shoes for the play costume is different in the movie and the art that CLAMP did for the movie. The shoes are red in the movie while they are white in the arts did by CLAMP. They replied that the correct color is red and that either Mokona-sensei got confused and mixed the colors or she intended it to look this way. Mokona-sensei added that she thought it would look better for the illustrations if they were white, therefore it was a conscious decision to make them white for the illustrations.

Card Captor Sakura Clear Card arc

  • Mokona-sensei’s favorite battle costume is the one with the frog.
  • Now that Sakura is a junior high student, they are showing a little more of skin in Sakura’s battle costumes.
  • The costume Sakura is wearing in volume 2 was made green per Ohkawa-sensei’s request.

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CLAMPSpace – May 20, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This CLAMP Space session happened live on their official Twitter account and recordings were not made available anywhere after the transmission was over. The information available here was gathered in a collaborative effort from multiple reports and impressions from fans from all over the world who took notes as the session was happening live. Please be aware that this report may contain inaccuracies and is subject to corrections.

Tokyo Babylon

  • Someone asked what character is their favorite and the asker said “mine is Subaru Sumeragi.” CLAMP responded immediately “Subaru.. isn’t that kinda tough?”
  • CLAMP can’t answer about what happened with the Tokyo Babylon 2021 anime so they decided to talk about the manga.
  • CLAMP mentioned how they were so young when they wrote it. Started as a very short story. People who ask about it always bring up the banana and the “Old” story.
  • Satsuki-sensei thinks “Start” is the most impression making chapter.
  • Fan question: with Tokyo Babylon, was the story or characters made first? Answer: Story first. It started with a story about a curse and someone had to get rid of it. So Subaru came to be.
  • A fan asked them to list their favorite places that appear in the manga. CLAMP replied that most of the places that appear in the manga are now gone except for Tokyo Tower and Mister Donut.
  • They chose Tokyo Tower as a setting because it’s kind of uncool.
  • A fan: I like Seishiro a lot. CLAMP: eeeek watch out. “they like Seishiro? Seeeriously?” (Echoes)
  • CLAMP think the OVA cast was excellent. A scene they love is when Miki Ito calls out Subaru’s name.
  • They talked about how Mokona-sensei cried before drawing Hokuto dying. Satsuki-sensei didn’t.
  • A fan asked if Seishirou killed Hokuto because he was lonely, referencing what the girl ghost says about lonely people doing bad things. Ohkawa-sensei replied that it’s up to the reader to judge, but only Seishirou knows if he does these bad things because he is lonely.
  • They don’t blame Seishirou because that’s how he is but if in real life they would not want to get anywhere near him.


  • Syaoran’s mentor was originally meant to be Subaru. They changed it to Seishirou at the last minute.
  • Fye was supposed to die at the end of the Celes arc.
  • All CLAMP member really like the Piffle World arc.


  • Suga Shikao was chosen by CLAMP to perform the songs of XXXHOLiC because CLAMP already liked his work before.
  • Regarding resuming the XXXHOLiC Rei manga, Ohkawa-sensei said it is a work for which the story gets influenced by current events so she asked the fans to please wait a little more.
  • A fan commented about searching the alcohol drinks that appear on XXXHOLiC. CLAMP said that were chosen by Mokona-sensei since she lived near a Izakaya restaurant at that time. CLAMP said Watanuki doesn’t drink that much, so now is Doumeki who may drink.
  • Doumeki’s voice actor is really serious about how Doumeki has to sound.
  • A fan asked about if the shop in which Watanuki went with Mokona in the Shiritori chapter has any relation to Fei Wang Reed due to the many bat wings motifs that appear in it. CLAMP said it’s not yet the time to talk about that.
  • Question from fan: if CLAMP members were to become their own characters who would they choose?
    Mokona-sensei: first she chose White Mokona (Soel) but since it’s still traveling, she changed it to Black Mokona (Larg)
    Nekoi-sensei: Suppi
    Satsuki-sensei: Seishirou
    Ohkawa-sensei: didn’t pick anyone, but if she had to pick one it’d be Clow.
  • The inspirations for the stories in XXXHOLiC come from real life experiences, stories told by their friends and from classic Japanese literature.
  • The three 10 yens coins story happened to one of their acquaintances.
  • Doumeki is based on someone they know. The name “Ichihara Yuuko” is the name of their nail technician.
  • Ohkawa-sensei gave her set of mahjong tiles to Jun Fukuyama (Watanuki’s voice actor).
  • The sweets that appear in XXXHOLiC are chosen because they go well with sake/alcoholic beverages. Mokona-sensei thinks dorayaki with champagne is delicious.
  • Regarding the XXXHOLiC Musical adaptation. They are extremely happy to have one of their works adapted to a stage play for the first time. Casting was done entirely by the producer Matsuda Makoto and CLAMP have no complains. They loved Yuuko’s characterization. The casting for Himawari and Doumeki will be announced soon.

Other topics

  • They said they have been watching a lot of YouTube lately. Ohkawa-sensei mentioned that Nekoi-sensei likes to watch videos about ghost stories.
  • Here’s a list of things each of them like to watch on YouTube:
    Nekoi-sensei: Ghost stories, iyashikei no fudousan (癒し系の不動産), horses, cats and goats.
    Igarashi-sensei: Doesn’t watch much, but when she does, she likes to watch Kubota-kun’s channel because she is a fan.
    Mokona-sensei: Masama Uno’s channel (figure skater), Mochimaru (a cat), the channel of a ballet dancer who has a beautiful Russian wife.
  • They talked a little about Nekoi-sensei’s drawing of Mokona of the Pearl Earring that she posted on her social networks and it received a lot of attention.
  • Question from a fan: What is your favorite place to eat in Kyoto?
    Answer: Ladurée on Hanamikoji Street in Gion (Igarashi-sensei)
  • Question from a fan: What kind of chocolate does CLAMP-sensei recommend?
    Answer: La Maison du Chocolat (Mokona-sensei answered immediately). They also recommended chocolates from a store in Sanjo Street. In Osaka, they recommended Rihga Royal Hotel’s Planet Chocolate.
  • Question from a fan: For how long do you want to keep drawing manga?
    Answer: They don’t know, but until they are able to draw. Mokona-sensei added that she will quit only when she no longer can draw a frame.
  • Question from a fan: What do you want to drink today?
    Answer: They didn’t have any drinks for today. Apparently they had sushi before doing the twitter space but Mokona-sensei avoided drinks because she wasn’t feeling very well.
  • Apparently they talked about participating in a party of the radio show All Night Nippon.
  • Question from a fan: What background music do you play while working?
    Ohkawa-sensei: Basically, silence.
    Nekoi-sensei: German techno.
    Mokona-sensei: Classical music, anime songs, and eventually songs and videos that come up on YouTube randomly. She mentioned liking Heavy Metal too, “but not when I’m drawing Sakura-chan! (laughs)”
    The drawing team likes to listen to foreign music that they can’t understand!
  • Question from a fan: Which character was the most important for you to name?
    Answer: Ohkawa-sensei is the one who comes up with the characters’ names.
    Li Syaoran is after Bruce Lee.
    Sakura was heavily based on the title role.
    They mentioned that the first time they had a character in the work title was for Miyuki-chan in Wonderland.
    Igarashi-sensei said that they intentionally tried their best to find surnames with numerical kanjis for the characters in XXXHOLiC. This is true. (Kimihiro) Watanuki and (Yuuko) Ichihara both have the kanjis for “one”, (Shizuka) Doumeki has the kanji for “hundred”, (Himawari) Kunogi has the kanji for “nine”. (Kohane) Tsuyuri has the kanjis for “five” and “seven”.
  • Ohkawa-sensei is the only one of the four that likes horror stories. The other three prefer kaidan(怪談) stories, which are stories about ghost/spirits stories.
  • Mokona-sensei mentioned she thought Kindaichi Kosuke (金田一耕助) to be really scary. It’s a very popular detective series.
  • They mentioned they will try to invite “well intentioned” fans to participate in upcoming twitter spaces. They will also try to warn in advance.
  • They congratulated BL novelist Miki Iida for her 5th debut anniversary.

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CLAMPSpace – May 12, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This CLAMP Space session happened live on their official Twitter account and recordings were not made available anywhere after the transmission was over. The information available here was gathered in a collaborative effort from multiple reports and impressions from fans from all over the world who took notes as the session was happening live. Please be aware that this report may contain inaccuracies and is subject to corrections.

Other topics

  • Satsuki-sensei was absent.
  • Mika Kikuchi (voice actress for Mokona=Modoki) and her husband, Yuichi Yoshida, participated as guests.
  • This was the first test that they did with twitter spaces and they were still figuring things out.
  • Kahotan from Good Smile Company joined them at one point while she was at the train station coming back home from work.
  • Kahotan said she was a big fan of Card Captor Sakura before working for Good Smile Company.
  • Ohkawa-sensei, Mokona-sensei and Nekoi-sensei all like to look at real state floor plans. Among the three of them, Mokona-sensei and Nekoi-sensei enjoy looking at floor plans and drawing the rooms in three dimensions to make them look more realistic. Upon hearing this, Ohkawa-sensei said “The art team (Mokona-sensei and Nekoi-sensei) is so annoying”.
  • They said they want to use twitter spaces more often and to do special announcements as well.
  • They plan to ask questions from fans.

Let’s keep this a collaborative effort! If you found mistakes or if you think you can contribute with more information, please contact me.