500th Post: XXXHOLiC Game Announced !

Turns out that the “picture adaptation” mentioned on CLAMP in 3-D LAND DEBUT! was actually a Media adaptation. I had seen some places referring to it as picture adaptation while others used media (with much wider possibilities).

So instead of “picture adaptation announcement from the media”, it should be “media adaptation announcement”. It’s quite natural to misunderstand it if you just hear it once.

Here are the basic info:

Title: XXXHOLiC~四月一日の十六夜草話~.
Platform: PlayStation 2.
Genre: Ayakashi Adventure.
Production: Marvelous Interactive
Release date: August, 2007.
Price: 7.140 yens.

EDIT: The pre-site is now open: http://www.mmv.co.jp/special/game/ps2/xxxholic/

The title is very complicated to translate, and I’m not the best person to explain it (if someone has a proper translation I would appreciate it ^^), but basically, it has to do with the Tsukimi festival (moon-viewing) that happens in August, hence why the game will be released in that month.

I haven’t seen any word about a Tsubasa game, but if you ask me, I think there will be one, since they mentioned XXXHOLiC AND Tsubasa at the event. I’ll let you know if I find anything official.

Not nearly as exciting as an OVA or anything related to animation. Also, games based on CLAMP works were never that great. I shall not expect too much from this one.

500th Post !

This is my 500th post, uwaaah~~~! >.< I know some people have achieved much more than this, but to me that's quite an achievement! I work on each entry as if they were the last one I ever write, so it feels very great and satisfactory ^__^

Thank you everybody for the support, because without it I would never have came to this point *bows*

Please watch me go to 1000th! XD

57 thoughts on “500th Post: XXXHOLiC Game Announced !

  1. Ah, lol, yeah, CLAMP video games don’t have a history of being all that great. I’m kind of disappointed, because it would have been nice to have something more animated, especially for HOLiC. Ah well.

    Congrats. ♥


    • Something tells me that CLAMP won’t give up on having their Spider Lady arc animated (I hope so ^^).

      LOL at that picture ! “WHO’S THAT? XD” But the most disappointing ones are the ones from Arika… gosh, that CCS one for PS is a total disaster xD


  2. That’s why there are the illegal copies xDDDDDDD

    >And after I spent so much on a DS to play my stinkin’ Tsubasa Chronicle game. X’D *curses*

    You didn’t! You bought only for that? omg XD


    Arigatou ne ^^”

    And don’t worry about your icon choice, it was well-picked xD


    • Don’t worry, I don’t think you’ll be missing much *hopes to be wrong*

      A WII is also great, you shouldn’t be complaining xD

      >Congrats on the post though!

      Thanks ! \o/


  3. Darn. All I have is a meager Gameboy Color and SP… *feels sorta left out* ^^; Oh well… i can steal… er, liberate someone else’s game system! Thank you for the information… and a heartfelt Congrats on your 500th post! ^^

    >Please watch me go to 1000th! XD
    Pshaw! Go further to 10,000! 😀


  4. Hmm. My expectations are nil, but I have to tell you, the reading for 十六夜 is actually “Izayoi,” which means “16-Day-Old-Moon.” The Izayoi Nikki is a literary travel diary from the Komakura period; I don’t know about the moon-viewing festival. “Kusabanashi” means “grass story,” which again sounds like Heian/medieval literature.


    • It’s a very complicated title… I asked for 2 people with advanced Japanese skill and them both couldn’t tell me a proper name ^^”

      So what would it be your translation? Watanuki’s 16 Day Old Moon Grass Stories?


      • yeah, i have advanced japanese skills too, and this one’s a stumper.

        If we were going for sounding pretty, I guess I would say “Izayoi Grass Story” or “Izayoi Grass Stories” and then explain Izayoi afterwards. The other thing is that the 草 kanji is the same grassy used to write “grassy style” i.e. when discussing character calligraphy, which is often defined as cursive character writing. So it could just be a story written in cursive. In any case, lots of literary connotations.


      • definitive translation?

        well, I asked my Japanese teacher what she would say “Kusabanashi” means, since she’s from Hokkaidou in Japan, and she said that she would translate it “fairy tale” or “folk tale.” So that leaves us with “Watanuki Izayoi Kusabanashi: Watanuki’s 16-Day Moon Fairy Tale” or “Watanaku’s Izayoi Fairy Tale.” Because personally I think “fairy tale” works better with the spirit-y goodness of xxxHOLiC.


  5. A videogame???? O.O I really wanted an OVA or a movie but this…;_______;

    -This is my 500th post, uwaaah~~~! >.< I know some people have achieved much more than this.
    Congratulations!!! For me a 500th post is great! Also, I have less posts than that XDD

    -Please watch me go to 1000th! XD
    We have to wait and see! but you will do it for sure ^_^


    • Yeah, a video-game is cool but definitely not as cool as an OVA.

      >Congratulations!!! For me a 500th post is great! Also, I have less posts than that XDD

      Thank you! I think 500 is a lot of posts too xDDDD


  6. congrats in 500 posts!

    >games based on CLAMP works were never that great

    This is very true and is the reason why I shall wait to see how the game is received by the general fan community before becoming hyper about it!


    • Estranho msm O.o naum acho q vai seguir a historia ou coisa do tipo (naum tem mt a ver com video-game xD). Acho q vai ser tipo akele do Undokai de CCS, eles vao pegar uma situação e vao explorar em um jogo.

      >Parabéns pelos 500 posts!

      Valew ! ^_^


    • Sorry to be the one to bring the bad news ^^” But like I said in other comments, I don’t think CLAMP will give up on doing a Tokyo arc OVA ^^

      Thank you for the compliments =33


  7. Hmm… a game is a bit of a let-down. The only CLAMP-series based game I’ve played that wasn’t abysmal was the SNES Rayearth game. It wasn’t too bad and followed the story, but it was just a basic RPG and kind of hard to wreck completely.

    Congrats on 500, by the way. ^.~


    • Yeah, the MKR games were the least-disappointing ones, but I can’t see them doing a game following XXXHOLiC’s story. I guess they’ll merely use the same characters, some particular situations and transform it into a game.

      Thank you for the compliments ^___^


  8. First of all, congratulations Yuuto-san! 500 posts???!! That’s awesome!!.
    A holic videogame??? And for Ps2??? >.< I wish I had one T-T At least I hope for the graphics to be really really beautiful (and if possible, a good game as well).
    I only have a CCS game for PS and I really like it. Although it's a tetris (a game I enjoy since I was a little kid) it has good graphics and it can get very hard sometimes to beat it XD I have a great time whenever I play it 😛


  9. Congratulations, and thank you very much for being so diligent about bringing us all news of CLAMP!

    And who knows… they could do wonderful, weird things with this video game! I mean, it’s not like there’s a lack of spirits to go around… it could be something like Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked, where they take a detour in the story line. Oh well… I’m excited to hear more! Thanks again!


  10. Congratulations for the 500 posts! Keep up the good work ^_^

    A game?! Cool! I love games, and since this is for PS2 I might try it if it’s released in Europe without a crappy dub. I’ve never played a game based on a CLAMP series, and I’m quite happy as long as there are seiyuu, so I’d probably like it! 😀 It would be great if the player had to solve a mystery in real XXXHOLiC spirit. A Tsubasa game would probably be an RPG.


  11. Marvelous! =D Wonder what the game’s going to be about? I can’t read the information but for sure it won’t be a first-person shooter… right? XD Btw, Chibiyuuto sir, I remember you saying Code Geass didn’t catch your fancy but since CLAMP did the DVD 4-komas, I thought those would be of interest to you. Have you seen them?


  12. Okay first of all….
    Congratulations on your 500 (503 already) posts anniversary!!!! You do sure post a lot XD but you are always answering comments with the best mood, you always give kind answers, even in your bad days (to tell you the truth I don´t know how you manage to do that xD) But that is so important and it has so much value!, I admire that, to be like that all the time in LJ, it really shows you love doing this 😉

    (I think I went too technicolor up there O.oUUUuu XD)

    Now, the same question on everyone´s mind…. WHY NOT AN OVA?! T.T I was having some really high hopes on this…. okay well maybe it will be a really nice game, maybe it will actualy work out… the image on the pre-site looks lovely…… wich drives to think why game companies don´t use manga style if they have an anime of the same series, manga style looks so much better in that kind of “adventure” games… Oh well will see, Now id TRC adaptation is not a game I´m going to be sooo mad….


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