Nanase Ohkawa Twitter Space – November 2, 2021

Today CLAMP member Nanase Ohkawa-sensei held a twitter space in her personal account and it Tokyo Babylon.

During the space, she updated the fans about the current status of the future anime adaptation of Tokyo Babylon.

Here is a brief summary about it:

DISCLAIMER: This Twitter Space session happened live on Nanase Ohkawa’s official Twitter account and recordings were not made available anywhere after the transmission was over. The information available here was gathered in a collaborative effort from multiple reports and impressions from fans from all over the world who took notes as the session was happening live. Please be aware that this report may contain inaccuracies and is subject to corrections.

The first 4 minutes were about Hideaki Matsuoka’s music and memories of those old days. A few of the Tokyo Babylon songs by him ended up in his 35th Anniversary best album.

Ohkawa-sensei: “When we were thinking about making the Tokyo Babylon manga, we thought we would like to have a compilation album that goes with it but there were not much chances about doing that.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Tokyo Babylon is a pretty important work for me and for many people. Indeed it was a story written in compliance of what was going on at that time.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Like we were saying when talking with Matsuoka-san, I’m holding the deal about Tokyo Babylon [new anime] and I would like to have some product in the same line of Tokyo Babylon. I don’t want this to be misunderstood, I think the Tokyo Babylon 2021 staff was thinking the same way. I’m holding the deal right now so I would like to deliver something according to everyone’s expectations. Either way we’re not in a stage that I can announce anything new right now. I would like to deliver a new animation project that fits Tokyo Babylon accordingly. People may have been hurt with the Tokyo Babylon 2021 project, but I think the staff was doing their best, so from now on I would like to continue giving my best efforts to it.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “When I watched Matsuoka-san’s Vision of Boys 2020 I really felt the Tokyo Babylon vibes. I don’t want to be misunderstood about this but it felt like ‘Oh yeah, this is what I was expecting to see’. There’s so many things that remain not yet decided, therefore I can not announce anything now, but as we said to Matsuoka-san, we’re aiming for a CLAMP-ish Tokyo Babylon media-mix.”

Q&A section with fans

Q: If Hokuto lived these times, would she wear Uniqlo GU?
Ohkawa-sensei: “Yes, she absolutely loves fast fashion so yes.”

Q: Will Seishirou’s original shoulders width be reflected?
Ohkawa-sensei: (Surprised while reading the tweets) “Soulder’s width? Shoulder width is that important? Oh, so I see, Seishirou is Seishirou because of his shoulders width! That’s a surprise! Is it because it looks strong? Thank you. I’ll have that as reference. For me Seishirou wasn’t defined because by his shoulders width. So it was a pitty that Seishirou’s shoulders weren’t wide enough then? I wasn’t giving that aspect that much of importance.
(Note: she keeps comming back to this subject later as well)
But is totally valid. Thank you for having that in mind.
For me shoulder width wasn’t that important, it was just the way it was at that time.”

Q: Can Subaru ride a bicycle?
Ohkawa-sensei: “I guess so, did he ride any? I think he can but did he ever ride a bicycle?” (She had to ask on the CLAMP line group about it)

Q: Can the Sumeragi twins drink alcohol? (Are they strong or weak at drinking?)
Ohkawa-sensei: “They are too young to drink but actually we had this decided at that time: there’s an omnyoji technique that makes alcohol effects go away so they are able to use that technique. That technique actually exists. I got an actual book that refers to this omnyoji technique.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “I’m so happy to know many people love Tokyo Babylon. I also think the Tokyo Babylon 2021 staff have put love on it. There’s nothing I can announce right now, altough I think there will be many changes comparing form the previous version [Tokyo Babylon 2021]. I will do my best to give my suggestions as a creator and from my place as producer. I don’t know what kind of media-mix is going to end up being, but I will do my best.”

Q: Were the final words Seishirou says to Subaru [in X] previously decided?
Ohkawa-sensei: “Yes, absolutely, but I’m not revealing those.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “I don’t know how the new Tokyo Babylon anime is going to be but we would like aim for something that satisfies everyone.”

Q: “If Seishirou would invite Subaru to a date now, where that would be?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “If I were at charge of the script, that would be….. (thinks) a Butler Cafe at Ikebukuro. He would like to put Subaru in trouble by doing so. Seishirou would enjoy to have Subaru saying “Okaerinasaimase”. I haven’t been to such a butler cafe, but if it’s Seishirou taking Subaru that would be the place. Or the Shinseido Cafe at Ginza to make Seishirou taste the omuraisu. Altough I don’t think there will be a scene where Seishirou is drinking, even without alcohol I would like to have Subaru watch Seishirou enjoying that omuraisu.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “I am holding the deal about the Tokyo Babylon anime and would like to do my best efforts from now on. Of course, there may be some limits but I’ll do my best. I’d like for everyone to wait for it patiently.

A huge thank you to Claudio for providing this summary.

Let’s keep this a collaborative effort! If you found mistakes or if you think you can contribute with more information, please contact me.


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