Mouryou no Hako, CLAMP IN AMERICA updates

The official website of Mouryou no Hako was updated with a few new sections, nothing too significant but make sure to check it out.

There’s a 5-seconds preview on YouTube of the anime, and below some stills from that preview in a higher resolution:

Click to enlarge it.

The anime premieres on October 7.

Moving to CLAMP IN AMERICA now, Del Rey’s CLAMP guide to be published next year.

The online store Target lists CLAMP IN AMERICA for a June 23, 2009 release. Furthermore, the website also states that the book will have 144 pages.

It’s already available for pre-order, for those interested, for US$ 19.99.

Please notice that the above information is subject to change since it comes from an online store and not from the publisher.

Please refer to this post for more information about CLAMP IN AMERICA.

EDIT: I just noticed I broke the mark of 900 livejournal users who have added my livejournal to their friends. Thank you so much for letting me in! ^__^


Two birthdays

It’s still Dec. 31 in Brazil, so it still counts. Today is my Live Journal’s 3rd birthday!!! Yeah, even though I created my account a few months earlier, 3 years ago I was making my first post!

Thank you everybody for reading it, leaving your comments, sharing your thoughts, really, just thank you very very muchly! *bows* I want to have a lot of more birthdays to celebrate ^^

Today, matching my LJ’s birthday, I would also like to “give birth” to a new Live Journal. I am very glad to present you alex-wonderland!

I created this new account in order to write things that I judge not appropriate for this one. I will keep posting CLAMP news here and only here, nothing will change for chibiyuuto.

Sometimes I feel the need to write or design things that aren’t necessarily related to CLAMP, and that account was born from that desire. See it as an opportunity to know other sides of me ^^

I’ve been testing it for the past… 8 months xD, to see if that’s what I really want to do, and I think today is a great day to formally open it.

Welcome to Alex’s Wonderland, and feel free to add me to your friends ^^

500th Post: XXXHOLiC Game Announced !

Turns out that the “picture adaptation” mentioned on CLAMP in 3-D LAND DEBUT! was actually a Media adaptation. I had seen some places referring to it as picture adaptation while others used media (with much wider possibilities).

So instead of “picture adaptation announcement from the media”, it should be “media adaptation announcement”. It’s quite natural to misunderstand it if you just hear it once.

Here are the basic info:

Title: XXXHOLiC~四月一日の十六夜草話~.
Platform: PlayStation 2.
Genre: Ayakashi Adventure.
Production: Marvelous Interactive
Release date: August, 2007.
Price: 7.140 yens.

EDIT: The pre-site is now open:

The title is very complicated to translate, and I’m not the best person to explain it (if someone has a proper translation I would appreciate it ^^), but basically, it has to do with the Tsukimi festival (moon-viewing) that happens in August, hence why the game will be released in that month.

I haven’t seen any word about a Tsubasa game, but if you ask me, I think there will be one, since they mentioned XXXHOLiC AND Tsubasa at the event. I’ll let you know if I find anything official.

Not nearly as exciting as an OVA or anything related to animation. Also, games based on CLAMP works were never that great. I shall not expect too much from this one.

500th Post !

This is my 500th post, uwaaah~~~! >.< I know some people have achieved much more than this, but to me that's quite an achievement! I work on each entry as if they were the last one I ever write, so it feels very great and satisfactory ^__^

Thank you everybody for the support, because without it I would never have came to this point *bows*

Please watch me go to 1000th! XD

400 Friends + Commenters Meme

I realized that this week I reached the mark of 400 (at the moment, 401) people who friended me back ! I have no words to express how grateful I am, because anything I’d say wouldn’t do the justice to what I really feel. But a few “thank you”s ought to be given, surely ^^

-Thank you so much everyone for the support, really !
-Thank you for reading my entries, comments, no matter how lame they might be xD
-Thank you so much for those who comment here (I try my best to answer them all, and in case I didn’t, it’s surely because I didn’t have the time or because I missed it).
-Thank you so much for the people who help me by providing news and cool materials.
-Thank you so much also for those who don’t comment or don’t provide anything, but still check my LJ.

Thank you all very muchly *bows 802 times (because you deserve 2 bows each)* ^________^

A now, here’s a cool meme I found at amewarashi-san’s place a while ago and I thought it suited the occasion ^^

Top 100 commenters

“Thank you India…”

A grateful post.

Once in a while I make these posts to thank everybody who visits my LiveJournal, because we have to be grateful to all sort of good things so that they can keep coming.

So, first I’d like to thank to E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y who’ve been commenting on my posts, no matter what post. I love you all, thank you very much indeed ! I’m sorry if I happened to not answer to your comment, I probably didn’t see it or didn’t have the time, but I always read all of them and I try to answer the biggest number as possible ! ^__^

Second, thanks to everybody that reads and comments on my reviews, whether Tsubasa’s or XXXHOLiC’s. I wasn’t expecting so many people commenting on them, so I’m really, really glad, specially because it takes a lot of time and effort to write them, and seeing people enjoying them is very gratifying. Thank you muchly ! *bows*

Third, I just realized that I’ve reached the mark of 300 (at the moment, 308) people who friended me back !! Thank you very much all of you for the support !!! I love you all and each >.< This is definitely an incentive to keep this journal up, so thanks big time *bows 308 times* ^^

And now, a meme, because ladydarkmoon-san tagged me !

10 things

Ohkawa in XXXHOLiC’s Staff !

YES !!! Ohkawa is in the Staff for the XXXHOLiC Anime under the charge of “Series composition” (same as CCS and MKR). We can surely expect a VERY faithful anime adaptation, since everything will be approved by her ^_~ Not to mention that the chances of her writting scripts (and maybe songs too) are large. Here’s the whole staff:

XXXHOLiC – TV Series
Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
Series Composition: Michiko Yokote and Ageha Ohkawa
Character Design: Kise Kazuchika
Accessory Designs: Minoru Ueda
Director of Art: Kogura Hiroaki
Color Settings: Hirose Idumi
Director of Photography: Yasuhira Konishi
Music Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
Editing: Taeko Hamautsu
Animation Production: Production I.G

We can also expect the anime to be very like the movie adaptation, since the staff is pretty much the same (Director, Chara Designer, Accessory Designer, Music Director, Editing among others).

I’m VERY glad already ! Just to know Ohkawa is in it makes me love this anime without even seeing it xD

XXXHOLiC & Tsubasa DVDs Info