CLAMP launches Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD (April Fools’?)

CLAMP's official website, CLAMP-NET.COM, has been relaunched to celebrate April 1st.

The website now mimics the behaviour of a company website named Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD, with CLAMP's characters as employees of that "company". "Shigatsu Tsuitachi" means April 1st in Japanese.

The "company" is supposedly recruiting employers for 2014, apparently only people who were born on April 1st are allowed.

The website is offering a wallpaper featuring the same illustration used in the homapage and a tumbler template featuring the company's mascot, April Dog.

CLAMP's Official Twitter account has been redesign as well to follow the website's new look.

It all looks like a April Fools' joke, and everything might be taken down on April 2nd, so make sure to grab the extras quickly before they are taken down 😉

I hope the "real" CLAMP-NET.COM will be launched on April 2nd, or maybe new information will be added progressively to this site? Either way, CLAMP certainly presented us with a real treat of an illustration.

HAPPY CLAMP DAY in advance! =)


29 thoughts on “CLAMP launches Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD (April Fools’?)

    • Maybe, although I wonder why TRC!Sakura doesn’t have an armband? I’d say it could be symbolizing CCS!Syaoran (and his TRC counterpart) and Son!Syaoran, but then why wouldn’t they just draw CCS!Syaoran separately?

      I’m so confused. Also, I’m wishing I knew more kanji so I could read what the arrows pointing to the characters say. D:


      • This ‘company’ is only meant for people born on april 1st: the 5 characters appearing on the picture were all born on april 1st. CCS|Syaoran being born in July would never be part of it. Needless to say, the x2 on TRC|Syaoran can only be about his other self, not his CCS counterpart.


        • Ah, of course! *derp* So yes, they must be talking about Tsubasa!Syaoran and C!Syaoran.

          Come to think of it, in Horitsuba Gakuen there were the twins Syaoran and Syaoron, but TRC!Sakura wasn’t depicted as a twin. Given the stuff around Tsubasa!Sakura in TRC, it actually does sort of make sense that CLAMP would only count her as one.

          Ah, it all makes sense now….


          • Well, I thought about it for a moment and my conclusions are:

            1-bcs of the drawing: 2 armbands against each other would look no good
            2-too many ‘Sakura’ since there is already the CCS one (that would have made 3 of them…)
            3-in Clamp’s minds, they do not consider princess Tsubasa as a Sakura counterpart (the only ‘Sakura’ would be the clone who was reborn as an authentic one), in which case her bday is not necessarily on April 1st


  1. According to the kanji, CCS Sakura is the president, Watanuki is in the finance department, TRC Sakura is in the general affairs dept, Syaoran is in the sales dept, Mokona is the special advisor, and who is the last character in the back? He’s the secretary.


  2. THANKS for the news!

    We’ve really been spoiled lately new illustrations wise, better not get used to it, else we might end up getting addicted and not be able to live without XD

    Watanuki as a salary man is plain awesome, it’s scary how well it suits him!
    The picture with Fei Wang Reed and Sakura-chan was also really great~
    The one with Sakura-chan and the Gate7 gang was funny too, it felt like Sakura-chan was thinking “hand off pervert!” while slapping Kojuro’s hand; it’s out of her character though, but fitting her role as the ‘president’ of a company I guess 😉


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