CLAMP-NET.COM re-opens in May!

Did you all enjoy this year's amazing April Fools joke elaborated by CLAMP? That sure was fun!

Some kind soul from tumblr translated all of yesterday's Twitter activity from CLAMP's official account, where details from this parallel story set in a business office were revealed. Check it out here. Some of them are really amusing!

And since it's no longer April 1st in Japan, CLAMP-NET.COM no longer shows the special page that was available for the occasion. Instead, it now shows a "coming soon" image revealing that the website will be officially open in May!

Yes! Can't wait! =)

My guess is that they hired a new company to be in charge of their website and mobile services (the 404 pages look different than they used to look! xD), hence why the site had to be taken down temporarily.

Also I wonder if they really did create a company called ShigatsuTsuitachi CO., LTD?


5 thoughts on “CLAMP-NET.COM re-opens in May!

  1. Oho yeah, that was great! I think kind soul’s translations are still on-going tho ^^;

    Man, I really hope they at least make a short series based on this verse like the gakuen one. The headcanons over at tumblr are hilarious


  2. So all that fuss on twitter was about that XDDD It would be cool if they do a short comic about that company (crosses fingers) but I loved the drawings, anyway. And yes, May is the month!!!! Now I have more reasons to love that month. Thanks for the information, as always.


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