Following the post I made about X and Gouhou Drug’s status, it’s only right to have one for CLOVER as well.

I sent an e-mail to Kodansha this time, asking about CLOVER and if they had any plans for resuming it, and here’s their answer:

Thank you always for reading our publications.
Although you inquired about CLOVER, to our regret, there are no plans to resume its serialization as of now.
We humbly ask for your comprehension.

Please continue your favors toward our company and the BOOK club in the future.




There you go =/ Very different from X and Gouhou Drug’s answer, right? Although it’s different companies and their answer policy might be different, judging by the answers, clearly X and Gouhou Drug are most likely to be resumed first, they must be in a higher priority scale, in my opinion.

Again in my view, for CLOVER to continue, there has to be a proper magazine to run it in and free slots in CLAMP’s schedule, but I don’t think it’ll remain unfinished. Even if it has to be the last thing they ever do, I think they will finish it, but no plans for now, as you probably could have guessed…

Sorry to bring the bad news, but that’s part of the “job” too xD I’m just as sad as you are.

I will keep contacting them occasionally for more info. Maybe in the future we should make a petition or something to show them some interest =)

19 thoughts on “CLOVER Status

  1. Thank you so much for you effort!!
    Thanks really~

    It’s a pity hear that….
    CLOVER made a great impression on me in the pass…
    But you are really positive about it! ^^


    • Bad but somehow expected news =/ It’s just an official confirmation of what we all knew xD

      >They were so cold XDD and polite 😛

      Yes xD They were as cold as they were polite xD


  2. Thanks for the info!!

    For Clover, I really am not expecting much to be sincere ^^;;
    Suu, the heroine, dies already in vol01 and then the next vol. are about the others characters…I hardly imagine what they could add up to the 4 books: more back stories and flash backs? I own all 4 volumes and like it, but it’s not really in my list of priorities…


  3. Actually, I think CLAMP should take a long holiday before resuming anything 😀 They deserve it for working so hard all these years.
    But doubt it will happen lol xD


  4. I don’t know if CLOVER is less popular than GD. But if you ask me, X should be their TOP priority xD Because yeah, it was left in a crucial point, and it’s been running for far too long. We know GD will have more 12 volumes but X there’s only 2 and a half volumes left =/


  5. Since CLOVER was put aside in 1999 when internet wasn’t that popular, it’s somehow normal to see less material about it on the internet.

    But GD has a long road ahead, to be just as popular or even more than CLOVER. With 15 volumes I would say a TV anime is almost a given, but one thing at a time, one thing at a time xD


  6. Is it wrong that I’m happy about this answer? Just because it means that the answer that Kadokawa gave when asked about GD was maybe not just to leave fans happy… I hope Kadokawa was honest with us ;D

    I really loved Clover, but I wouldn’t mind if they leave it as it is, it works well too.


    • Putting both answers side by side, Kadokawa’s one is much more positive and promissing ^^ And japanese people are honest by nature, they wouldn’t say it just to cheer fans up.

      >I really loved Clover, but I wouldn’t mind if they leave it as it is, it works well too.

      I understand that, and indeed it looks pretty finished per se. But the fact that there’s more to it leaves me curious. But let’s wait, oh well.


  7. thank you for your time to try
    i really thik this will be an incomplete work, but i think is good as it is
    it will be marvelous to have it completed but i don’t think they do specially afer take out the realese last year of the four volumen in two special


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