Sorry I’m a bit late, I’ve been traveling around for the past weeks (see location at the end of the post =P) and I have had very little online time. But here are the most important news that have appeared in the past few weeks.

• Artbook:

Here is the cover of the Kobato. Illustrations & Memories artbook:

So pretty, I loved it! The artbook will have a short story drawn by CLAMP and an interview with them. It’ll be released on September 26.

• Blu-Ray:

The Kobato. TV Anime series will be released in Blu-Ray format sometime soon. The information comes from the series’ official website ( More details will be announced soon.

• Ranking:

After its first week of sales, the final volume of Kobato. debuted in the 16th position in Oricon’s ranking. That’s a very good position considering that it’s only covering 2 days of sales (since it was released on the 26th and the ranking covers up to the 28th).


1st – Ao Haru Ride #2
2nd – GANTZ #32
3rd FAIRY TAIL #28
16th – Kobato. #6

This is the first time that a Kobato. volume appears in Oricon’s ranking after volume 2. It is also the highest position reached by a Kobato. volume.

Also according to Oricon, Kobato. #6 sold 43.331 copies in its first week. In comparison, Kobato. #2 sold 32.351 copies in its first week.

Hopefully we will see Kobato. again in next week’s ranking, specially since there is a campaign related to that volume.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/04 – Jump SQ #09 – Chapter 6 (on sale).
09/04 – Jump SQ #10 – Chapter 7 – Last chapter of tankoubon 2.
10/04 – Jump SQ #11 – Chapter 8 – Beginning of tankoubon 3.

No new additions for GATE 7.

• Gouhou Drug:

The covers for the new editions of Gouhou Drug #1 and #2 were announced!

Ahhh, so the original design was preserved, I’m so glad! They are even wearing the same outfits, it’s like the same “photoshoot”, but with different poses XD But maaaan, do they look different! I don’t like this new style at all, their trace looks too simple! =( I really hope Nekoi improves her drawing with time.

The new editions of Gouhou Drug #1 and #2 will be released on October 4

• BLOOD-C – Novel:

CLAMP has drawn the cover illustration for the novel version of BLOOD-C:

So nice!

The novel is written by Junichi Fujusaku, who is also one of the writers for the TV Series along with CLAMP’s Nanase Ohkawa. It will be released by Kadokawa Shoten on October 4.

• BLOOD-C – Interview:

Website ANN interviewed the director Tsutomu Mizushima and screenwriter Junichi Fujusaku of the BLOOD-C TV Series. It’s a very interesting reading since they talk about CLAMP’s involvement on the project. You can read it here.


Suga Shikao has been added to the festival’s line up as a special guest! He will make a XXXHOLiC special live performance.

So cool! This festival line up was missing a major name and that name has been filled now by Suga Shikao =)

Here’s a detailed schedule for the festival:

Singer Stage:
– Suga Shikao XXXHOLiC special live performance.
– Duet between Sakura Tange and Junko Iwao (Card Captor Sakura).
– Card Captor Sakura medley featuring 5 songs.

Seiyuu Stage:
– Holitsuba skit (script by CLAMP).
– Maaya Sakamoto will be the narrator for the animation based on the original manga drawn by ClAMP.
– Live performances of the seiyuus are scheduled during the Holitsuba skit as well.

A free event named CLAMP Campus Festival will be held at the back of where CLAMP FESTIVAL will be held. In this event, cosplay contests and sales of original goods will take place. There will be a CLAMP Cafe, where visitors can have Mokona-shaped candies while they check a collection of CLAMP’s art reproductions.

An official Guide Book about the Fetsival will be sold at the event and the cover art will be drawn by CLAMP.

The Japanese video streaming website Nico Nico will cover the event from 10 AM until 10 PM (not sure if they will cover just the CLAMP Campus Festival or the entire CLAMP FESTIVAL event).

And more, there will be merchandise booths for Card Captor Sakura, GATE 7, Kobato., Gouhou Drug and BLOOD-C.

Anyway, there is simply a lot of stuff happening in this event, it will be one hell of an event. I may have missed a few things here and there, or maybe I chose not to post about them, but this is pretty much what’s been confirmed so far =)

32 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. So nice for the Gouhou Drug, they kept the same design, but that will be confusing between the old three tankoubon and the new three tankoubon. ^^; The fact that they are wearing the same clothes is a good way to make it clearer tough.
    Talking of Gouhou Drug, you still haven’t made a the series a section in you livejournal header. There’s only Gate 7 right now (sure, the GD series isn’t started yet, but I would fell better with two series on the publicvation box ^^).

    The Kobato cover is gorgeous, I can’t wait to get my copy! ^^
    I also got the tankoubon #6, and there’s nothing more than what we got from the magazines.

    Gate 7 is steady, good thing.

    I hope I’ll be able to see the Clamp Fest streaming! ^^


    • I know I know! I need to make a green header for Gouhou Drug and put it on my CLAMP Widget XD I’m stuck in Italy but I will do everything as soon as I’m back to Brazil!

      I hope we will be able to watch the CLAMP FESTIVAL as well, somehow!


      • Reading through my Kobato #6 Tankoubon’s ads, I stubbled on this:


        11年 12月「聖伝-RG VEDA-」1
        12年  1月「東京BABYLON」1
        12年  2月「聖伝-RG VEDA-」2
        12年  3月「20面相におねがい‼」
        12年  4月「東京BABYLON」2
        12年  5月「聖伝-RG VEDA-」3
        12年  6月「CLAMP学園探偵団」1
        12年  7月「東京BABYLON」3
        12年  8月「聖伝-RG VEDA-」4
        12年  9月「CLAMP学園探偵団」2
        12年 10月「学園特警デュカリオン」
        12年 11月「聖伝-RG VEDA-5」

        It seems Kadokawa acquired Shinshokan’s series and will republish them, along with their own early Clamp works. Kadokawa already had Koi, now they have both Rg Veda and Tokyo Babylon. The only other work Clamp had at Shinshokan was Hidari Te, Kadokawa may have aquired it along the two other series.


        • Wow, that’s huge news!! Now Kadokawa owns the highest number of CLAMP titles (I think they already had it before, not sure). And they are all in A5 format! Amazing! That’s the same size as the X 18.5 right?


            • It’s the normal big tankoubon format, Clover is in A5, the original Toukyou Babylon series too, Shirahime, Gouhou Drug, Sakura and Tsubasa deluxe, etc. But we never had seen Rg Veda and Clamp Gakuen Tanteidan that big since they were serialized in magasines, they were published in B6 format tankoubon. Most chapters of Rg Veda, 20 mensou and Duklyon were even published in a A5 format magazine, so it get as big as the original release (but for Duklyon and 20 mensou, their first tankoubon release was already in A5, so nothing new here).


              • Actually, Gouhou Drug was a B6 tankoubon. Also, Dukylon and 20 Mensou are in a semi-A5 sized print. The height is A5, but it’s a squarer book (about 1 inch wider than a standard A5). I never purchased the reprints of either, so was more visible on the top of a page, or was some of the sides cut off?

                Not sure if I’ll collect the reprints, since I have all the originals. It would be nice if RG-Veda was printed with the first print CLAMP NEWS – Pirate Editions, that featured the retired members (forgot what their names were). Later RG-Veda books had revised pages with just the main current members.


                • You’re right for Gouhou Drug, they are in B6, it seems I had a brain glich. ^^;

                  For Duklyon, they cut the extra on the side of the pages.

                  As for getting some of the reprints, Rg Veda would be bigger, so I might bother. To get Tokyo Babylon, Duklyon and 20 Mensou would be useless as they are already in A5, and I might bother for Clamp Gakuen.

                  As for Rg Veda’s pirate edition, we’ll probably get new ones if any, there must be some legal contention with Nanao Sei, Sei Leeza and Akiyama Tamato.


  2. Oh wow, the Kobato artbook looks so beautiful! Get on my bookshelf *now*!

    Absolutely loving the new Gouhou Drug covers too. I actually like the slight change in style. Although, I’d call it more art progression than a style change; like we saw with Mokona’s art during X-1999. Their features are a lot better proportioned and her lines look a lot more confident.


  3. I agree with you about Nekoi’s new style, it fit xXxholic but doesn’t quite fits GD.
    Still, I want to read the new chapters so bad! thanks for the news


  4. News

    Lovely cover. Kobato is very pretty.
    I’m don’t know very much of Gouhou Drug (exept for the apearence in xxxHOLIC) but I like the cover too.
    Suga Shikao in Clamp festival. I WANT TO SEE TOO *O*

    Obrigado por sempre trazer notícias sobre a Clamp. ^^


  5. Kobato’s cover looks so beautiful and GD’s looks nothing change
    And kyaaaaaaa!I just get so excited about Clamp Festival, just want to jump in a plane immediately and fly to Japan right a away :”>


  6. According to the ad for the Kobato Illustration book in Book 6, it will be a 16-paged epilogue. I may check this out, but with the yen rate as high as it is, I’m not sure I want to spend $30 for 16 pages.

    Also, I like the new Gouhou Drug covers. I just found my old volume one (not sure where I packed away the other two) and Rikuou and Kazahaya just look awkward in their poses. I’ve never been a big fan of Nekoi’s art but she definitely has improved over the years. Her characters don’t look as stiff now, although I still feel Mokona is the best artist in the group(although Nekoi creates cute mascot characters).


  7. If the skit is something new, I hope someone gets the dialogue haha I thought we’d seen the last of holitsuba but had certainly hoped not! 😀

    thanks for all the info!!


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