CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru #11 – 2015/12/10 (Updated)

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

Episode 11 is up for download at CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru‘s official website.

Here’s a brief summary:

  • They spent the first 5 minutes talking about X because of an e-mail sent by a listener asking them about Kamui’s settei blood type.
  • Then, they read another e-mail which asked CLAMP to talk about their latest collaboration with Suga Shikao and XXXHOLiC. Basically they talked about the experience of drawing a comic based on a song. Mokona said she had a lot of fun drawing the storyboard and I think she said something about being similar to CLOVER.
  • Ohkawa mentions that the main drawing and inking in XXXHOLiC are done in analog format while finishing is done digitally using Photoshop (I would like to hear more about this…).
  • Then, they go into a long talk about glasses (reading glasses, round glasses, sunglasses, Suga Shikao’s sunglasses).
  • The show has a new Ending Theme song performed by Iwao Junko called “going, which will be included in her upcoming new album “Return to Myself.
  • At the end of the episode they mentioned having drawn a shikishi to Misaki Tomoko, the lady from KBS who narrates the show, featuring Hikaru and Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearth. She tweeted about it:

Update: Here’s a brief summary by the always so helpful Claudio, from Argentina:

-They first speak about how Kyoto is warm even though they are entering winter nowadays.

-Nekoi reads listener’s message: The listener has a fetish with characters blood type, and he/she says that is always having fun trying to guess the blood types of the characters when reading and trying to verify the actual blood types later to see if he/she was correct. So he/she asks about X’s Kamui character. He/she thinks Kamui is pretty much a typical B type, but is that really so? He/she also ask CLAMP to tell the blood types of other X’s characters.

-Ohkawa immediatly surprises that Kamui could be think of as a B-type person. Mokona says that she relates B-blood type to Oka Hiromi (famous old manga “Ace wo Nerae!”main character). Being this character the kind of person that has a clear goal to achieve and all her efforts are aimed to achieve that goal, so she doesn’t really think of Kamui as a character with such profile.

-Nekoi says that is not because of the blood type, and that is because she is a girl (a girl fighting her best I assume she means).

-They also mention Kitajima Maaya, a character of the famous manga “Garasu no Kamen” being a B type kind of character.

-So Ohkawa clears that Kamui is not B-type. So the rest of them starts to guess and finally Satsuki says it was A-type, and Ohkawa confirms this.

-Ohkawa says that it may appear like a O-type character though. And Satsuki says that the image she has about A-type -including herself- is sort of an irresponsible type of person. She says that she hasn’t seen any A-type steady/firm/sure of himself.

-Ohkawa says that she thinks of O-types as kind of annoying, and lovers of cleaning and order. But of course this may be just based on their own prejudice, since 3 of them are A-type and just 1 is O-type. With this kind of combination The O-type one is surely having a hard time.

-Ohkawa continues telling that even though they could say somebody is strict/methodical, but that doesn’t really means it is that way. Commonly you could think of a A-type with a bold/strong appearance/outer face, but when it comes to reality to comrades/people of the same group, it can be annoying (they say “guda guda”, this means mainly annoying people reppeating over and over the same thing)

-Satsuki says she shouldn’t be saying that and Ohkawa replies that she thinks this way pretty much about the group as well. So they start talking about the the usual exchange they have every day, somebody is being asked to wait when visiting the home of the other, or when someone asks Mokona if it’s ok to take the day off, she replies telling to take off the day after tomorrow better, and that sort of things. Ohkawa says once Satsuki said to her not to come (to her house I suppose). So Satsuki said they can meet in other places it doesn’t have to be necessarily on people’s home. And Ohkawa clears up that in those days there were so much books inside Satsuki’s home that you couldn’t physically enter. Pilled up on like towers. So this is the kind of things O-types do. You can go to Nekoi’s house anytime and she won’t be mad about it (says Okhawa). Nekoi may tell you is not really ordered but it isn’t that much of a mess – and Nekoi comments that the little garbage is on purpose, so the cat can play with it.

-So Okhawa says, if you think of Kamui’s home, it may be in part well ordered and clean, and in parts wildly untied. And Fuuma’s place would be clean. And since A-types like to decorate with the stuff the like/hobbies stuff they show it, but O-types tend to hide it.

-Ohkawa mentions Sorata was B-type but she really doesn’t remember  having published this data of each character, so Satsuki reminds her that it was published on the Materials Book of the anime series.

-Around minute 6 they started talking about Suga Shikao’s new song and the special one shot.

-On this one shot there are not much dialogue globes. Which is pretty different to how XXXHOLiC is normally. So at drawing stage it gave them the feeling of drawing shojo manga because this is a typical narration technique on Shojo manga (not having that much dialogue globes).

-Ohkawa says that at the storyboard stage it looked a little bit like CLOVER since the premise was that the art will be used as some sort of illustration. So when they passed it to the editors, they passed a plain line only version, a version without the places (textually “frames”) to put the lyrics, and a final version with the lyrics and all. So it was a lot of work for Nekoi to save all the data (image files in this case you may think) by separate.

– Ohkawa continues saying in the case of XXXHOLiC, is basically analog drawing until pen-inking stage only. And the finishing is digital.

-They actually name the software as Photoshop (they say the company name at min 9:49 but I could really connect it to a known software name, they say something-something-MAX Photoshop). They do say clear not to be using Studio Comic though and also mention Clip Studio.

-Ohkawa explains that in the old days was all manual processes, but that now, even though they draw the lines manually they input on the computer once and used within the software. So this makes the tasks easier and quick. In the old days they had a lot of trouble with having no time to do the final lining.

-But on the other hand, now they sent the chapters digitally (by e-mail or uploading to storage cloud) so they can not excuse themselves saying the bike guy was slow.

-So this time they sent 3 versions. They have watched the YouTube preview but they still didn’t know at that time how it was going to end up so they were eager to know.

-Mokona says that from now on they should draw XXXHOLiC always listening to that song, and Ohkawa added that felt like a persevering kind of feeling. Mokona said she liked it.

-Ohkawa also mentions that it has been a long time since they didn’t draw actual-Yukko (meaning not Memmories-Yuuko). At firsts starts with Yuuko going to the shop and then the story focuses on Watanuki. So the first part is not like a dream or a memory, it appears the Student-Watanuki and all.

-It appears that every time Watanuki appears on scene Nekoi asks which glasses should draw (hahaha). The glasses broke once, and also when he takes in charge of the shop the glasses become more circle-shaped (rounded). Those are the ones Clow left on a box.


CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru #10 – 2015/12/03 (Updated)

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

Episode 10 is up for download at CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru‘s official website.

This episode’s main topics were art materials and games. Here’s a brief summary:

  • They started the show reading an e-mail from a listener asking them about the different art materials they use for their series — mainly Chobits and CLOVER. They went on talking about it for 7 minutes (it sounds really interesting I wish I could understand T-T).
  • After that, they went into a long talk about games. Each member mentioned their favorite/current games. A few titles were mentioned such as Megami Tensei (Satsuki) and Front Mission (Ohkawa).
  • They mentioned Card Captor Sakura‘s games produced by ARIKA and the costume design work they did for Tekken back in 2009.
  • At one point, I think Ohkawa asked the others which of their works they would like to see adapted into a game. Mokona said ANGELIC LAYER (that would be fun, indeed!) and Satsuki said an all-star CLAMP characters dance game (amusing to say the least!).

Update: Summary of the first part kindly provided by my friend Claudio from Argentina:

-Started with a question of a listener called Asaka, who asked about Chobits, that at that time she has read on an interview that CLAMP used to use ballpens on Chobits art. So she asked if as in CLOVER or XXXHOLiC, Ohkawa decided wich materials to be used, or if it was left to the judgement of the member in charge of main art?

-Ohkawa inmediatly responded that commonly she is the one who decides (She’s in everything OMG xD) and indeed in Chobits comic pages they used to use ballpens.

-Mokona added that first they tried/experimented a little bit before deciding to go with ballpens. they neeeded to verify how it ended up looking at final printing.

-They wanted to give the impression of some sort of rusty image like pencil art. They actually did tried pencils but it wouldn’t go well.

-In CLOVER they used something called mini-pen, they refer to it as “Pigma”

-In MKR they used commonly mini-pen at first, but Nekoi mentioned using a water-based fountain pen manufactured by a company named Tube, at first they thought it was very troublesome to work with water based materials but they kept with it because of the good results, and Ohkawa added that is because the line got wider. They did mention seconds before that they used this one when wide lines were needed.

-Ohkawa continues asking if there were another ocassion where they have used interesting materials, and everyone replied that it wasn’t that much really.

-In CCS the main linning was done with a material that gives the line a brown-color appearence. Nekoi and Mokona added that was Maru-pen (maru=circle). And for color stuff they used to have the common acrylics, but if you quit using it for a long time it hardens so it was a lot of trouble even though it was a material easy to solve when using.

-They come back to Chobits and say that for the special Blu-Ray cover, they had to pull out that old material and it was so much trouble since 3 years had passed since the last time they used it and the materials were hard, or they didn’t have the colors that they used to use a lot (xD). Nekoi mentions that she coukldn’t use one particular material because it got lost on the moving to Kyoto. Next, Ohkawa asks how about the old illustrations, do they got mold? And everyone replied it were mainly ok but it does get hard. The materials -Nekoi comments- on the other hand, do decay. Nekoi mentions Ice pink color becoming just transparent water and that she couldn’t get any use out of it. Mokona added that ink itself become like yellow-ish, and everyone agreed that color inks doesn’t last much in general.

-Ohkawa says that at commonly they use color ink or copic markers. But it is a lot of trouble until the first concept art is settled. They try several materials, like several pages with Takara ink (takara is a brand), pens or mini-pens, and of course when is decided they stick to that.

-So the actual reply to the listener’s question is: the materials are decided by Nanase (she names herself Nanase WTF hahaha), but before that, the artist responsible suggests the materials to be used and they discuss about it all together. But at last the one that decides is herself.

-Mokona says that when trying the materials they even verify until the last actual printing of the art. Ohkawa adds they are pretty exigent about these stuff, always thinking in how is going to look at magazine printing step (magazine printing quality as you know used to be very poor). They show each other art drawn used several material and decide all together.

-Satsuki adds that depending on the magazine/publishing company the paper and the ink used in the publication variates so they have to think about that too. Nekoi insists in that specially in color illustrations variates a lot. Depending on the publishing company the final look of the illustration changes. Satsuki says that color becomes more red-ish or orange-ish

-So Ohkawa says to the listeners to take a look at the tankoubons and do maniac comparissons of publishing companies differences (Oh God she is such a troublesome girl! hahaha).

-Satsuki also recommends to compare the magazine version with the artbook versions. And Ohkawa interferes saying that probably the one that shows more differences is CCS, since at that time Nakayoshi magazine used to be printed in 4-color (there’s is a huge technical terms here, all I could catch was CMYK) and that black ended up looking like brown. She also says that at that time most of Shojo manga mangakas didn’t use to ink with black ink and that’s why the magazine used to be printed in that special 4-color way. But of course when publishing artbooks or such they use more than 4 color so the illustration gets printed more closely to the original art.

CLOVER movie adaptation in negotiation (Updated)

Dark Horse has announced today at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that the company is currently in negotiations with Universal studios to produce a live action movie adaptation of CLOVER.

However, no deal has been signed yet as the two companies are still discussing it.

The news come from ANN.

On March 2008 I mentioned here the deal between Dark Horse and Universal, and since then I’ve been wondering if the deal would be responsible for making the first Hollywood adaptation of a CLAMP manga. By that time, however, Carl Horn was asked about Mangettes being adapted into a movie.

I have always, I mean ALWAYS thought that if one CLAMP manga were to be made into a movie, that manga would be CLOVER. I personally think there is no better work for that. I mean, sure, others could come later but it would be perfect to start with CLOVER since I think it’s CLAMP’s most cinematographic manga to date. If you know me and if you have talked to me about this subject, you probably remember me telling you this once xD

This news left me very happy and very excited! I hope the project does see the light and I hope CLAMP will have their involvement. I can totally see Oscars nominations too (okay, one thing at a time, one thing at a time xD).

I will keep you updated about this exciting possibility, definitely!

On other news, specially for American people, Dark Horse has hinted that it will be publishing CLAMP Mokona Okimono Kimono in the United States in the near future by displaying the book’s cover in its booth at Comic-Con.

No official announcement has been given yet, though. It would be very cool to have an english version of the book!

EDIT: Regarding the CLAMP IN AMERICA guidebook, in Del Rey’s panel they revealed that the release date has been postponed to March, 2010. The reason behind the postponement is the increase in page number and also because CLAMP provided great art and opted to make pics larger (according to Deb Aoki). The book was originally announced to have 144 pages, then 336 pages and now 384 pages is the latest counting. Source: AnimeVice


Following the post I made about X and Gouhou Drug’s status, it’s only right to have one for CLOVER as well.

I sent an e-mail to Kodansha this time, asking about CLOVER and if they had any plans for resuming it, and here’s their answer:

Thank you always for reading our publications.
Although you inquired about CLOVER, to our regret, there are no plans to resume its serialization as of now.
We humbly ask for your comprehension.

Please continue your favors toward our company and the BOOK club in the future.

cut for original text in japanese

From Ohkawa’s Private Board

This time I’m not here to talk about Ohkawa’s doings, instead I’m here to talk about her recent music taste. As a Brazilian, I just had to do it.

Here’s her latest entry.


Recently, I’ve been listening to Lisa Ono-san’s beautiful tune.
Also, Jake Shimabukuro-san.
Also, jazz.

Since I haven’t had much time to turn the TV on,
I’ve been listening to those while reading books and magazines.

Even though I liked them from a very long time, recently I’m even more fond of them.

Along with food,
my music taste also changes every year.






Lisa Ono is a bossa nova singer who was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She moved to Tokyo at the age of 10 and began her career singing in her father’s pub. Her first professional album was released on 1989 and is called Catupiry (that title amused me till no end xD) and since then she became a very popular MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) singer in Japan.

Her repertory includes both original and covers of the most famous bossa nova songs. Watch her performing Ela é Carioca on YouTube.

The other guy, Jake Shimabukuro, is an ukelele monster! He was born in Hawaii and that is reflected in his songs. He doesn’t seem to sing (at least I couldn’t find any videos of him singing), he “only” plays instruments (but he does it really, really well). Watch him playing Crazy G on YouTube.

Ohkawa listening to bossa nova? I didn’t know she liked it, and she said she liked it from a very long time. I feel suddenly very patriotic xD

And this lady, Lisa Ono, I didn’t know her, actually I might know her (I think Yoshiyuki-kun might have told me something about her) and she’s really good! I love bossa nova, it’s so relaxing!

Ohkawa’s music taste really amazes me for its diversity, but she has my thumbs up for this one *thumbs up*

EDIT: The official website of Nakayoshi magazine has slightly bigger versions of the CLOVER #1 and #2 deluxe covers:

Both volumes of CLOVER Deluxe comes out on July 17.

EDIT 2: has even bigger versions of the CLOVER 1 and 2 covers.

CLOVER to be reprinted in new version

The NEWS BOARD section of CLAMP-NET.COM announced today that CLOVER will be re-released in deluxe editions.

Volumes 1 and 2 will come out in July 17th costing 1000 yens each.

No details were given about the specifications of this edition yet (probably hardcover and extra color pages).

That’s great news !! Although it’s normal for a CLAMP work to be re-released some time after their original release, not all of them gets deluxe editions (only CCS was worth enough, I think). And I can’t help but to get my hopes up that this can be a good opportunity for finally resuming the series (if that’s not what they are planning already).

It has to do well on sales so that Kodansha will show interest in publishing the remaining of CLOVER, they could release them directly into this new edition, there’s only 2 volumes left. Something worth mentioning is that the new edition is going out under the Nakayoshi label, the magazine where CCS and Rayearth were published but not CLOVER, since the magazine it used to run, Amie, got cancelled.

Fingers crossed everyone!

PS: Oh, and by the way, yesterday it’s been exact one year since the CLOVER DVD was released. Curious.

Mangettes: so secretive even editorial dept. doesn’t know specifics

…or so they say.

This year’s edition of the New York Comic Con fair is taking place since yesterday. At Dark Horse’s panel they announced that they’ll release an omnibus edition of CLOVER.

This edition will feature all 4 volumes in a single 512 pages long book. The release is planned for 2009.

CLOVER was originally licensed and published by TokyoPop but became out of print since 2006. The license has been now transferred to Dark Horse.

Very little was said about Mangettes, CLAMP’s upcoming 2009 project with Dark Horse. My friend Kethylia is there and she reports that the project is so secretive that not even the editorial department knows the details about it (or so they say xD).

CBR News is covering the event too and reports that,

“Mangettes” will be the first manga project to be released in English, Japanese, and Korean simultaneously. They will be 80 page issues, and come out with greater frequency than most manga.

So I think 80 pages is a lock (sounds yummy), and they will come out with greater frequency than most manga? Do they mean Dark Horse’s manga or japanese manga in general? Does that mean less breaks? It’s such a monstrous project, with such a pace, it would take only 2 months to compile a volume, and for a monthly manga, that’s just wow! Did I mention how excited I am for this project?

About CLOVER, I’m am very glad for you North Americans, of course, but unless this omnibus edition could be somehow related to a possible return of the manga, is not a big thing for me. I think “CLOVER” and “Mangettes” are two separate projects, and that Dark Horse might want to introduce CLAMP to their readers with CLOVER before launching Mangettes. If the Mangettes were the continuation of CLOVER, it would be over in 4 months given that there’s only 2 volumes left for CLOVER. Besides that, the press release for Mangettes stated it would be a brand new story.

It’s still a great opportunity to support CLOVER, show that there are people interested in it, and perhaps contribute for its return. It is intriguing, though, why CLOVER? Out of all CLAMP works?

EDIT: According to Kethylia, about Dark Horse representatives not knowing details about Mangettes, “their marketing director sounded exasperated, not coy, when I asked about it, which means that this is the truth”.